1. C

    Live pipework problem

    Evening all Anyone any ideas on a voltage being present on pipework in a flat? All bonding done and satisfactory Ze at board. It’s a block of 3 which I’ve isolated all Power to two of the flats the third is a holiday home which I can’t access. I was thinking there is an issue either in the...
  2. G

    volt sticks

    Hi folks,i Admin over at the plumbing forum,quick question regarding volt sticks,in this case a Fluke brand,now i fault find boilers so am very conversant with a multi meter ,however i use a volt stick to check boiler cases and pipework,on checking the spec on the fluke they go down to 100v,as...
  3. Michaelwgroves

    Extraneous Conductive-part

    I've had my work assessed which has raised a question about Extraneous-conductive-part. I just want to be sure I fully understand this. BS7671 Part 2 defines it as; A conductive part liable to introduce a potential, generally Earthed potential, and not forming part of the electrical...
  4. G

    Fault finding maps

    Anybody make a map of existing stuff when doing alterations ? Left all 1st floor socket cables taped together ready to go back in. Just found this after pulling 1/2 the house apart Blasted all the new fronts etc on the other day came to turn on and 2 faults on a 2 leg radial circuit. 1 leg...
  5. S

    Earthing redundant pipework

    Hi all, scratching my head with this one so any help would be Great.basically I'm working in a block of flats, they all have gas supply pipes and installation pipework but have since had the gas within each property plugged of for one reason or another all the meters have been removed in each...
  6. R

    EICR and Supplementary Bonding.

    I have noticed recently on the forums various opinions on what does and doesn't warrant observation regarding bathroom bonding to previous 16th regulations, Would be interested to gather opinion on the following scenario..... 2 Bed 6th floor flat wired in PVC singles through in-situ pvc conduit...
  7. S

    Water heating question.

    We have a gas boiler and I've always been lead to believe that when we have the heating on we won't use any more gas if we use the boiler to heat the water at the same time. Is this correct or would we be better using the immersion during peak PV production times even if the heating's on as were...
  8. T

    Domestic how close to pipe work

    pic shows some pipework enclosed in trunking can i route cables over pipework enclosed in mini trunking? thanks
  9. A

    Bonding central heating pipes

    Cross bonding central heating pipes, good practice to wire in 4mm2 ? any thoughts...
  10. stidge

    Shower shocks!!!!!!!

    Hi all, Just had a phone call from customer telling me they are getting minor shocks when in shower and touching the controller/head.It is not an electric shower.They have a dual RCd CU and apparently all earthing is up to date,Has anyone come across this before ? Any advice on where to start...
  11. J

    bonding gas/water where not yet installed.

    Does an installation require bonding to Gas/Water where there is no gas or water installed? The consumer unit is is bonded to MET by 16mm cable. However there is no gas/water bonding to the incoming gas stop tap, and water stop tap - there is no other pipework in the property beyond the stop...
  12. C

    Volt Stick Strangeness

    We got called to a house today for a minor works job. TNC-S system, all electric night storage heating and immersion heaters. While we were there we noticed our Volt Stick was lighting up on the pipework and cylinder in the airing cupboard. The pipework was not live as we had been lent against...
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