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  1. O

    Wiring Kitchen Flush Ceiling Fitting to Looped in Double Switched Rose

    Hello DIY Electrical Forum I am at a bit of a loss to proceed any further than I have done so already with wiring a flush ceiling fitting in my kitchen to an existing twin switched rose. I have basic DIY experience and will proceed only as far as my ability allows and all work will be carried...
  2. SparkieMarky

    Termination of SWA into new style flush Consumer Units

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to terminate an SWA into the new style flush CUs such as Hager's, BG's etc.? I ask as all seem to either employ oval or square knockouts, which is great for the surface boards when using truncking etc. but no great if you are trying to comply with...
  3. M

    Back box depth for LAP flat plate light switch

    Following great advice on here about wiring my ceiling light I've now moved onto replacing the plastic light switches. Does anyone know if a 16mm back box will be OK to accommodate this switch...
  4. S

    Flush fitting bathroom light fitting question

    I'm new to this forum and am not sure on etiquette about asking questions, so please excuse me if this isn't the way to do it... I've recently fitted a flush fitting ceiling light in my bathroom. The light works fine but there is a 1mm gap around parts of the fitting between the top and the...
  5. R

    35mm 1G flush backbox with some 25mm knockouts

    Hi. I'm looking for a few 35mm 1G metal backboxes that have some 25mm knockouts on them. I've had them in the past (Rexton brand ones) from Tradesparky I think, but Tradesparky can no longer source them. None of the sites for boxes specify the sizes of knockouts so it's difficult to tell. I...
  6. D

    Flush mounted pull cord backbox and theories

    Hi all, It just popped into my head about bathroom pull cord switches, do they ever have flush mounting boxes, every one I have seen has been surface mounted, and also, why are shower pull cords cut shorter, which I see in most places?
  7. Richard Sewell

    Ceiling rose wires and flush light

    Hi to all, am replacing an old ceiling light with a flush light and just want to check a few things re the wiring. Looking at L-R, am I correct here – earth (green), neutral (2 black wires), loop (3 red), switched live (single black)? Secondly, looking at the wiring diagram for the flush...
  8. N

    Outdoor socket flush with the ground in the garden

    Is there a problem with installing an outdoor IP65 socket flush with the ground, fed via SWA cable? Are there any regs or issues I should be aware of besides the usual when installing outdoor socket on a wall? Of course, I have to make sure it's in a location where it may not easily be...
  9. F

    Virgin Cable - Flush Mounted Outputs...?

    Hello all, new member here....I hope you don't mind the post in your patch... The property we recently purchased had previously been cable connected – one Ominbox outside which feeds telephone to one room and three coax cable runs. Only two of these are likely to be used in the immediate future...
  10. D

    Lighting grids

    Hi..just wondering if anyone knows of a product that let's you have flush fitting lighting grids, i.e an eight gang fast fix box? Are they all surface, can't find anything on the Internet? Cheers
  11. S

    Why are smoke detectors so ugly?

    I know there are few out now that look ok, like the nest models, but still smoke/heat/CO detectors are very unslightly. One of the biggest complaints from customers, can rouine the look of a nice kitchen. Usually don't agree with customers but they are right in this case!
  12. cgfw201

    Getting IKEA Light Flush With the Ceiling

    Hi, First post, first time doing anything electrical. Have bought a nice new IKEA Sinnerlig light for my nice new house I moved into last week. Have removed old ceiling light which was a cheap plastic one than screwed into a cheap plastic base plate that was screwed into the ceiling. Anyway...
  13. driverman

    Connecting RotaryIsolation switches

    I've never used or connected a rotary isolation switch before, but job on, got to supply fit 2. Are they so designed that cables enter top /bottom only? If I installed T&E flush could I enter isolation switch from rear. Max size cable would be 10mm T&E. I'm thinking I might struggle due to size...
  14. 0

    Flushing sockets in walls

    I want to flush about 3 or 4 sockets into the wall...existing cables are long enough thankfully.(sockets are currently surface mounted) Do i need to make sure the circuit is rcd protected as i have an old wylex with push in breakers? This is'nt classed as an addition or alteration????
  15. P

    Domestic wall sockets the distance they need to protrude from wall ? how afr

    I have had the house re-wired and wondered if there is any regulations on how far the sockets should be from the wall ? obviously not to expose the wires, but there are some walls where it is about 2-3mm from the old wall paper or so but on fresh new plasterboard walls its 8-10mm, does it matter...
  16. O

    "sunken" Fusebox

    Being lazy! Came across a sunken BS3036 fusebox today and the customer would like it updated. The install is about 30 years old. Are such products sold now? Sunken I mean, not BS 3036 Thanks
  17. D

    Anyone know how to Clea your Central Heating ?

    I was thinking of purchasing one of these 5ltr bottles of central heating cleaner but how on earth do I put it in the system without making a mess? Sentinal X400...
  18. P

    surface trunking from flush mount

    I've been asked to fit a 13a spur from a flush mounted socket using YT2 trunking. Just wondering how other people do this. Do you replace flush with a surface box or dig a hole out next to the box, cut the back of the trunking and poke through??
  19. B

    School Job

    I have been asked by a friend to help price a job up as he has the possibility of some work at a school. He is subbing the work out to an electrician but must price the work up for the parent contractor first Here are the vague specs he has been handed, so please dont hammer me!! :) x 4 Flush...
  20. Mark.W

    Spur with Mini Trunking

    Hi Peeps I have just spoken to a client that wants a few extra sockets put in around his house. He currently has flush sockets and doesn't want me to chase the walls. The only option I've got is to use Mini Trunking but my question is how can you spur off a flush socket using mini trunking...
  21. A

    Flush mounted socket with accessible rear

    I wnt to flush mount a shaver socket onto an airing cupboard. The cupboard is accessible and in use. How is this done? Surface mounting would stand out too much and be unsightly. The recess boxes (metal for brick, plastic for stud walls) do not seem appropriate or safe. My best guess is to use...
  22. A

    security lighting

    Hi All Interesting one this: customer has turned a shop back into a house - at the front there are 2 recessed doorways that late night passers by often use as a toilet or somewhere to shelter whilst recovering from excess drinking! each doorway has a (non PIR) light in the ceiling but the...
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