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  1. Z

    MCB trips ONLY when open in one go all lights together

    I have about 50 led spot lights + more light , all together is about 400w if I open them all in one go together, then the MCB [=6 am] trips immediately, but if I open them one by one I have no problems at all ! I tried to replace the MCB with another 6am and it did the same, but when i replace...
  2. O

    Gas and Water Bonded together

    Just finished an EICR and there were multiple bonding conductors in the CU, when I tried to work out which was which using continuity with a long lead, I had one that didn't seem to be connected to anything, one that showed a terrible reading to the gas and one that had a great reading to both...
  3. M

    Washing Machine and Dishwasher turning off and on when both switched on at the same time

    I have a Dishwasher and Washing Machine (both several years old) both plugged into a 4 way gang. They are on a 16Amp RCD with other appliances also on the same circuit. When both are turned on at about the same time, about 5 mins after turning on they will both turn off completely, as if they...
  4. L

    Connecting a ceiling rose back together

    Hi I'm contacting a ceiling rose back up from having a metal pendent on. Where do I put the 3 browns in the connector block in the ceiling rose
  5. J

    ct clamps too close together?

    Hi, I have a 16kW array fed to my cu via 3 - 5kW solis inverters. I have a 4kW export limit so each inverter has a ct clamp. The 3 clamps are together on my main incoming cable. Is it ok to have these 3 clamps touching each other? How is it decided which inverter to shut down? We have a lot...
  6. L

    Thoughts on twisting CPCs together.

    Just wondering on peoples thoughts on twisting CPC's together. Worked with multiple sparks over the years some do it some don't. The ones who do it argue that there is less chance of losing continuity, as even if they do become loose in the back of accessories they are still twisted together...
  7. W

    3 lights off one lighting spur? any issues

    have this arrangement in loft: 3 lights going to a 3 gang switch, each live going to each L1 terminal, neutrals connected together in wago block, each com terminal linked with small link cable. supply comes from junction box which is spurred off lighting circuit, live from supply goes to com...
  8. F

    Help wiring ceiling fan. Amateur!

    Hi Chaps. I am putting in a ceiling fan. My electric skills are basic. I have 3 sets of wires in my ceiling. 3 lives, 3 neutrals (one is the switched live) 3 earths. The fan has 2 lives, 1 neutral and 1 earth. The fan has a 3 hole terminal block. I will be using the wall switch to turn the fan...
  9. T

    Star Delta motor into DOL starter?

    Hello everyone. I have a new star delta pump (7 core flying lead) that has to be made off into a DOL single contactor starter. Is this possible and does anyone know how?
  10. dogsknob

    Homemade loop checkbox

    Hi to all, This is my first post, I thought I aught to contribute as I often dip in for the wealth of information and interesting debate, please excuse me if this is in the wrong place or already been done. I had a hour or 2 spare so with a handfull of bits from the van I've put together a...
  11. G

    Fault finding maps

    Anybody make a map of existing stuff when doing alterations ? Left all 1st floor socket cables taped together ready to go back in. Just found this after pulling 1/2 the house apart Blasted all the new fronts etc on the other day came to turn on and 2 faults on a 2 leg radial circuit. 1 leg...
  12. Tuttle

    RFC in Steel Conduit

    I plan to install steel conduit (used as cpc) in a garage / workshop. I intend to run the conduit in a complete loop around the garage, i.e. starting at one point, going around all four walls and then back to the point at which I started. I want to do this because it makes wiring easier, i.e...
  13. R

    what are your tricks of the trade

    Hi guys Just a bored sparks with very little on this evening. Might be a boring or repeated thread if so I apologise in advance. If anyone was to ask you what is your best trick of the trade what would it be? Simple, complicated, down right odd, anything that gets you out of a hole or just a...
  14. B

    Any one know how to cut in an external right angle into trunking?

    Any one know how to cut in an external right angle into trunking? A diagram with cut lines would be ideal! Thanks
  15. S

    Volt drop cable calculator

    Hi guys I was having trouble working out volt drop. Type in google (Doncaster cable calculator) only a guide not exact but though it may help!
  16. K

    problems with AURORA remote mounted dimmer RMD1000RF

    i have fitted 20 of these packs and have had 10 go down generally first they start dimming and brightening by themselves then they stop all together. i am running a variety of lights, 12v and 240v from them. the ones that break seem to last 2 days to a week then go wrong whereas the other ones...
  17. Tuttle

    Ring final circuit grouping

    Please could someone enlighten me on how grouping factors apply to ring final circuits run together, e.g. sharing holes through joists and walls, in a domestic situation? For one RFC run in 2.5mm T&E under first floor boards (ref method B) the cable rating is 23A. If you group two RFCs...
  18. G

    IPAF GLASGOW - GROUP DISCOUNT- Asked and can get discount

    Hello everybody, I have been looking at getting some more tickets under the old belt and got an idea into my head that I wondered if a group of us were to get together and book different short (day) courses would we get a discount.....I went in and asked if there would be a better rate like...
  19. B

    Is it OK to "short-circuit a" PV module?

    I'm planning on installing the mechanical side of a PV array before I install the electrical components and I've heard that you can connect the positive and negative leads of each module together to short-circuit each module separately until you string them together. Is this true or would it...
  20. D

    New switching method.

    Doing a EICR on a takeaway today....waste of a whole day,within 5 minutes I'd come to the conclusion the place should be shut down,but there's a form to fill in so you have to play the game and gather all the info. One of the first things I noticed was a sangamo timeswitch in the passage between...
  21. H

    Domestic multiple 3.7 v li-ion battery join question please.

    Hello,should be a simple question i think, my purpose is to elongate the running time of lets say a phone, it runs on 3.7v li.ion battery but it currently only gives it 5 hours running time max. my question is, is it possible to connect multiple 3.7v batteries together to achieve a longer...
  22. S

    Commercial rcbo fly leads

    quick question can u cut the neutral and earth fly leads of a rcbo when installing them into a distibuton board so you can make them look somthing? the curly neutral lead is a pain i want to straghten it and cut it to fit is this allowed?:banghead:
  23. K


    Im scratching my head here at this, its probably because of the time off night but i cant get my head round this at all, here in the picture is a contactor for the outside lights, now this is one of many contactors throughout the building. there is contactors at each consumer but there is 1...
  24. F

    IR Testing lighting cct with fixed bathroom extractor load

    Domestic CU change, TN-C-S. Lighting circuit has an Extractor Fan with Electronic timer installed. When performing IR test on the lighting, should i just test the whole lighting cct between L & N (connected together) and the CPC - I do not want to remove the cover of the extractor to disconnect...
  25. H

    pv testing

    Hi, I am yet to do my first install and was wondering how do you get the Voc, Isc and irradiance readings. Is the Voc just a reading of the total voltage of the panels connected together. i.e putting probes on the male and female connectors and obtaining a reading or can a clamp meter be...
  26. O

    Name & age of this fuse box??

    Being doing a PIR today and came across this beauty - can somebody help me with its model/age etc? I particularly liked the fact that there wasn't an earth bar and the earths had been twisted together, outside the CU and pushed into a choc block! Its a TNS system without an earth too, plus a...
  27. O

    Power & Cat 5 in conduit

    Hi Not sure if this is the correct forum, but can anyone help me with the following connundrum. Need to be able to run a 230v spur and some cat 5 in surface trunking. Now clearly they can't go in the same run but are there any "nice" looking ones around with the ability to carry the 2 cables...
  28. S

    Need some help with ring final circuit please!!!

    Can somebody help me fully understand how to test a ring final circuit please!!!
  29. L

    Testing insulation resistance

    Could anyone explain this test from start to finish? I.e .....lamp removal......fuse spares, ring final etc? Also do you do the tails?
  30. C

    IR Testing

    Hi, When IR testing a circuit where voltage sensitive devices cannot be easily removed, and using test method 2 as per GN3, where they advise connecting line & neutral together and then testing to earth from this connection. Is there any reason not to just test between line & earth and then from...
  31. P

    solar p.v earthing

    can any one advise does the armouring on swa cable on dc side does it need earthing also does cable tray on dc side need earthing and what about containment on a roof is that left floating getting told different answers of different people people.and 1 more thing is there some kind of single...
  32. B

    Light Switch?

    Hi, i have a room with 2 lights both working off seperate switches having said that the on/off switches are both together on the same plate, is it possible to join the switch wires together feed them into 1 on/off switch for them to come on together?The wiring is all good throughout the house...
  33. K

    help testing

    hi guys testing houses and the board has all rcbos, whats the best way to do insulation test without damaging lights, sensitive equipment?? guidance book says link l&n togetherand test between this and earth? but dont understand how this doesnt damage equipment? also the pfcc and pscc, i know on...
  34. S

    Domestic Central heating problem

    Seen this somewhere before. Guy calls me to say in the last 3 weeks his street has had a few power cuts. Since then his central heating system which controls both the boiler and the hot water has had the following problem. He can turn both heating and hot water on separately. But when he...
  35. D

    Fluke 1653b tester problem?!

    Hi, new to the forums here, thought id ask some advice from you guys. Basically i just bought a 1653b Fluke multifunction tester. My problem with the meter is that i cant seem to zero out the leads. Heres my understanding of how i should be doing it (note this isnt working for me!) -...
  36. G

    Cut through an alarm cable

    Don't know where it goes to (magnetic contact we think) but the Customer is happy to have that cable disabled. There are four wires - do I simply wrap all four together so the rest of the alarm can be switched on ?
  37. W

    testing a ring

    Hi Could someone please tell me the correct way to do insulation resistance test on a ring circuit, i have have been shown a couple of different ways and want to make sure i am doing this correctly. Thanks Paul
  38. K

    loop in at switch

    i need to 2 way existing circuit ,has been looped at switch .if i add strapper cable as norm does feed in go to l1 and feed out to l2 adding strappers as norm and link neutrals together on feed in/out
  39. O

    Using aerial socket wiring for sky magic eye?

    Gents, Ive got two aeriel sockes one in the lounge and one in the bedroom, they each have a lenght of aerial cable running from them to the loft, the two wires each have a connector on, which is plugged into an aerial splitter, which then has the cable running to the aeriel which is in the...
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