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  1. Andy78

    electrical installation on a floating dwelling

    I really need some help in a project I have become involved in wiring a lived on boat. It's something I have not done before or anything remotely similar so I'm well out of my comfort and confidence zone. I'm really struggling finding a definite guide as to the correct regulations I need to be...
  2. A

    Neutral at light switch

    hi guys I’m thinking of future prodding my lighting circuit if I ever want to go for smart switches. I understand I’ll need a 35mm back box and I believe a neutral is required at the switch. I’m and running a new circuit in my house for it and would prefer to run the feeds in and out at the...
  3. R

    Floating SWA house to garage

    Been asked to add some sockets in a garage, the garage is supplied by a 2.5mm SWA which is Clipped up the wall of the house then crosses into the garage, about 800mm width and about 2.5meters up in the air. Is this permitted? I can't see another way of supporting the cable.
  4. Dan

    Floating Floors light at the end of the tunnel

    Floating Floors light at the end of the tunnel advice reviews and feedback 2017 This may not be a solution if the floor is already laid due to the height increase but could be useful information to know if your involved prior to completion of the floor. "No More Ply "are... Floating Floors...
  5. Dan

    Floating floor will you or won't you

    Floating floor will you or won't you advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hi all. My first floating floor to tile so seeking advice as read quite a few threads where some will and some won't tile on them. The work in question is a new extension on a property consisting... Floating floor will you...
  6. B

    Off grid earthing system

    What earthing system should be used on an off grid install with a solar inverter, wind inverter, battery backup inverter and a 4.5kW floating earth generator?
  7. M

    Earthing arrangement for small 6kVA SDMO 6000E Generator

    Hi everyone. We are doing an off-grid system for a small log cabin. It consists of a 6kVA generator as back up to a small battery set and 4.5 kWp solar PV array with a 3.0/4.4 kW Sunny Island. The problem I have is the generator has a floating earth. After some research I was going to link...
  8. sparks1234


    What are the earthing arrangements on a portable generator installation? Its only a small generator to power lights and a computer etc.
  9. B

    Feeding switches

    Hi guys, does anyone know of a regulation that provents you from feeding switches in a domestic lighting circuit. I can't think of one but i need a second opinion as someone questioned it and made me doubt myself. Not that I am a sesItive guy or anything, thanks.
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