1. S

    paint ceiling 1st or drill holes ?

    Hello Everyone I have a freshly skimmed ceiling with no holes. Planning to have some downlights installed. Obviously I have to mist coat then paint ceiling but should the holes for the downlights be drilled before or after? My thinking was if before then wet mistcoat paint might drip all over...
  2. G

    Breaker trip after screwing light fitting back to freshly painted ceiling

    Hi, This afternoon, finished re-emulsioning a plasterboard ceiling in a 25-y-o house (so the electrics are modern enough). I had removed a circular metal light fitting - the swivel 3-spotlight type of thing - but it uses modern LED bulbs. Never ever had a problem with it. The wiring is solidly...
  3. N

    External Lighting

    Evening all, I've been asked to put some external lighting in for a gentleman I know. It's a large detached property and he wants 4 lights at the front of his house to make it "glow" in the night time. Never installed this sort of lighting, so not too sure which would be the best to use. Need to...
  4. R

    Comercial EICR

    Evening all! 2 questions? 1. when testing a commercial premise Is it my responsibility to point out to the client that the emergency lighting is insufficient or non existent in certain areas of the building? 2. I've never tested premises with a potentially explosive atmosphere I...
  5. I

    What do you think is the easiest trade

    I know this is quite a broad question eg bricklaying quite physically deamaning but not that mentally demanding no offence to any brickies. I'm not elitist. But had someone ask me and answered and said they are all hard in differnt ways. what do yo guys think the "easiest" trade is.
  6. S

    I worked out what a neon screwdriver is for

    Contrary to popular belief they are not fishing weights, neither are they a substitute padlock for the garden shed. No. A neon screwdriver is designed to be the perfect size to remove layers of paint from slotted screws so they can be removed with little or no swearing.
  7. B

    Domestic Copper Surface Trunking

    Hi i have an old stone cottage. I need to do some surface re-wiring but I do not like plastic trunking. Could I use copper piping for the wires as I feel this would make a good feature. Would this be safe.?
  8. saucyjack

    how to waterproof metal conduit joints?

    Hi guys; I've got to run 3x6mm singles through some exterior metal conduit (not actually installed yet, but will be approx. 7 metres in length with about 3 elbows), and wondered if anyone has any advice on making any of the joints (elbows, couplers etc.) weather/watertight? Any advice would be...
  9. W

    Air brush art work

    WHILST out shoppinghe other day i bumped into one of my best m8s from school . i aint seen him for years .. informed me hes taken up airbrushing as an interest and has made it into his work ..... i had a look at some of his work and frankly im amazed by it .. so if anyone is looking into any...
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