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  1. L

    Installing Ducting for kitchen hood + Fused spur for oven and hob ?

    Hi all, I have recently had a new hood installed and need to install some ducting. I live in a flat with loft access its a 1 up 1 down. I'd like to run the ducting straight up into the loft and then out through the soffit. Can someone please recommend makes of vents, ducting to use? And also...
  2. C

    underground ducting in short lengths

    Anyone know where I can get 32mm ID/37mm OD underground electric cable ducting from in shorter lengths, cheapest I found is amazon but everywhere seems to do minimum 50m, I only need 15m and rarely use it.
  3. C

    Ducting reducer or not bother?

    Could do with bit of advice, running a 6mm SWA from consumer unit to shed, where I exit the house will be through the slab foundations straight underground. To do this ill need a long SDS drill bit. My issue is I would like to use twin walled 40mm underground ducting however I cannot make a...
  4. Soulcraft Electric

    Concrete (or similar) ducting to negate 750mm dig

    I've been asked to install an additional garden lighting bollard to an entrance drive. All block paving and decorative borders so I'm keen to avoid embarking on a digging exercise and the customer isn't keen either ;-). Any suggestions for suitable alternatives? Concrete cable trough, etc. etc...
  5. R

    Ducting for hob in floor

    evening all, Been to look at kitchen job today. All pretty straightforward except for self venting hob. The hob will be in an island about 1.5m from external wall. The floor plate is already down and there will be 50mm celotex and then 75mm screed on top. The ducting kit with the neff hob is...
  6. G

    Cutting 5 inch ventilation ducting

    I’ve got to install flat and round 5 inch pvc ducting on quite a large scale, I’m currently cutting it with a grinder but it kicks up a lot of debris and it’s hard to get a square cut, hack saw is better but slow. I reckon I need a cordless chop saw. Anyone else got one for cutting ducting and...
  7. littlespark

    Looking for 6 inch dia core drill plus ducting

    I've got a job to replace a recycling type cooker hood with a vented type. The hood has been bought by the customer and has a 150mm duct hole on top I cant find anywhere locally that will supply me with a 150mm dia elbow and straight duct. The store that she bought the hood from only had a...
  8. L

    Capping ducting above ground?

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. I'm running a new supply to my garage, 6mm2 armoured over a 14m run. Most of this will be underground, and will be in 50mm ducting. I can't find much information on how best to cap/terminate/seal the end of the ducting once it emerges above ground...
  9. Rick Ellmore

    Trunking, Ducting capacity

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm looking for some help, I am looking to find some info on cable carrying capacity of conduit, trunking and ducting in accordance with the IEE Wiring Regulations for my NVQ but I cant seem to find the info in the BS7671 or the OSG? anyone have an idea where to look?
  10. R

    Bathroom fans

    Hi, We have a bathroom fan controlled by the light switch with over run, fitted when we had a partial rewire. Have all the correct paper work relating to the work. The bathroom has no window, hence the fan. Would it be electrically safe circuit-wise to have another one wired and fitted up to...
  11. M

    Domestic New Supply from DNO

    Has anyone had dealings with ENWL regarding new supplies ? A customer has asked me to quote for splitting his house in 2 ( 2 20KVA single phase supplies ) and a new supply to his shop located on the same property ( 1 60KVA three Phase Supply ) ENWL have agreed to install a 100 KVA supply to a...
  12. P

    Cable Selection for an External Sub Building

    Hi all, I'm currently doing a load of landscape gardening and while I've got all the earth up I want to run an armoured SWA cable to an external building. Someone already put something in as a spur from main room ring mail in the house - not ideal and the wall switch for it gets hot under load...
  13. S

    Commissioning continuous mechanical extract ventilation or cmev in domestics

    Hi all, I've tested a bit of heat recovery before so mev is much simpler, just started testing a plot today. Theres 3no outlets;kitchen, down stairs wc and bathroom first floor, all leading to the loft where the mev unit sits. Was looking for around 7l/s at trickle mode at all outlets which...
  14. G

    Eicr Code

    6mm singles from 100a TP 60947-2 in a main panel to an adcent enclosure to a 16a 60898-D Tp, then 6mm leaving this to air con units. Would you code 2 the 6mm singles from the 100a 60947-2? As exceeds current carrying capacity?. Or because the 6mm singles are less than 3 metres to the enclosure...
  15. D

    red ducting in basement for moving mains

    Hi all. hope someone can point me in the right direction.doing a rewire for two flats above a shop which is straight forward enough. except the mains are being moved from the front of the shop to the rear. the dno want three switched fused isolaters installing at the rear and a 115mm red ducting...
  16. I

    inline shower fan

    hi need some advice. Recently fitted a 100mm 20w standard inline shower fan for a very small shower room. the fans stated extraction rate is 90m3 but it appears to have very little suction and the customer is stating that it isnt clearing the room when the shower is in use. Now i have checked...
  17. R

    Hilti DD100 Diamond Core Drill advice.

    I have a job coming up involving fitting a residential cooker extractor hood and the appropriate ducting. The ducting will be going up through the ceiling first, then along under the floorboards, then back through the ceiling at the side of the room then along a wall above a row of kitchen...
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