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  1. S

    fixings for a stone roof

    Not electrical i know but have any of you guys installed on a stone roof? if so what fixings can you recommend?
  2. Dan

    20mm stone paviours outside.

    20mm stone paviours outside. advice reviews and feedback 2017 Stone supplier has recommended fitting their 20mm (900x600) stone outside on a 50mm sand/cement bed over hardcore. Sbr slurry on the back to reduce staining. Anyone believe this is a correct... 20mm stone paviours outside. Are you a...
  3. Dan

    Mesh And Resin/glue Backed Stone.

    Mesh And Resin/glue Backed Stone. advice reviews and feedback 2017 Quick question to see who does what with mesh/resin/glue backed stone tiles... Say a 12mm marble meshed for strength or anything you have come across . Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber in the making...
  4. Dan

    What adhesive for 40kg m2 natural stone advice, reviews and feedback

    What adhesive for 40kg m2 natural stone advice reviews and feedback 2017 im looking to install natural stone onto hardie backer board it's in a living room wall. The tiles are heavy, about 40kg m2 which adhesive do I need? Not sure if I need quick or slow set,... What adhesive for 40kg m2...
  5. imago

    Drilling stone walls?

    I have a full rewire to do on a stone (blue dolerite) terrace in Wales. Aside from the obvious (blood, sweat, tears, lots of masonry bits etc) are there any drill bits in particular that are better than others for this stuff? There won't be much chasing required fortunately, as careful...
  6. jason121

    Panel Damaged

    We have had our first phone call about a damaged panel. System been in well over 18months. Glass shattered on Sanyo HIT 250 panel. Has anyone had this yet and just wondering the best place to start the process of replacing with new. Thanks in advance
  7. spidersparks

    EICR on a church

    Hi guys got a EICR to do on a church, not done one on one before just wondering if there is any special regulations to consider Cheers David
  8. D

    Core drills for a damp stone wall

    Anyone know of a core bit that will do damp stone walls?after spending 6 hours coring a hole through for a fan with it clogging up all the time due to the damp lime mortar in the wall.core I used was a Marcrist 750 I think which is usually spot on if it's dry of course.dont really want to go...
  9. Mr Mark Sparks

    my diet

    enough was enough i had been between 15 and a half and 16 stone for the last 8 yrs so thought i should sort it out here are the dates and weights so far aiming for about 12 1/2 to 13 stone and see how i feel the books say for my height (5 10) i should be no more than 12 1/2 but we'll see:)
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