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  1. B

    Domestic Ethernet for CCTV

    Evening all. I have a home CCTV system which I had connected to my broadband router with Ethernet power line adapters. These have recently stopped working and I am looking to replace with Ethernet cable between DVR and router. It will be running under the floorboards in the bedroom and then...
  2. robd

    Ethernet point no internet

    Hi all, On a recent job (electrical) the customer asked if I could add them a point to hard wire his computer to his internet. I put him an ethernet socket at each end, ran a piece of cat 5 in between and terminated with punch tool as per a bt socket. Customer reported not being able to get...
  3. S

    Testing Ethernet cable

    Hi all. I have not really done any data work before but got a job next week installing some new data cable and ports. In one of the rooms there are 4 unused Ethernet ports, is there any way of testing these ports with a laptop? Any free software that may determine whether the port and cable are...
  4. fishkake

    Mains vs data vs PoE

    Hi, I'm guessing this is the right subforum for this. I'm a DIY'er who knows how to wire a plug and change a lightbulb. I often pretend I know a lot more than that but I'm in the company of experts here, so I'll accept my place. So if I want to mess with mains electric, I need some form of...
  5. S

    Advice needed to earthing POE radios Ethernet setup

    Hi, Apologise if this is not the right board to post about this subject and please be patient as I am not a qualified electrician. I am extending internet access between two buildings about 30 meters apart via two Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-16 NanoBeam AC 5GHz 16dBi radios which I prefer them to be...
  6. sparksburnout

    Running Ethernet cable alongside SWA.

    Got a job where customer wants power to an outbuilding, and also wants to extend their Router down to the same building. SWA is going to be fixed to concrete posts just above ground level, and I was going to run Ethernet on same route, probably tied to SWA. Is this a good idea, and would I need...
  7. A

    Broadband to garden office: a tale of moving master BT sockets, WiFi woes and long ethernet cables

    Hi Everyone, First post for me, I've not been able to find out a solution to my problems so hoping someone can help me here. I've added a few photos and drawings to help with my explanation below: The phone line coming into the house in a rather bizarre location - an upstairs bedroom (see...
  8. E

    Solar powering CCTV

    Hello, I need a CCTV system that is completely wireless and would like to solar power it all. I have my eyes on a suitable camera with internal storage, so I will not need a separate recording device. However, the camera is powered by an ethernet cable. Is there any way I can solar power this...
  9. T

    First Solaredge install

    Got our first Solaredge install next week, are there any steps in the installation process I should be aware of before we start? Apart from the usual (completed over 1MW of domestic installs so far) just never tried micro inverteres before Any guidance most greatfuly received Thanks
  10. P

    Solar edge

    Lads who stocks them please
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