1. ilikemyhouse1

    UK How do I wire a switch into a lamp with three wires (live, neutral, earth)?

    I've got a security light which has two wires like a normal ceiling lamp (the first wiring diagram attached). I bought a new security light which has three wires (live, neutral, earth), attched is an image of that. There is also attached a picture of the current security light with its live...
  2. L

    DPDT switch burnt while off

    Hello, I wired a DPDT switch to my sunroof 12v DC motor. It was working ok and I was able to reverse the polarity of the motor to open and close the sunroof. However days later it started to burn when off, even though I hooked up a 20A fuse before the switch. I don't know if it's a short circuit...
  3. A

    Light switch wiring help

    Hi can anyone help me with this light switch? Photos of how it was wired to old switch but new switch is different with different names. I’m confused to where the wires go? Attached some photos
  4. B

    Terminology help - Light Switch

    I want to replace light switches in my living room. There's 2 x double switches. 1 Controls 2 separate lights in the living room. The other controls one of the SAME lights, and outside light. I can replace the switch, but I need to know if terminology has changed. The switches have six...
  5. B

    Switch into an outlet

    I have a light that does not get used and I want to put an outlet where the switch is. The light switch only has 1 blk wire and 1 wht wire on a 2 terminal. Switch that are mounted on the same side of the switch. How can I make this switch into an outlet?
  6. J

    3-way switch issues. Can you blow a “switch”?

    I took a light down to put up a new fixture and now the light goes on but the switch doesn’t shut the light off. The power only stays on so I am quite confused. It is a 3 way switch. Both switches will not turn the light off. The wiring “appears” to be 14/2 to fixture and 14/2 out of fixture...
  7. J

    Battery disconnect switch

    Hi All, I have 24 volt landcruiser and have purchased a battery disconnect switch which I would ideally install on the negative terminal of the second 12v battery. The switch however is quite tall and I think its going to hit the bonnet when closed so am wondering if its okay to install the...
  8. 2

    Wiring a switch for an eye test chart (not for commercial use!)

    Hi guys, first time posting, please bare with me! I have an old test chart as shown in the pics that i would like to get running. Everything lights up seperately, the bit at the top/the red and green rings/the white rings/the line of letters at the bottom/the hole at the bottom used as a light...
  9. markmuk

    Smart wall light switch

    Hi, I recently installed a smart light 2 gang 1 way smart switch. The two lights in question turn on. However on one of the 2 way lights I have spotlights and only one spotlight out of 4 comes on. Previously all 4 turned on. Any advice?
  10. B

    UK 59 volts when light ceiling is off from switch

    HI everyone I'm getting 255 volts between live and earth natural to live on a live lighting circuit fed from 6amp rcbo , When switch off I'm getting 59volts between live and earth Natural to live 59 volts Any idea why
  11. B

    Multiple COM wires slipping from light switch

    Hi, The wiring for my lights have multiple COM wires in most rooms, which are a pain to screw into the COM part of the switch. The switches that were fitted when I moved in work fine, but I purchased a smart switch which has slightly different sized screws / screw holes etc, and I can only seem...
  12. SJD

    Does anyone recognise the make of this grid switch assembly?

    Does anyone recognize the make of this grid switch assembly?
  13. B

    Retractive Switch and PIR issue.

    I've a light fitting that's controlled from a Whitecroft absence detector PIR and a wall switch. The way it works, is the Retractive wall switch with turn on the light by activating the PIR but then only turn off by the PIR’s duration or 10 minutes without absence. I’ve had to replace the PIR...
  14. cliffed

    Main switch & Rcbo’s

    Special location a Static caravan TT System, CU fitted Main Switch then RCBO’s any comments
  15. B

    wiring a toggle switch into homemade arcade machine?

    Hi guys I have a homemade arcade machine that houses a PC that I currently switch on from the mains - this is connected to an internal smart extension with the master socket conncted to a PC. Thus the PC controls the power to the lights/monitor/amp etc. (there is a secondary on/off switch...
  16. Jtdyson

    Old 2 Gang Light Switch Wiring

    Hi I have this lighting socket but has no markings, does anyone have any idea what is L1,L2 and Com Many thanks J
  17. P

    Upgrading a 3 gang switch

    I am replacing a 3 gang switch with a modern one. All the wires going into the switch are the same colour. I have labelled which port each wire came from (eg L1 top left) but L1 L2 etc do not correspond with the new switch (L22 L31 etc). Advice gratefully received.
  18. R

    Moving cooker switch within prescribed zone

    Hi, With respect to the cooker switch only. If I moved it 400mm to the left by extending the T&E from its original position using crimps, then tile over the original back box, would it satisfy regs by maintaining the modified circuit within the prescribed zone (assuming all other rules are...
  19. littlespark

    Specific light switch design

    Customer would like a 3 gang switch replaced with 2 regular plus a dimmer. Is there any grid module set up that fit a 1 gang box? The wall is brick, and knocking out a wider box isn’t an option.
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