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    Ze=1.87 TT or TN-S?

    Morning all, Looking for some opinions MK Sentry Dual RCD 63/30 CU Fluke 1662 readings... 2 lead hi current Ze= 1.87 Ohms PEFC = 6A PSCC = 0.774kA 3 Lead no trip Ze = 12.95 Ohms Zs at cooker/sockets = 12.56 RCD times are compliant No electrode visible and Gas & H2O 10 mm at board...
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    AM2 testing

    Hi everyone, a few questions here Ze: In the AM2 is it just a 2hi test between L1 - Earth, L2 - Earth and L3 - Earth. Then take the highest reading out the three? and while doing that take the PEFC reading at the same time? after reconnecting the Main earth would I record my test result...
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