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  1. J

    help needed to bypass touch switch on led light

    I want to bypass the touch sensor on this aquarium light on the wrg side so i can connect it to a mechanical timer. Any help appreciated please see attached picture.
  2. Sym

    Hello. Kind of out of touch, advice would be nice. Thanks!

    Hi there people. My name is Sym, I am 50 years old this year. When I left school in 1985 I started work with a local house bashing firm, I didn't complete an apprenticeship. I learnt to wire houses fairly efficiently, mostly rewires but some new builds. The only testing I learnt during that time...
  3. AJshep

    2 gang 2 way Touch dimmers ?

    I've got a request from a customer today. At the moment they have standard 2 gang 2 way dimmer in their lounge but they want to change it because the stud wall it's mounted on backs in to their bedroom. The click from the dimmer at night wakes the person up sleeping in the bedroom. Trying to...
  4. gnuuser

    he thinks I have the magic touch!

    while its not a security system I recently checked out the power speaker in my chiefs siren in his vehicle. it was not working so i thought first check the fuse, fuse ok! metered output from control unit and had sound signal. amplifier working ok as well. placed my hand on the top of the speaker...
  5. U

    Earthing an upcycled lamp with touch switch

    Hi all, I am upcycling a lamp which I've done before but this time I want to try and add a touch switch dimmer. The lamp has Earth live and neutral and I've taken it apart to swap the base over for an old fuel can. The lamps original metal base was earthed with the earth wire. My question is...
  6. Robbyg

    Help needed for a touch lamp

    Hey :) I'm Rob and new to this forum. I have designed a wooden touch lamp using edison bulbs (incandescent) nothing new here I know. What I'm having trouble with is sorting out a problem where when the bulb fails the power surge takes out or blows the thyristor on the touch circuit. Normally...
  7. Leesparkykent

    Retro touch accessories

    Any one fitted this carp before? Possibly the worst accessories I've had to install. Rocker Light Switches - RetroTouch Designer Light Switches & Plug Sockets - http://www.retrotouch.co.uk/rocker-light-switches.html Have to link out intermediates etc, terminal screws have a DIY Phillips head...
  8. J

    Domestic 2Gang smart WiFi touch switch

    Hello Apologies if this is placed in wrong thread, but I cannot see where else to ask this? I currently have 2 x Chrome 2 gang light switches in my kitchen to work 4 sets of lights... and one gang of these ( The main light) is also two way connected to a single switch at back door. Each of the...
  9. M

    Grounding Question

    Hi guys, I'm trying to better understand how grounding works. I got the basic idea of it, but still have a lot of questions about it. K, so from my understanding, if you touch the neutral bar on a service panel you will not get shocked (because it is grounded). But why do you get shocked if you...
  10. Lou

    BD Electrical

    Are you looking for an electrician in Cardigan? If so then you require the services of a company that you can rely upon. A company that is committed to excellence. You require the services available through BD Electrical. We are a well established company that caters for domestic, industrial and...
  11. FatAlan


    Probably silly question of the week, but why do trades folk tend to use 110v power tools running off those boxy have transformer thingys rather than the standard 230v? Is it down to safety, i.e. lower voltage or economy or something else? Note the technical lingo! As a newbie / trainee please...
  12. L

    Touch Free Light Switch

    Hi All I have been asked by a customer for a touch free (wave) light switch that can control a dimmer as well???? Ideally wave your hand upwards and the lights get brighter, wave your hand downwards and it gets dimmer I have never heard of these before but the customer was 100% certain that...
  13. M

    FS: CT1 Sealant & Adhesive. Silicone. White & Clear. Job Lot x60. (Individually too)

    Hi all I have a job lot of x60 tubes of CT1. x40 White and x20 Clear. These are the new style with the red/green Eco Compliant sign in the top corner of the tube. Price = £400 The listing is for all 60 tubes and works out to £6.67 per tube, which is very good value. However, if you...
  14. D

    Domestic Beginners guide to home automation

    Newbie here so go easy please! Am working on a new build that will be more high end then im used too! they are having the touch screen control panels in each room to control lights, heating & whatever else they choose (believe they are using Phillips dynalite range) The spec, cables etc is...
  15. G

    Commercial extraction canopy control getting warm

    Basically as above, trying to get through to the technical team who supplied the hood but they aren't open until 10.30am so if anyone has come across this before would appreciate an opinion. I fitted the controler which came with the fan and its getting warm to the touch. The fans pulling 3.1a...
  16. D

    Domestic Touch sensor light switch

    Firstly, I understand normal domestic electrics, but not electronics. I have a 240v 'capacitance touch sensor' light switch, see I LumoS Luxury Crystal Glass 1 Gang 1 Way Touch On/Off LED Light Switches | eBay The blurb states a minimum load of 3 watts. It works perfectly when used to switch...
  17. T

    Lively touch light switch too cold?

    I have a touch light switch, and noticed that in the coldest months of January (UK here) that sometimes it wouldn't work. I though that this may be down to my hands being too cold but even after washing them under warm water the switch wouldn't work, not for fifteen minutes or so, perhaps the...
  18. A

    Step and Touch Voltages

    Wondred if anyone had experience of step and touch voltage measurement and what values are normally measured in the field. Did a test today and got a value of 12.1V for Touch and 31.4V for step potential. Wondered if this was inline with the "Norm".
  19. W

    Domestic Will this work?

    Dear all, This is my first thread on this forum, so please be bear with me! I've found my self in a situation where I'm having work done on my house and the electrician on the team has pretty much decreed, you buy everything and I'll fit it. Basically, I need to make sure what I'm purchasing...
  20. S

    Solar pv installers

    I am looking for solar pv installers around Carlisle and Dumfries. Need someone who can run teams of installers, carry out surveys and pricing. Various contracts from 4kw to 50kw. Get in touch if interested.
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