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  1. D

    electricakndesign software

    can anyone recommend a good cad program for doing electrical floor plans and straight line diagrams with all thr symbols fot the uk thanks
  2. R

    Are employers spying on employees using Simpro software

    Hi,Richie here. I've been an electrician 20 years. Recently in the last few years software called simpro became available to us. With some positive results it also has some negative. Are employers using it inappropriately by knowing the whereabouts of workers long after they have finished their...
  3. K

    What software to use to make a detailed electrical plan?

    Hello, I am building my own house, and doing the electrical work too, but before I seal the walls and forget what my wiring looked like I want to make a wiring plan, but a detailed one so that in a few years time anyone living here can open them and know exactly where the wires are in each wall...
  4. U

    Looking for Aurora Communicator v2.10.1 software

    Anyone got the install software for Aurora Communicator v2.10.1 software I believe there may even be a 2.10.2 version.. I had an issue with my server and need to reinstall it. Thanks in advance
  5. Lister1987

    PTouch PC Software

    Anyone got a copy? Trying to download it but keep getting asked for a serial number - I don't have the machine yet so can't enter it. Want to play with it before the machine arrives 😂
  6. Mike Johnson

    Fluke DMS Software

    Anyone using the above, I have posted elsewhere with no response, I seem to be having difficulty populating the results from my MFT, any hints.
  7. Mike Johnson

    Fluke DMS Software

    Any of you guys or gals use the Fluke DMS software and can give me a few tips on how to get the screen populated with my results, able to download from my 1663 OK, but only some of the results show up, at a bit of a loss to get all the results to show.
  8. Mike Johnson

    Fluke DMS Software

    Anyone successfully using this software, I don't seem to be able to see the results of any tests on my laptop, plus I have a lot of extraneous data from years ago that have nothing to do with me, only been installed for a couple of months, so the data from 1979 is irrelevant, anyone know why...
  9. Regthing

    Domestic Floor plan software

    Hello, I'm looking for floor plan software that would allow me to show cable routings and accessories. Mostly domestic work. It's something that I would like to produce as part of an installation report, partly to help me if I'm ever back, partly to help anyone else coming in behind me, and...
  10. EricMark

    Hive software options?

    This is how I think one would need to wire Hive on the very old C Plan which has no tank thermostat, however I have been told on another forum the relay is not required, and it can be configured with software to switch pump and boiler with central heating and just boiler for domestic hot water...
  11. L

    risco config software

    hi i have a problem connecting to the risco cs software to agility panel im getting the connection error 20005 any idea why cant connect iv setup the option in the comms menu on the panel enable left remote code as it is left the engineer code default its direct to latop to the panel using is...
  12. S

    Do i need use TWINFLEX®pro OSP software for Installation and Commissioning?

    hello all I am going to change the old TWINFLEX®pro to the new one. the system is 2 zone and I am not sure if I need to use TWINFLEX®pro OSP software for Installation and Commissioning. please help me regards saj
  13. J

    UK Hi I'm looking for some software to run my team, 10-15 employees

    Hi Guys, I have built my business up to a medium size and I'm now starting to have organisation issues regarding to many people on my digital Calendar, normally we use shared calendars and attach job sheet pdfs with is now simply to crowded. Does anyone use a software for managing there guys...
  14. DaveyD

    Pat testing software for Seaward old Supernova EX

    Hi all Does anyone know of any software to download the results without all the bells and the annual cost of the PatGuard 3. We seldom do pat testing, but it would be good to drop into excel or something. thanks in advance. David.
  15. M

    Certification software

    Looking for some Certification software to use on mobile/tablet anybody recommend a good one,ease of use a must. trying to make life easier!!
  16. T

    Pricing software

    Do anyone of you use any pricing software? Just been sent plans for 28 flats over 4 floors with 2 levels of parking, pricing the flats is fine but its more the communal area and the unknown time for galvanised conduit for car park lighting!
  17. R

    Electrical Design Software

    Evening, I´m looking for some Electrical Design Software for designing electrical cabinets. So the software would need to have contactors, drives, PLC´s, isolaters, SSR, solenoids etc. I´ve used Design Spark Electrical before but I found it difficult and cumbersome to work with, so for that...
  18. HoverSPRX

    Commercial Electricians CRM Software

    Hello all, Just looking into some new software to help with CRM as my old system is no longer feesable, would be interested in what any of you are all using and if there are any good features with it or anything you find a bonus to our industry specifically? Many Thanks
  19. D

    MTD Software for VAT ..... plus?

    Looking (at the 11th hour) into MTD software. Has anyone any recommendations (for small business upto 10 employees - if size matters!) or more importantly the pitfalls of a particular software? Cheers
  20. I

    ICertifi software problems

    Hello does anyone use the iCertifi software When I enter the type of mcb for example Type b 60898 32a it automatically comes up with 1.40 Max ZS I know it only slightly out but if bs7671 says its 1.37 that’s what it is And you can’t manually change it . I’ve got a assessment soon and don’t...
  21. P

    WiFi Surveying Software Suggestions

    Hi all, Bit of a long shot possibly but can anyone recommend a good Wi-Fi survey tool or software package that isn't going to require a 2nd mortgage! I have an AP on a stick setup working fine but would like to get something better than one of the iOS Wi-Fi signal strength apps so ~I can do...
  22. N

    EasyCert Issue since software update

    Hi all, wondered whether any other EasyCert users had encountered a problem when they saved a certificate as a pdf. Since the recent software update I found that the pdf showed a misalignment for the test equipment serial numbers - inserting a zero below them. I have contacted EasyCert and they...
  23. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC 18th Edition Software

    I am having problems with the new software and wondered if perhaps a wiser head than mine can help me work around the problem Basically the new software is rubbish and the NICEIC couldn't be less helpful and it took 3 phone calls for the relevant department to admit to their being a problem -...
  24. H


    Hi, I have an odd question to ask. I don't want to do it, I'm just trying to find out if it has been done... Can an Electrical Installation Condition Report be back dated with the Amtech software? Thanks....
  25. M

    fluke software anyone help

    One of my colleagues has just given me his old fluke 6500 (looks like decent bit of equipment ) can anyone advise on software as all the ones I see online don't work with iOS and don't work with windows 10 can anyone give guidance. cheers
  26. Moley

    Any Seaward Supernova users out there want to test some software??

    I've written a small program to download the data from the Supernova in any of it's downloadable formats (PATS+, Certificate, Summary and SSS) plus an additional CSV format to open direct into Excel. If anyone wants to try it out you'll need a USB to RS232 lead. PM me and I'll give you the...
  27. A

    Plan Layout Software

    hi all, I am an electrician and i mostly work on homes and apartments from shell form. Can someone tell me an easy software to plan the lightning and power circuits neatly so i can provide them to the clients in a professional way. Thanks in advance
  28. PJH2903

    Megger MFT1730 software for Windows 10

    I have recently got a Megger MFT1730 and wanted to give the Bluetooth download feature a try. The PowerSuite trial software that came with the tester will not load onto my windows 10 computer and looking online it would appear that the software will only work up to Windows 7. I have tried...
  29. C

    New NIC Clik Software

    Just downloaded the new Clik software as the NIC have told me to start using all the new 18th certs after the 31st of this month. Had to waste about 200 certifciates. Its horrendus and i hate all the new certificate and software layouts compared to the older software. Have'nt got the App yet...
  30. bigspark17

    Software for cad drawings...

    What do people use for cad drawings? I want to be able to add edit pdf floor plans for fire alarm & emergency lighting devices locations. Rather than drawing with a pen..
  31. O

    Certificate Software - time to change?

    I've been using PIRform / Shineforms for many years now - it costs about £90 per year but has a few irritating niggles....... and my annual subscription is due in about 3 years. So with the 18th Edition just around the corner is it time to change software? Key things for me are : PC based - I...
  32. C

    LEM HEME PC software and interface cable

    Hi, I'm looking to acquire the LEM HEME Winlog PC Software and cable for power clamps LEM Analyst 2060/2050 and LH1060/1050. Part No. Thanks, Chris
  33. D

    Electrical plans software?

    Can anyone suggest a not too expensive software to make electrical plans in? You know where i can import the house/flat design and add sockets, switches etc. I dont wanna spend €6-900.... I think its a rip off lol.. Thx
  34. J

    Electrical installation certification software, which is best??

    Hi, trying to move our family run electrical contractors company into the 21st century and do our test certs using lap tops or i pads to have all the information stored electonically and produce more professonal test certs to give to our customers. We employ 5 electricians and do a fair bit of...
  35. C

    desktop cert software

    I am sure the software discussion has been done, sent a link if anyone has it. A good sized EICR is coming up(900 circuits) and i want to choose a software to stick with for the long run. Up until now i have been OK with the free NIC Online format, i have used NICEIC Click in the past and found...
  36. M

    Calculation software

    Hi All I’m looking for cable calculating software that would be suitable for commercial/industrial installs, can anyone recommend any please? Also any software/templates for estimating costs if possible please? Or is this something most people would put together themselves on an excel...
  37. T

    Cable Calculating Software

    Hi Guys I would like some advice and recommendations for an affordable cable calculating software package for some projects i will be taking on myself. At work we use Amtech Prodesign which is very good but expensive. I am currently having a play around with the trial version Modecsoft...
  38. TonyJohnson

    Which Certification software for domestic reports?

    Looking to go away from duplicate pads to computer certs. Mostly domestic jobs but perhaps software that does calcs too. Which are available and the most popular.. Thanks T.
  39. exposedpart

    Tablet software ??

    morning lads. Just after a bit of advice. I have an Apollo 500 tester and use pat guard 3 software for my pat testing, I have to be honest in that I don’t do allot of pat testing, and really just do it as a side line to my electrical contracting business. Recently a large care home that I carry...
  40. D

    Help with NIC software please!!!

    So..I'm trying struggling with the NIC software again!! I have a 3 phase board which feeds another 3 phase board and I'm trying to set up an EIC on the software. I have done it before but can't seem to do it again. I have the 'origin of supply' highlighted in blue then right clicked to 'create...
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