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  1. Zdb

    ECS Gold card reverse

    Just for a bit of fun let's see who's got the most text printed on the back of their gold card....
  2. C

    reverse polarity on appliance socket

    Carried out an eicr and noticed x2 double sockets have reverse polarity that supply a frying machine at high level. After correcting the reverse polarity on the two sockets i plugged the fryer back in and the circuit MCB tripped out and the appliance popped. I am unable to open the fryer up as...
  3. S

    Weird problem with reverse light

    Hi, I'm having a strange problem with a reverse light bulb. I replaced the bulb with a new one as it didn't light up but it still didn't work. I've tested the bulb and it works (tried several new ones as well). I've tested the socket with a meter and get 11.8v. To rule out potential bad...
  4. V

    Reverse camera wiring for Citroen Dispatch.

    I'm in the process of fitting an Auto Vox m1 reverse camera to my partner's 2008 Citroen Dispatc and after looking at a couple of Youtube vids, installation looked pretty straight forward. However, now I've got to the wiring on the lighting unit to connect the camera to the reverse wires, I'm...
  5. P

    Need help wiring reverse camera

    Ok i’m new to this but.. I have a seat ibiza mk5 and a pioneer sphda120 head unit. I’ve wired the unit up everything’s working fine. But I’ve bought a reverse camera and decided to give that a go wiring up. (Pumpkin camera off amazon) I’ve set it up so the black/red wire is on the purple/black...
  6. S

    Combi Boiler reverse polarity

    Hi sparks. Gas safe plumber here please be gentle. Just went to a boiler breakdown. I traced the fault to the room thermostat so I linked it out on the pcb board in the boiler. The boiler is working fine now. 2 year old B&Q combi. While I was there I checked with my multimeter the supply...
  7. D

    Reverse camera interference

    Hi all, hoping that you may be able to help me out. I just fitted a headunit with large lcd screen into a Ford Kuga. As well I then fitted a wireless reverse camera which is mounted in place of the rear number plate light. Camera and transmitter are powered by the reverse light at the back...
  8. K

    Reverse camera nissan qashqai aftermarket radio

    hi guys I want to use the oem camera for my qashqai 2011. I’m using the connects2 CAM-NS1-RT adapter for the video output but there’s a lead that says “reverse signal” the guy at connects2 tells me this is what I need to power the camera. Can you please tell me where I can get the power from...
  9. Johnny123

    Reverse lights on constantly

    Hi, could anyone give me a few pointers please? I've got a problem with my wife's 2005 Vauxhall Astra Estate 1.7cdti in the way of the reverse lights are on constantly. I thought it was the reverse switch on the gearbox stuck so I bought a new switch, fitted it and it's still the same. Any...
  10. G

    Mem dol forward & reverse

    Hi all I'm installing a 2post car lift 3 phase, when I bought it the lift there was a damaged switch box on so I've bought a eaton mem dol box all wired in, The only thing I want to change is the way it works when I press either the forward or reverse button it latches in and have to press the...
  11. R

    how to reverse a sing phase cap run cap start motor?

    Hi I had a job last week I struggled with, I'm not clued up on motors like I should be but the problem I had was making a single phase cap start cap run motor reversible. All I was doing was replacing the motor but I want to understand exactly what needs to be done at the motor to allow it to be...
  12. D

    Step-up and Step-down Transformers

    Wanted to start a discussion on wiring transformers in reverse. What are some important considerations for what you wire a step-up transformer in reverse to make it a step-down transformer. And what are the important considerations when you wire a step-down transformer in reverse to make it a...
  13. J

    DIY blue flashing lights - choosing lights

    My dad is an emergency driver. All he has is a dash light that I bought him from amazon last year. Since my dad is an electrician I thought I would get him some blue LEDs so he can make his own lights as he complains about the price of emergency lighting.
  14. Y

    Problems with Series/ Parallel strings not adding ampage.

    Hi Guys, im hoping someone can help me. I have recently installed 3.2kw system for an offgrid job. The problem im getting is that im only ever seeing around 300 watts solar generation for the whole system. We have used 10 x Canadian Solar 320 watt panels Voc for the panel is 44.9 and the ISC IS...
  15. L

    Gunsmith needs to wire a DPDT switch!

    Hello from Kent, I have forgotten the tiny amount I learned about electrics and I need to wire a DPDT switch to control a 230V 50Hz synchronous motor and just haven't a clue and don't fancy killing myself. Very much DIY electrics but I'd appreciate any help (I have project box, gland, soldering...
  16. vini

    Confused, must be missing something simple.

    A cooker switch with single socket indicated a reverse polarity. It was connected to a double socket into which was plugged a gas hob and gas oven. Double socket also showed reverse polarity. However when the earth prong on the plug was inserted into the socket the LED display on the plug in...
  17. P

    reversing a thermostat

    Is it possible to reverse the switching on a normal 230v AC thermostat, the spec is for an extraction fan to kick in when the heat builds up. I know that I could use a relay to reverse the normally open and closed sequence but something out of the box would be better. Thanks Phill
  18. C

    Reverse polarity on sanyo panels

    Hi all A customer ive quoted recently wants panasonic HIT panels as part of the system and ive never fitted these before, on segens website it says dont reverse the palarity on multible string otherwise you'll destroy the panels, so im a bit reluctunt to fit them as there not the cheepest...
  19. N

    Thanks a bunch DNO

    Got a call to day customers property thats let with no power , get there to find a BG notice of potenially dangerouse situation L E reverse , consumer unit disconnected by BG tails left tapped up so property had no electricity , now you can imagin what my customer thought !!! didnt do my job...
  20. M

    CAREL Thermostat SET problem PLs help.

    Hi, Sorry if I opened the thread in wrong forum. I am about to use a thermostat for Homemade Incubator and I recently got Carel IR32V1L000 Thermostat with PT100. There is an instruction, but I cannot set it to work as I want. (which is it should switch the heather off when the temperature...
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