1. Zdb

    Testing extraneous conductive part

    Just been read through this and it says: How to determine if it’s an extraneous-conductive-part For this, a simple measurement is undertaken. This is done by testing the resistance between the suspected extraneous-conductive-part and the MET or the nearest known connection to Earth, such as...
  2. C

    Extraneous parts

    Code..for extraneous conductive parts not bonded at entry to various points @ school,the main water & gas are bonded @ intake,but water & gas are entering either underground or overhead elsewhere,& no definite earth connection.
  3. J

    Domestic Bonding Extraneous Conductive Parts

    hi. Question re bonding a metal where cold comes in as metal pipe ground into house. So cold will be bonded where service comes in. Read article in wiring matters 2019 about changes for part 18. Example given of faulty kettle where fault to earth exists at kettle, some one touches kettle...
  4. N

    Extraneous Parts Earth sizing

    Customer wants to take power from an existing garage (with board) to supply a greenhouse, to be fitted with ip rated switchgear. The greenhouse is made of aluminium. Since this is an extraneous conductive part am i right in thinking that the aluminium frame would require a 10mm bond at least...
  5. S

    Extraneous conductive parts

    Morning, so just finishing off the install to a shepard hut which is located in a field. The construction is steel chassis, plyboard floor, timber stud clad with corrugated sheets. The corrugated iron sheets which clad the unit are plastic coated and there is no continuity between each sheet...
  6. kingeri

    Extraneous conductive part as bonding conductor

    Been nosying about at my brother's new house this week and fixing a few bits and bobs. The electrical installation mainly dates back to the early 80's at a guess and apart from a few broken accessories and a lack of RCD protection (now fixed) it has all checked out okay. PME earthing. Today...
  7. L

    Supplementary bonding

    Hello all, Perhaps a few of you could help my understanding of the following query. The situation I am about to describe is purely hypothetical to help my understanding of the issue. Let's assume within a domestic bathroom, I have a combination of exposed conductive parts and suspect...
  8. happyhippydad

    Main bonding made to separate earth rod?

    Evening all.. I have just been to a clients house to quote for some work and when checking the Main bonding I noticed that it just had a 10mm attached to the gas pipe and then straight into a separate earth rod, it was the same for the water (had it's own earth rod). I realise that this would...
  9. C

    Sup bonding

    just carried out and EICR on a grubby flat. One defect was lack of bonding in the bathroom without RCD protection. I don't want to change the DB to RCD everything. everything is wired in conduit, would I be correct in saying all I need to do is link a 4mm bond from the conduit to all the...
  10. H

    Steel Conduit

    Hi Just got a quick question. I install CCTV systems and want to start using steel conduit instead of PVC. Do I need to ground the conduit if it will only have CAT6 network cable inside. Thanks
  11. E

    Bonding of drain cover in tanked basement

    Doing some work on a building with a tanked basement. In one corner there is a drain cover that is an extraneous conductive part so I need to attach a bonding conductor. I was thinking of something I could bolt on to the rim (about 5cm wide) that wouldn't interfere with taking the cover off...
  12. Michaelwgroves

    Extraneous Conductive-part

    I've had my work assessed which has raised a question about Extraneous-conductive-part. I just want to be sure I fully understand this. BS7671 Part 2 defines it as; A conductive part liable to introduce a potential, generally Earthed potential, and not forming part of the electrical...
  13. A

    Outdoor Building Power

    It's been a while since doing any form of installation so I thought I may ask here for clarification especially with new regs...... Detached shed/building approx. 50m from house CU. Need to run 13A sockets and lights in it. TN-CS/TNS supply Is it best to... A) Take from MCB, then SWA down to...
  14. A

    Confirmation on testing procedure

    Hi guys another q I would like to clear up, when testing to confirm a pipe is extraneous in an existing install I use the equation 230/0.01 =23000ohms - 1000ohms= 22000ohms. when carrying out the test I test from the earth block to the pipe in question. just looking to confirm as I have just...
  15. yellowvanman

    EICR remedial

    Just done an EICR on an outbuilding that is habitable (kitchen/wetroom etc). Supply is taken from henly block in the meter cupboard, via 2 core SWA to building. At building SWA is glanded into a metal box but the box (earth) is not connected to the plastic consumer unit which sits right next...
  16. S

    Garage Metalwork

    I'm in the middle of putting some lighting and socket outlets in my garage, nothing fancy just a few of each as you'd expect. I've run it in SWA ,which will be buried eventually, from the existing CU in the house on it's own circuit. Earthing arrangement is TT which reads 14.67 ohms, not bad I...
  17. H

    EICR Code

    Would a C3 be adequate for a main protective bonding conductor connection to water not readily accessible? Connection is present (along with tag) but is under floor boards. Took me ages to trace it back. Also I can not verify the location of the gas bonding connection. What code?
  18. S

    Extraneous conductive parts in outbuildings

    Hi, i am after a bit of advice. I went to a property which had 3 outbuilding, all were separate from the main building, one garage, one shed, & a workshop. Circuits all supplied from main building. Earthing system is TT. In all of the 3 outbuilding there is a separate water supply with...
  19. S

    Earth Bonding garage framework required?

    Should the framework for my garage door be bonded? It is just controlled manually, it's non-electric. The framework is just bolted to the blockwork? Pictures below.
  20. E

    Quick Definition Help needed (No ref books with me right now)

    Would anyone be so kind as to reply to this post with the BS7671 wording of the definitions “Exposed Conductive Part” and "Extraneous Conductive Part". At work right now (without ref books) and trying to remember if the definition of “Exposed Conductive Part” is restricted to part of an...
  21. L

    Supplementary bonding required with RCD's?

    Much discussed issue this one. Appreciate any comments. I let a small one bed flat out. Electric only ie no gas. Year back I had a new CU put in with all circuits on RCD's (RCBO for lighting). Accompanied by an EICR. Registered ECA sparks did the work. The EICR documents that the mains...
  22. B


    I have just changed some old 600 x 600 units over to spots with LED GU10's in some toilets and the spots flick on and off when they should be off. the switches are old PIR type with a battery in them. i have put a temp switch on one and it works fine but the client wants to keep old stuff. Help!
  23. D

    Main Earth Bonding in a Commercial

    Hi, need abit of help in regards to earth bonding. I'm working on a building with 10 studio flats and all the plumbing is done in plastic pips apart from the terminations of the shower and the water heater. the main incoming water supply is via a blue plastic pipe, which goes into a manifold...
  24. S

    TN-C-S / Pyro / Outbuilding Upgrade

    Hi, bit of a job with scope creep going on. "Oooo it's so good we've found a nice electrician we can get all these things done that we've wanted for years". Client wants new outside lights on garage but existing isolation and circuit protection supplying garage is falling apart so that needs...
  25. J

    general testing questions

    On a PIR test to confirm Zs values i obviously go to thr BRB page 48.But when do i use the rule of thumb i.e 80% Method ?. I understand there are differences between a cold install to one that is in service as resistance changes when cables are warmer. On previous posts i have noted to qualify...
  26. A

    bonding to shower in pre-fab offices

    Hello all, Recently tested some office accomadation units for a building site (the type that come as individual bays with own db and then get bolted together to form an open plan office and all db's for each bay run back to a main db for each floor). One area had four showers supplied from...
  27. B

    does heating radiator needs bonding?

    i have seen quite a lot of photos showing radiators having bondings, but most dont have, is it really needed? cheers
  28. W

    Domestic New MCB Board & the garage

    I am now in a postion to apply to join a relevant body for Part P approval. The CU in my house needs replacing (actually there are currently two as extensions have been added over the years) I will put in a new RCD split board but I am unsure about the feed to the garage which is away from the...
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