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  1. the pict

    Schedule of works

    Anyone know where I can get a schedule of works template or a copy I can edit cheers Pict
  2. KEV 1 N

    Vintage Fuseboard Schedule

    Found this today (circa 1958)....must have been tedious “clacking” these out on a type writer back in the day!
  3. N

    Schedule of results when adding to installation

    When adding just a couple of circuits to an existing installation, what exactly do you put on the schedule of results with regards to the old circuits. Just the circuit number and name or do you add the breaker details also like bsen, type, breaking capacity, rating. Obviously can't add ref...
  4. C

    Switchboard Schedule - Clarifications

    Hi All, this is regarding cable sizing and protective device selection in a switchboard. I'm very new to the British standards, kindly help me out to understand the basics in the attached schedule. 1) What is Id? 2) What is Igt end of line? 3) What is I2t start of line? Why is it calculated...
  5. J

    Full House Rewire - Received Schedule but No Part P

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone could give me advice about a sutuation. A couple of years ago I had a property fully rewired, no issues with the job and I paid the electrician in full. Job done. Once I'd paid I received an automated NAPIT Desktop email titled "Your Certificate". I mistakenly assumed...
  6. S

    Maximum Zs on Circuit details schedule

    hi guys, Seen on the circuit details schedule in a DB on our site, someone had inserted Zs values for the circuits as follows. 16a C type breaker as 1.44 ohms 10a C type breaker as 2.30 ohms 80a C type breaker as 0.28 ohms I believe he’s calculated Zs by doing (in the case of 16amp c...
  7. Sparky_marky2

    Certifcation software/apps recommendations

    Hi guys, I've been doing a bit of research into electrical software/apps as an alternative to the really bad Stroma software (Tracker Mobile) I currently have, I've sampled EasyCert Mobile which I found really straight forward however the layout in which it asked the questions didn't follow the...
  8. haptism

    R1 + R2 of ring circuit

    Hi for a ring circuit, is there any need to measure and enter R1 + R2 values on a schedule of results ? Because an r2 value is already measured (together with r1 and rn). If I needed a ring R1 + R2 value to calculate ZS (although i would find ZS with a socket tester so really no need; but if I...
  9. PhilCumbria

    Domestic Off peak and standard

    Hi I have just changed both an off-peak CU and a normal CU. I have tested both. Can i put them both on the same cert or do they need to be on two different EIC's ??
  10. T

    E.I.C Installation report checklist

    Hi all A little clarification please if anyone can help. I work for a metering company installing modbus and AMR tenant sub metering and data logging equipment. when installing a new supply (1new circuit) from an existing DB for whatever purpose, we are filling out a full E.I.C cert if an...
  11. happyhippydad

    What to enter on schedule of Inspections for EIC?

    Hello all, The Schedule of Inspection forms for an EIC offer you 2 suggestions to enter in the boxes, either a tick to say an inspection has been carried out and the result is satisfactory or N/A to show that an inspection is not applicable to a particular item. In section 7 (consumer...
  12. driverman

    Electronic EICR + EIC forms

    Hi guys, been away off this site for ages, glad to be back. No doubt been asked many times before,but is there is a link whereby I can download EICR / EIC forms just to use as a one off. Also as I'm very rusty filling in these forms, is there an explanation page for the Schedule of Inspection...
  13. H

    2395 practical assessment

    Hello everyone I'm doing my 2395 practical assessment this week and I'm looking through my condition report inspection schedule. in the case I come up against a low ( < than 1 mohm ) value on mega ohms while completing a IR test which box in the inspection schedule should I code this fault...
  14. M

    schedual of inspections question

    Sorry this may seem like are really daft question but during initial verification and testing do you issue one schedual of inspections for the whole installation or do you issue one for each circuit ?
  15. P

    schedule of inspection

    Hi All, can anyone explain the purpose of the document "schedule of inspection" why we need it and also the other document "Generic Schedule of Test Results" cheers Pete
  16. driverman

    test results form EICR

    Hi Guys, Taking 2395 exam shortly. Im just wondering on schedule of test results form what do I put down for size of cpc for MICC cable and for SWA cables if the armour is used solely for the cpc? I'm sure that somehow there must be procedure. Many Thanks Read more...
  17. L

    Use of cpc as a live conductor - EICR Coding

    Fella's I'm just writing up an EICR from last month, one of the findings was a lighting circuit on the non RCD side of the board where the cpc was used as a strapper in 2 way light switching, Ive marked it as C2 for two reasons, one being that there is no longer a cpc in the cable and also that...
  18. P

    Distribution Board Schedule

    Hi peeps. I have to produce a distribution board schedule for this 2 bed house, has got fire alarm system, burgular alarm system and the normal ring radial shower circuits etc This isnt a real job its for a assignment, stuck on this question Can any one help?? Thanks x
  19. N

    What Paperwork do you issue?

    Hi Just wondering what paperwork you all issue when replacing a consumer unit, I've been issuing an EIC and a schedule of test results I normally print them of IET website but I was just looking through their amended forms and was wondering if I should also be completing a schedule of...
  20. 1Justin

    Schedule of test results where an addition to existing installation is made

    Hi. Three new circuits on one of my first proper jobs. I hold the previous electricians (2 years ago) EIC. On my Generic Schedule of Test results, might one simply list the other circuits (The ones I am not touching or testing) in the correct order so the form is less confusing, then add...
  21. R

    2391 EICR question

    Hi, I understand now that they have changed PIR to Electrical installation condition report however what I want to know what other forms come with it? Is it still the Schedule of Test results and Schedule of inspections or have they changed the name of them too? Unfortunately haven't got the...
  22. R

    2391 EICR question

    Hi, I understand now that they have changed PIR to Electrical installation condition report however what I want to know what other forms come with it? Is it still the Schedule of Test results and Schedule of inspections or have they changed the name of them too? Unfortunately haven't got the...
  23. E

    Do I have to use another set of forms for each board?????????????????????????

    Another question. Do I have to use another set of forms for each board as if it was another installation or can i use same forms with added test schedule sheets for other boards.
  24. B

    Schedule Of Inspections question

    Im sure this is a regular question on here but here we go again If the “Routing of cables in prescribed zones” requires ether a tick or a cross on the Schedule of inspections, for i.e. a CU replacement, but the routing of the cables is a mystery to the installer, What should be done? This is...
  25. Goody

    Domestic Schedule relating to a distribution board.

    A durable copy of the schedule relating to a distribution board shall be provided within or adjacent to each distribution board. (page 93 BRB) What is "schedule relating to a distribution board"? Thanks!
  26. K

    Schedule of inspections

    In large multiple DB installations, do you fill out a single schedule or one for each?
  27. F

    periodic inspection report certs

    I'm currently studying for my 2391 and I have come across a question in my revision that I'm not sure about... Could anybody inform me whether if you were to do a periodic inspection of a property, but as part of the work you also did some other work i.e a new circuit. Would you have to also...
  28. S

    Paperwork for beginners, or those who are not too sure.

    I have answered a few posts regarding certificates etc. So here goes, the definitive answer to the question for the benefit of those who don't fully understand. You must and can only issue any one of the following, whichever is relevant to the work undertaken on an Electrical Installation...
  29. C

    Certificating distribution circuit which is TN-C-S one end and TT the other?

    Having recently installed a submain, sheath to TN-C-S earth at supply end, isolated and TT'd at the far end I'm a bit unsure on the cert. I have ticked both earthing types but am stuck on how to separate the values for each installation to put them on the same cert. Max Ze for example, should...
  30. C

    change of board

    after changing a board and doing a eic, do you put in the note that its just a change of board. what i mean by this is i wont of check things like conductor id,will be upgrading tails/bonds, i will do a i.r befor to check that no probs! cheers guys!!
  31. Amp David

    CU Circuit Schedule

    I know it is possible to buy circuit schedules to stick on or near the CU unit, but do you have to use a dedicated schedule, or would a copy of your test results placed in a plastic wallet do the same job.:confused:
  32. T

    Inspection Check List

    Guys is there a site or place that goes into detail on the check list sheet. Some items im not quite sure what they are looking for. So was wondering is there somthing i could read that would make it a little more clear? Many Thanks Tim
  33. N

    Inspection Schedules

    Under what circumstances would a single PIR or EIC have more than one Inpection Schedule?
  34. S

    Electronic recording of DEIC or PIR

    I am interested to know how members are getting on using electronic means to record their test results on site. How many people are using laptops, netbooks or PDAs. Personally I am unable to get on with a PDA but am thinking of using a Samsung netbook which is 10" screen and 8 hr battery life...
  35. P

    Rcd test and forms

    Hi could you tell me do you have to test the rcd on every cicuit am installing a new split board and was just wondering if you have to do this to every circuit. Also are these all the forms I have to supply once completed Schedule of test results Schedule of inspections Electrical...
  36. K

    circuit schedule

    Got a 6 way 3 phase dis board which hasn't a circuit schedule ,anyone know off a link to download a blank schedule and I can fill in and use as a template.Got job on Friday so a quick response would be appreciated
  37. J

    New installation - what tests should be undertaken?

    Hello... I have a new electrical installation in a new house across three floors. I am just curious as to what tests would normally be undertaken on a new installation, first and foremost for safety reasons and secondly to satisfy legal requirements (if in fact there is any difference!). Any...
  38. S

    installation certificate querry

    hi all, blimey ive done some posting today! right on me schedule of test results, ive got a 16a 60898 mcb going to a metal clad 20a dp isolator via 2.5 t&E, only about 1/2 a metre to the isolator. from then on its a 2 core 2.5mm swa to the garage consumer unit. im re writting me test sheet...
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