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  1. steamboatwilly

    Two new Wylex RCDs both failed tests

    Folks, A bit baffled (not difficult) ... added a light switch in a rental this week (empty property so no social distancing issues) and checked the RCD before I signed off. It was a Wylex 80a 30mA and it failed all tests (inc. ramp) so I like-for-like replaced it. The new one also failed all...
  2. T

    RCBO tests

    Anyone an idea why an RCBO measures >40ms on a 5x test on the second half of the sine wave but all other tests are within requirements? Sorry, it's not a single RCBO, there's 2 RCBOs in this board and both have similar results leading me to think not a faulty RCBO but an issue further upstream...
  3. C

    Looking for Solar Inspection form s and tests after an installation was done

    Looking for Solar Inspection form s and tests after an installation was done
  4. J

    What tests for new radial circuit

    Job is to install one or two new sockets in a commercial premises. Possibly on a new radial circuit or an extension to ring. If extension on a ring them a Minor electrical certificate is required together with all relevant testing. However if a new radial circuit is the way a full EIC...
  5. Bobby34

    Tests prior to RCD fitting

    Apologies I know theres been a few threads about this and IR tests, but I'm still somewhat confused. The way I understood how an RCD works is it measures the current flowing through the Line and the current flowing through the neutral on the return. If there is an imbalance of more than 0.03...
  6. alban moffitt

    Tests to carry out prior to new CU

    hi i have been asked to quote for a job where the owner is doing an extension and wants me to do all new wiring in the new part however he wants to keep the existing wiring the same. he also wants to change over the cu to a new metal one (mk probably). What tests do people recommend i do on...
  7. Marti

    Megger 1730 MFT. Not tripping on any RCD tests on known good circuit.

    G'd Evening Lads an' Lasses, I've got a Megger 1730 MFT; lovely bit of kit normally. Ex-demo - not had a hard life and was calibrated about eight weeks ago. I normally run it over a Cal-Card and a captive test RCD about once a month and this time it failed to trip the 30ma RCD on 1x, 5x and...
  8. Speedy

    Ola. I/R tests on lights

    When doing an Electrical Condition report what's the best way to do a live to neutral I/R test on a lighting circuit with LED's (600x600) or infact any lights in a large office?
  9. S

    Zdb before dead tests.

    Hi guys got my assesment in 3 weeks and want to get my testing spot on. Little confused whether to test Zdb on 2 way CU before dead tests?? Or do I jump straight into continuity? Thanks in advance.
  10. JK-Electrical

    Omission Of Tests On Inaccessible Kitchen Appliances

    Other than the testing of the usual kitchen appliances that landlords supply as part of the tenancy agreement, I very rarely do any other PA testing. I will be carrying-out an EICR later this week on a property that will soon be made available to let. All appliances bar one are enclosed within...
  11. W

    Neutral in zs tests ? If zs is

    Hello if zs is ze+ r1 + r2 Why when we test do we need the neutral whilst doing zs tests ?
  12. J

    Your thoughts required on industrial production qualifications and tests

    Hi Guys, I work for a international packaging company and we have had a death of an engineer in South Africa. He was changing a motor on a strapping machine and electrocuted himself, further details are not for coming yet. It has raised questions as follows and i was looking for your...
  13. weevilward

    Need some ideas - RCD tripping but everything tests fine....

    Hi all, Customer reports sporadic nuisance tripping of RCD. I cannot reproduce it, or fault anything, except SOMETIMES on EFLI test it trips the RCD (megger mft 1553 'no trip' test). I'm out of ideas here, can anyone help? This is what I've got: - TT installation (small domestic); - 30mA RCCB...
  14. D

    Experienced practically, learning theory

    Hello all, I've worked as a sparky for 3 years before now only deciding to do my tests, got level 3 unit 301 out of the way pretty quickly but dreading unit 302!!!! Any tips on what to revise formula wise? Am I going to need to know every formula?? Thanks, Dan
  15. J

    Tests for replacement consmer unit

    Could you tell me whether most of the tests carried out for a Domestic Electrical Installation Report would have to be repeated if a replacement consumer unit is subsequently fitted?
  16. T

    Anyone looking for a job in the midlands?

    Fixed Wire Tester Job in Bristol Jobsite - £3.64 per test, wonderful!
  17. the pict

    RCD issue, or is it?

    Changed a consumer unit everything fine all test came back hunky dory, but one RCD would not trip on the test button so swapped them around, same deal,I then got random trips from unassociated circuits IE kitchen ring plug in kettle and the opposite RCD would trip disconnect incoming earth...
  18. R

    >2000 ohms on loop test?

    Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone could shed any light on why I would be getting >2000 ohms on my loop tests, on every circuit? I got .26 on the incoming reading, went to do the test on the cooker circuit and >2000, thought I'd try back at the consumer on the incoming and >2000 again, I'm using...
  19. A

    Help 2395 written

    hello all, Failed my 2395 written exam and from wanted help understanding the following questions that came up State two reasons why it is important that the phase sequence is confirmed throughout the installation? State two methods to confirm phase sequence with an installation? The...
  20. A

    Help with 2395

    hello all, Failed my 2395 written exam and from wanted help understanding the following questions that came up State two reasons why it is important that the phase sequence is confirmed throughout the installation? State two methods to confirm phase sequence with an installation? The...
  21. 1


    Hi guys R1+R2 on a eicr mates tutor on the 2395 course said no need to carry out just zs is enough and on ring just end to end readings what's everyone's thoughts on this
  22. M

    Intermittent electricity loss

    Hi, Looking for some ideas of what is going on with our electricity. We had a carpenter who managed to drill into a mains cable (house was fully rewired only 2 months ago). He got an electrician out who crimped the broken wire in the wall . however, we are keeping on experiencing intermittent...
  23. D

    RCD tripping times exam question

    I sat the 2394 written exam tonight and one of the questions was about testing a 30mA RCD. It asked which tests you would carry out and the permitted tripping times. I answered that at 30mA and 150mA it was equal to or less than 300ms and 40ms respectively. Which I believe to be within those...
  24. D

    #Chuffed - first downstairs ring done

    Evening all, Bursting with pride - yesterday managed to finish off and test my first from scratch ring final circuit, felt like a bloody test when it came to doing the testing but it passed with (almost) flying colours - only thing I had to change was a double socket front as it was a bit duff...
  25. M

    Extending Cables inside a pattress box - best solution ?

    hi all i have a bit of work to do for a friend at some point in the near future. i'm a bit concerned (not looked) that the cables might be a bit short to do what is required. what is the best method of sorting this issue out ? just want to be prepared for the worst e.g. as it is to be enclosed...
  26. J

    Apprenticeship Assesment day

    Morning everyone. I have an apprenticeship assesment day for a really great electrical company. There is a practical, literacy, and maths tests. I am 31 now and really want this. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get hold of some mock tests perhaps? Aswell as an idea of what might be...
  27. T

    Filling out a minor works N-E Fault

    Hi so whats the best way to go about this? Added 3 lighting points to an existing lighting circuit, the fuseboards old with no rcd. Upon completion of testing , all tests okay apart from N-E on insulation test. My additional wiring tests okay on everything but the existing circuit contains...
  28. T

    Can anyone estimate for this ?

    put in two ring circuits (18 D/so) and do dead tests, connect into consumer unit, do live tests A visual inspection of the lighting circuit with tests Dead and live and record loft with boxes and boarded (Lim) but some wiring in sight A risk assessement and method statement/Toolbox talk affix...
  29. G

    Revamp of lights do i need to test

    Hi everyone i have to revamp some light fittings that are on ceiling plugs above the suspended ceiling some are emergency lights built into the light fittings so new chokes and batteries like for like do i have to test the whole circuit or will an earth loop test be ok as i am not working on...
  30. rolyberkin

    Solar tripping double pole rcbo - Generation Meter Issue?

    Any suggestions, all cables are fine, was moved from a single pole rcbo to a double pole yesterday and I think appears to be something to do with the generation meter as this is the only issue in between. Does the system have to be on a single pole rcbo?
  31. D

    Earth Leakage Test

    Once asked if a normal Multi Meter could do most of what a PAT tester could (ie saver £££ £350 for the machine an £75 for it to be tested) <Shows how slow i am at recalling things> but some years ago i did 2377-22 and didnt recall it from there. I do own the 3rd Edition Code of Practice for...
  32. Z

    Main fuse blows when sub-box energised

    Old wylex system, main fuse box with ring & lighting and small 3-fuse sub box with shower, oven and secondary ring. All rewirable fuses. Main fuse blown when sub box powered, dno replaced bullet fuse that immediately blew again when sub box powered so dno replaced again and left sub box off...
  33. S

    Basic Megger Use

    Good day all. I was wondering how you actually go about using a megger to test the quality of insulation of a motor, I understand why you would do the test. If you were to test it at the motor starter and you have isolated the circuit would you need to disconnect the wires going to the motor...
  34. C

    Qualifications and signing work off

    Good morning, Ok so this is something that has been bothering me for some time now and seems to be somewhat of a 'grey' area, I am hoping the community can clear this up for me. My background - I went to college in 2010-2012 and complete my level 2 and 3 - 2330. 2012 was the last year of the...
  35. T

    A Q about minor work cert???!!!

    Hi everyone, im new in the electrical field. the scenario is someone asked me to reconnect main ins a RCD wires. but he asked for certificate for that. I only reconnected to wires. I did take Ze,Zs for 2 breakers after the RCD, RCD tests, Main Bonding, Main cutout, earth arrangement details...
  36. J

    Domestic Help with filling out EICR with economy 7

    Evening all, I carried out an EICR on a property with economy 7. I tested the main board like normal and only carried out the dead tests on the econemy 7 board. I have read the forum suggests about the live tests and taken notes for later tests with econemy 7. For now I am just going to put...
  37. S

    Control Panel Certification

    Hi All We do a lot of testing, but this is the first job like this for us. Basically a company are renewing the cables from a control panel to 7 motors etc, they are taking care of the controls etc. We are due to test and certify the new SWA cables and terminations etc, which isn't a problem...
  38. C

    Testing new floorboxes plugged into existing electrak

    Hi, We are adding some floor boxes onto an existing electrak in an occupied office,could anyone comfirm the tests we have to complete,only i've been told its classed as a plugged in appliance so doesn't require any tests.Is this correct?
  39. L

    Domestic RCD tripping under load

    Installing a split RCD board in a new barn conversion build, IR tests come out clear, ring continuity tests fine, but the RCD will trip out when something is plugged into the circuit, happens on both sockets that are currently running off that side of the RCD but when I swapped one over to the...
  40. M

    Main switch burnt out beyond repair

    Morning all, been asked to to look at an old fusebox (Wylex) where the main switch has been burnt away due to a loose incoming live tail connection. obviously no spares are available, so it's deffo gonna be a new unit. Ordinarily I know this would mean a full eicr before changing the unit, but...
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