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  1. P

    Does anyone have a ATEX Zone 0 torch they want to get rid off ?

    Hi guys, I am looking for a ATEX zone 0 torch is someone is looking to get rid of theirs. TIA
  2. Lister1987

    ATEX section?

    I know we've got boards for the main categories of sparkle; domestic, commercial and industrial but after watching a SparkyNinja webinar on Electricians and ATEX, I found it facinating and it got me thinking about here and noticed we don't have an ATEX section for all the quirky differences...
  3. B

    EEx ia Equipment in Zone 2 Area

    Apologies if this appears like a simple question. I have carried out a survey of a Zone 2 area and one piece of equipment, an enclosure, is fitted and only identifiable by manufacturers name plate and a stuck on EEx ia sticker. No Atex data plate. The previous survey (visual) gave some...
  4. S

    Hazardous areas - control voltage transformer earthing -

    I've been in an ongoing debate regarding earthing of a control transformer and i'd like some other opinions. 690 primary, 120v secondary supplying control circuits (contactors/DC convertors etc), the neutral is tied to earth - My issue is the location that it is tied to Earth. As far as I know...
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