1. K

    Incoming supply cable disconnected?

    Hi We’re currently having drainage Installed in our back garden, when the guys digging up concrete next to house came across what looks like a lead covered cable. They followed it along by digging up the area around it, until it entered a brick in the house, this is where the cable ends (see...
  2. A

    Is that a disconnected grounding system

    Hi guys, First of all I wanna say I'm not an electrician, so my knowledge is extremely limited, so sorry in advance if I say something stupid… :p And English is not my first language, so again, if I call some part with the wrong name, please just let me know I made a mistake, thanks! The...
  3. S

    Electric heater disconnected but still makes “click” noise

    I opened the circuit breaker to my 240vac electric heater. It still makes a “click” noise every so often like it’s trying to turn on. No heat come out. There is no thermostat. I’m confused. Help resolving this issue would be greattt.. thanks
  4. S

    Voltage on disconnected cable

    I think I may be going mad...job I was at today there was a strip light needing replaced, were 3 feeds & neutrals and a feed & switch wire at it. Was sure I marked everything ok but as there are ceiling panels going on before the light goes back on I thought I’d do a quick check, turned light...
  5. D

    Zs reading with main earth disconnected

    Morning, just checking a lighting circuit on a house, I have the main earth disconnected and still get a zs reading of 2.2 ohms. No evidence of an earth spike and bonding goes direct to henley block. Any suggestions why this could happen??
  6. B

    30v on disconnected cable?

    Recently pulling in some new lights in my kitchen, using the original feed in I ran 2 strappers and cables for 8 downlighters. Turned the circuit on and checked with my volt stick that the switching was correct and noticed the volt stick was going off no matter what position the switch was in...
  7. A

    Residual Current on Mains Tails - Installation Disconnected.

    I bought a new MFT1710 a couple of weeks ago and got a free clamp meter with it. (UNI-T UT210B, 200A Mini Clamp Meter). I finally got it out the box today and thought I'd try it on my mains tails to see if/how it's working. Surprisingly, with the consumer unit main-switch off, and the main...
  8. 1

    EICR flats communal areas

    Hi guys, I'm testing a communal area of flats, just lighting circuits mainly and in the board they go to a timer and then off out to lights etc. And all lights are on push switches or pneumatic switches. But I can't get any insulation resistance reading. It's like 0.13meg Is it the switches...
  9. C

    Broken Neutral in Ring

    Hi I have a broken neutral in a socket ring, the customer doesn't want it fixed as he intends to re-wire the property in 18 months time. I have changed the consumer unit. Should I refuse to issue the certificate or put it in the notes. He has energised the circuit despite my advice not to.
  10. jon jordan

    V tac led driver tx's issues

    Hi all hope someone can aid me in this issue I've got why would a tx give out more output voltage on DC side than stated 30-42v Dc ( getting 57vdc) we have swopped tx over to other led on different circuit and all is ok 38v dc lights work put the other tx back which works in office onto...
  11. D

    Buzzing RCBO

    Staff accommodation in a large hotel, was asked by maintenance guy to look at a DB. MK board with 3x RCBO's serving rings, and the rest lighting MCB's. One of the RCBO's was making a very noticeable buzzing noise,but otherwise worked fine. Disconnected cables and the buzzing stopped, IR...
  12. D

    Fault on ring main

    My in laws recently returned from holiday to find that their downstairs ring main was off.when I looked the mcb for this circuit was in the odd position and on trying to switch on it tripped the main rcd switch for this set of circuits.after first unplugging any appliances and this not resolving...
  13. P

    Commercial Tragic IR fail on EICR

    Hello all, I could use some help here: I was recently asked to do an EICR at a small warehouse/office unit. The installation was, to put it mildly, less than satisfactory; with multiple C1 and C2 conditions. However, of greatest concern to me were the insulation resistance readings I was...
  14. J

    Ring Main Tripping RCD, Line to Earth reads 0

    Hi All, Will post an introduction on the new members forum but need to blurt out my question while its still in my head. Me and Mrs JimmyB1988 have moved into our first house, it has a split consumer unit, half on RCD half not, my sockets were on the half without an RCD. One breaker does all...
  15. B

    Rcd tripping problem

    Hi guys this is my first post,so please go gentle. i have recently finished a large domestic installation,which was put into service, after initial verification and all subsequent tests carried out with satisfactory results. Now unfortunately I wasn't the last trade on site and now I have a...
  16. B

    New boiler installation

    Evening everyone this is my first post on the forum, would just like your opinions and any experience you've had with this situation, I was called by a friend of mine this evening who has just had a boiler installed on one of the new schemes that seem to be everywhere at the moment, he told me...
  17. C

    cyclinder stat blowing fuse

    Called out by a plumber I do work for. He had recently installed a new zone valve and chaged CH/HW programmer. A fortnight later the customer calls him because he has lost all heating. Plumber turns up, realises 3A fuse has blown in switched fused spur. He can't change it without it blowing...
  18. A

    Untraceable/unknown circuits

    Upon testing an installation after a fuse board change there are 2 x circuits which ate untraceable. I have left them connected but was just wondering if these circuits would be noted down in the departures from bs7671 box on the install cert??
  19. N

    Question regarding neutral for Ring final Circuit.

    I am carrying out the continuity for a ring final test for a single phase TN-S system. When doing the end to end Neutral I don't get a reading!! What is wrong here and what Code does apply (Code 1-3)? Many Thanks.
  20. I

    IR readings Puzzeled

    hi there carried out IR test on radial lighting circuit today. L-N 700MOhms N-E 650Mohms L-E 320Mohms just wondered why the L-E would be nearly half the value ???? ( test carried out at 500v dc, TNCS system circuit disconnected at board)
  21. T

    Domestic 19.2 V battery question !!

    Hi there New member here with a very basic question (I am no electrician!). :saddam: I have a 19.2 V / 9000mAh battery (for an electrically assisted bicycle) and the wiring on the charge end needs a little attention. Basically one end of the battery gets plumbed into the bike and supplies it...
  22. C

    Can't find what circuit does

    Was doing a cu change yesterday and as usual the old board had no circuit identification at all. After an hour or so of moving lots of junk about I managed to get 7 of the 8 circuits but there's one 2.5 t+e cable off a 16a mcb that I just can't figure out what it does, if it does anything at...
  23. B

    house alarm trouble

    hi all just wanted to know if anyone knows a quick method of silencing a bell box even when the main panel is disconnected and the main battery is disconnected just thought i would ask cause my neighbours are not happy ps im not able to reach the bellbox(no ladders) DOH!!!
  24. K

    RCD not tripping

    OK this one has be beat! Replaced 2 DB's (one night storage and one 24 hour) with a dual board but adapting it so I have 2 different supplies coming in. Earth is common in the boards, but then it's common throughout. Neutral is definitely split. All connected up, tested the RCD and it did not...
  25. S

    Ze.pefc.psc testing.

    Hi all just a quick question carried out all of the above tests yesterday and got the following results Ze . Tncs system 0.18 which is fine Pefc . 1.1ka Psc . 1.6 Carried out the same tests today and got these results Ze 0.28 again fine Pefc. 845 amps Psc 1.1ka Can anyone tell me...
  26. jibjob

    Domestic Very Strange RCD problem

    Now this is a bit of a head sratcher. I've been called to a property where the RCD (used as main incomer) trips at exactly the same time every evening (7.50pm). Some work has been carried out recently at the property by another electrician. He installed new wiring via a 2 way stand alone C.U...
  27. C

    neutral fault ??

    been asked to look at a light in office unit that was diconnected buy another electricain 2 years ago, the lighting circuit is switch fed with the switch lines running though metal trunking (ceiling mounted) and in singles, the light is a end of line and had been disconnected at the light...
  28. Goody

    Puzzled at the IR readings, plz help!

    I have just tested a ring and the IR reading between N & E was 0.00 M Ω, N & L was 0.13 M Ω and L & E was 0.14 M Ω. I have removed all the loads and tested with a Fluke at 250 Volts. Plz could someone point me in the right direction to locate the fault. Further more the Ze was 0.08 and...
  29. M

    shower to notify or not

    A friend of a friend split up with her partner and he took the shower with him when he moved out leaving wires hanging out the wall. The local council were called and the circuit was disconnected from the consumer unit as a safety precaution. A plumber has put in a new shower and she has asked...
  30. P

    Split Load Board Certification Question

    Hi,How does everyone fill out the certs for a split load board to include the RCDS if issuing a DOMESTIC ELECTRICAL CERTIFICATE? How do you include the details of the split loads and the submain RCD characteristics into the boxes provided? Do you test RCD tripping times for each circuit even if...
  31. R

    Testing Zs - disconnect main bonding or not ?

    Hi When measuring Zs on circuits do you guys leave the main bonding connected or disconnect it? Most of my testing books including GN3 say leave it connected, but another book by Anthony Hinsley says to disconnect it as it will introduce parallel paths (which I get) and that if left connected...
  32. M

    blanket testing

    how do you go about blanket testing for insulation resistance thanks for your help
  33. P

    Lighting Circuit failure

    My client has half his upstairs lights working and half not. They are all on the same 5A fuse. His loft is boarded and so it's not easy to see the cable runs. What is the most likely cause? Is it likely to be a disconnected live or disconnected neutral in one of the ceiling roses that...
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