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  1. J

    New ECS cards for electricians mate

    Hi all, this is my first post and looking for some advice on re-entering the trade as an electricians mate. I’ve looked for a similar thread on here over the past few years but can’t find any so apologise if it’s been covered before! I’m 32 years old and been working as an electricians mate for...
  2. Dozer 73

    Cards in or limited company £££

    As a rough guide cards in job 42k a year , van for works use only , hold pay etc Or same labour only as limited company 42k , 100 mile a week travel At the end of business year , with good accountant , in which situation would you be better off money wise
  3. A

    How to go about shadowing and ecs cards

    Hi guys First post on here so here goes.... Im currently taking the 2365 ( level 2) qualification and I'm after some advice on the ecs cards. Im looking for some shadowing work and I was wondering if a ecs card would be require for shadowing, and not only that but how would a ecs card work...
  4. Dan

    10% Off Business Cards from InstantPrint!

    Use the code to get 10% off business cards from InstantPrint. They do some really cool cards on there. I was looking at the silver foily text ones the other day myself but rarely give them out to anybody to be honest so perhaps not worth me getting some until I've used my old boring normal ones.
  5. B


    What types of cards can you get e.g like CSCS card, are there any others that are useful? Thanks
  6. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC and ECS card on site

    Hi Guys Need some advice regarding site work. I have just been asked to provide an estimate for a contract for all electrical work on a new development of 8 houses. Being an NIC Approved contractor will I also need an ECS card or is my NIC sufficient? I also have 2 blokes working for me who are...
  7. M

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Discussion

    Hello, Thought i would post my first thread on something that always baffles me. I am a charge hand for electrical installs on big sites we get alot of sparks young and old working on them alot of them are a complete waste of time. How do they manage to get there JIB cards? I dont think the...
  8. L

    mobile payment terminals?

    Morning fellas Anybody got a mobile payment terminal to take debit card details ? Any details on which is best and their costs? Thanks
  9. D

    Homebase Solar PV Referrals

    Hi, Does anyone have experience of a Homebase scheme where they hold business cards / flyers and pass them to customers interested in solar. As far as I understand it they don't deal directly with the customer and don't take a cut but charge a weekly fee for the service (regardless of how many...
  10. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Why JIB?

    Hi, I was wondering what is the benefits of becoming JIB and If I don't will it only effect me if I choose to work on sites? I do not have NVQ Level 3 in electrical installation work so it would be a lot of effort for me to become this. Is it worth it? Many thanks :rockon2:
  11. Paul.M

    Do business cards work?

    Due to the lack of consistent work coming in from normal contacts I'm going to have a push at advertising myself. I'm thinking of handing out my card to family and friends to pass onto anyone that mentions electrical work, leave some with the pub landlord, pin some up in the wholesalers etc. My...
  12. Deleted member 19807

    Christmas cards for Trades people

    Hi Guys & Girls, due to work being a bit slow over the summer i came up with an idea for a web site selling christmas cards that trades people could send to their customers to try and kick start the new year with a bit of business. You can add your logo and have custom text inside advertising...
  13. D

    Picking up Work

    Just wondered of ways to drum up a bit of extra work at the moment. I have tried all the local estate agents/letting agents and have sent them website address plus a letter of introduction, they all said we will get back to you but as yet not heard anything. Just wanted to get other peoples...
  14. L

    Sole Trader and my name ??????

    Hi I'm designing my flyers and business cards so i can start has a sole trader i know i have to put my name on any invoices but do i have to put it on the flyers and business cards or can i just have the company on them
  15. A

    website i recommend for business cards, t-shirts etc

    My other half got me 500 business cards she designed herself for only £3.50 via I could not believe the quality so took a look myself...(There maybe other online companies that do the same things). You can also design t-shirts etc etc and the rates are alot cheaper then i...
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