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  1. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Terminate NIC EIC membership

    HI - I am currently registered with the NIC EIC - Domestic installer, which also includes the Part P certification. I am muling over the idea of terminating the membership, but I wish to remain Part P registered in order to still practice legally. Is this possible and how do i go about it...
  2. H

    USA Hazardous Old Wiring...??

    I’m a new homeowner and found this old wire in the panel (the red and black one)... It’s on a 60 amp breaker. It is clothed sheathed outside the panel and is freying in parts (see 2nd photo)... Hazardous? Thanks for any advice!
  3. M

    Domestic Leave existing ceiling rose within new metal light fitting??

    I'm your average DIYer and after advice about replacing a pendant light with a new flush metal fitting. I can fix the new light to the ceiling and the existing rose sits within the void of the new fitting without any clearance issues. Is it OK to leave it in place and wire the new fitting into...
  4. Dan

    Update: Forum moved to new server and being tweaked

    Okay, So we've been running with various bugs for ages. The transfer was long overdue. We've done it now, we're fully on the new server. I'm tweaking the forum now and fixing the bugs so give me a couple of days before you start to tell me what's not working etc please. :)
  5. O

    Change it? Move it?

    This photo shows an Icon 15 which is just outside zone 1 above the shower. The fan is 230v - would you recommend its moved/changed or leave it as is? Thanks
  6. kingeri

    100mA RCD on PME system

    I am going to a job this afternoon, new shower circuit. I noticed yesterday that the Wylex CU has a 100mA S-type RCD as the main switch and all the circuits are on 30mA RCBOs. PME system as far as I could tell (certainly not TT). Didn't give it much thought then, but was thinking about it...
  7. Marvo

    Please Explain The Lack Of Brexit

    Is the UK leaving the EU or not? I see court cases, I see votes in parliament. There's talk of a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit, Scotland says they're not allowing it...... Wasn't there a national referendum with a clear majority or did I miss something? Seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors to me...
  8. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Must have been asleep

    Must have missed the lecture on safe isolation
  9. B

    110v pat testing adaptor wiring

    What is the correct way to wire up a 110v pat testing adaptor
  10. happyhippydad

    Leaving a puppy in van whilst you work?

    Evening all. I have just got a puppy labrador, he's 10 weeks old and I've taken a week off to spend a bit of time with him, but I need to get back to work. The idea is for him to come out in the van with me and I just wondered if anyone else does this and if they have any problems? Cheers guys.
  11. P

    Domestic Isolating a lighting circuit

    I'm currently minding our neighbour's house and animals whilst they are abroad for a month. The kitchen lights are suddenly causing the downstairs lighting circuit to trip. When I reset the switch all other lighting, lounge and hall work ok, but if I try the kitchen lights then the circuit...
  12. C

    Finish Training Soon Need Help

    Hi, im 23yrs old will Have gained quals in 2356 Level 2 + Level 3. Test inspection and 17th edition by the end of this year. Am currently working as Maintenance Engineer, gaining very little install Experience lately, although i have had abit in the past. Can anybody advise on the best ways in...
  13. A

    fluke test meter boxes

    I've noticed that these have some kind of a black seal around the lip, and was wondering if anyone owns one and does it stop moisture getting in when you leave test gear in the van overnight. I've started bringing my metrel in at night as its only the standard fabric bag that it came with.
  14. C

    Split Boards!

    Hi, I'm a Electrical Trainee, not long qualified to be a Domestic Installer. I have my 2382,2377 and EAL Level 2! The question is: I'm going to upgrade my mums electrics as there's no rcd and it's on the old re-wireable! My query is because the under floor heating is on a separate cu and economy 7! Can I put...
  15. J

    what customers should do before rewire ?

    what would you generally ask a customer do to prepare for us coming into rewire, i am in the middle of arranging for me to do a rewire the first one i have done on my own, things like moving furniture the kithchen, lifting carpets, laminate flooring ?
  16. H

    motorhome alarm

    I have recently bought a 12 year old hobby motorhome which has a cobra7928 alarm the immobiliser and interior sensors all work as they should and the facility to turn off the internal sensors is in working order the problem I have is the habitation door and the under bed locker door have reed...
  17. J

    Help with test and inspection.

    I have replaced a distribution board. Now in the process of testing circuits and found a 2.5 twin and earth on the cooker circuit. Now this job will be getting inspected by the NICEIC. Here's the apparent problem: the 2.5 t+e spur must be joined under the floor board, the client does not...
  18. G

    unidentified circuit

    did a cu upgrade on a house the other day but could not identify 1 16a radial circuit. The old board was not labelled and the owners were no help. I searched high and low for it and the house was also full of junk which didn't help. What do others do in this situation ?
  19. G

    100amp fuse 16mm tails

    can anyone tell me why some houses are fitted with 100amp fuses and only 16mm tails ? was this how they did it back in the day ?
  20. R

    HV authorised person training

    Does anybody know of a HVAP training provider in the south? Company wants to send me on residential one up north but can't leave family down here.
  21. S

    Blanking off existing switches

    Anybody know if MK blank plates fit over existing grid switches without removing switches?
  22. S

    removing a circuit

    Hi, what paper work would you need to leave the customer (if any), if you were taking out a circuit in a house. For example, someone is moving house and they are taking their shed with them. The shed has lights which has it's own mcb in the cu, if that circuit was taken out is there any...
  23. M

    upgrade meter tails, or downgrade main incoming fuse??

    hi guys hoping you could give me your thoughts, i am pricing for a consumer unit change, its an old fuseboard with re-wireables. it has 16mm meter tails, but it has a fairly new looking 100A main fuse. its a small-ish house..... 2 ring mains, 2 lighting radials, a couple of sockets in the...
  24. I

    8.5kw shower 6mm2 cable on 32amp mcb ????

    hi there after some advice re the above problem when just doing a simple like for like shower replacement, as it keeps cropping up. 8.5kw showers, 6mm2 cable protected via a 32amp MCB. now i would usally protect a 8.5kw shower with a 40a mcb on a 6mm cable (ref mthod c) . now i know a 8.5kw...
  25. D

    8.5 kw shower on 6mm ?

    I know this has been talked about somewhere before but what are your thoughts? I have seen the run that a re-wire would need and it isn't good!! It is not a long run and the cable comes out of the wall in the loft and staright into the 45A pull switch so not running through loads of insulation.
  26. T

    socket in fireplace wall

    doing a rewire and was wondering if i can leave the original socket in the side of fireplace,it is not being used as a chimney?
  27. A

    Checkatrade,Mybuilder, Myhammer ratedpeople etc etc.. Your views?

    Are they amu good as I am thinking if joining and one of their reps is coming next week!! Keep the cash and have xmas or spend it and have a bonanza Xmas next year?!?!!?
  28. rmaynard

    Domestic Should this job have been done

    or should the spark have walked away???? went to a boiler change today that had been wired ready, the spark that had doen the work had a dis agreement with the owners about the way to run the cable, the owners didnt want mini trunking and they wouldnt pay out for the wall to be chased and made...
  29. J

    What cert to issue for an existing installation before reconnection of supply?

    Hi, I have just had a phone call asking to test a commercial type building and issue a cert so that his energy company can re-connect his supply, they disconnected it due to it not being used for a year or summat and bill not being paid I believe.....obviously I would only be able to do dead...
  30. R

    Zs on a new circuit without an earth.

    Iv been sent to test a job. Steet light consumer unit. The control circuit which contains a double insulated overide sw and double insulated photocell has no earth. So i can not do a R1+R2 or earthloop. How do i go about the test sheet?? Fill inn the parts i can and leave omment sayin...
  31. P

    Assessment in the morning

    Hi guys just looking at this checklist.....Any napit members got the health and saftey doc or waste disposal doc?I can't see on the napit site where to download it!?CheersPhil
  32. S

    nic inspection

    for my nic inspection i have to show one major and one minor installation. my major is a replacement of a fuseboard. my minor is an addition to a ring circuit. the ring circuit is on a splitload fuseboard. the circuit im adding to is protected by a rcd so this will cover my addition. the other...
  33. P

    Running T&E in conduit

    Hi Guys, I've been asked to do a surface mounted ring mains in a residential property, is it normal practice to leave the wires loose in the conduit or would you tie wrap them together or use something else? Thanks in advance from a newbee
  34. J

    Fan isolator switch...

    Hi, We've had an extractor fan wired into our bathroom by an electrician. However he's put the 3-pole isolator next to the fan. The fan is a timed/humidistat one that is triggered on by the light and then runs on it's own. The fan and the switch are in zone 3 - but I understand that isolator...
  35. P

    *FEEDBACK SECTION*. Leave your buyer/seller feedback here.

    think this may be a good thread for this section of the forum. a place to pop in the feedback for a sale and ensure we stay safe if buying from a trusted member
  36. N

    Domestic Burnt sockets

    Hi, I have a socket that has been badly installed and has burnt the wires and the cover. I think the insulation has been screwed down onto the thread. I have removed the socket, but need to get some new wire before I can do anything else. How do I make the wire safe so I can turn on the power...
  37. Tester Steve

    Conduit draw cord

    Hi Guys, Conversation in the canteen yesterday, what conduit draw cord do you use and why? Some of the answers (I am not responsible for these!) 1. Round nylon draw cord 2. Girlfriends knicker elastic (apparently stops the cables falling back!!):D 3. Wifes knicker elastic (only time he can get...
  38. P

    blue fuse 15A fuse

    have a 6 way consumer unit with 3 white (6 amp) cartridges - upstairs lights, downstairs lights and porch light; 2 red (30 amp) cartridges - ring for both upstairs and downstairs and a cooker radial. The combi boiler is a fused 3 amp spur ( i think off the ring ). There are no outside lights and...
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