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  1. P

    Floating neutral and UPS

    Here is my dilemma. Picture this arrangement: a system with a 100A three-phase supply will have a RCD incomer (and possible some generator transfer switch in the future). As well as the SWA supply cable's earth there will also be some lightning protection so a few earth rods as well. From the...
  2. Andy78

    electrical installation on a floating dwelling

    I really need some help in a project I have become involved in wiring a lived on boat. It's something I have not done before or anything remotely similar so I'm well out of my comfort and confidence zone. I'm really struggling finding a definite guide as to the correct regulations I need to be...
  3. A

    Neutral at light switch

    hi guys I’m thinking of future prodding my lighting circuit if I ever want to go for smart switches. I understand I’ll need a 35mm back box and I believe a neutral is required at the switch. I’m and running a new circuit in my house for it and would prefer to run the feeds in and out at the...
  4. R

    Floating SWA house to garage

    Been asked to add some sockets in a garage, the garage is supplied by a 2.5mm SWA which is Clipped up the wall of the house then crosses into the garage, about 800mm width and about 2.5meters up in the air. Is this permitted? I can't see another way of supporting the cable.
  5. B

    Off grid earthing system

    What earthing system should be used on an off grid install with a solar inverter, wind inverter, battery backup inverter and a 4.5kW floating earth generator?
  6. M

    Earthing arrangement for small 6kVA SDMO 6000E Generator

    Hi everyone. We are doing an off-grid system for a small log cabin. It consists of a 6kVA generator as back up to a small battery set and 4.5 kWp solar PV array with a 3.0/4.4 kW Sunny Island. The problem I have is the generator has a floating earth. After some research I was going to link...
  7. sparks1234


    What are the earthing arrangements on a portable generator installation? Its only a small generator to power lights and a computer etc.
  8. B

    Feeding switches

    Hi guys, does anyone know of a regulation that provents you from feeding switches in a domestic lighting circuit. I can't think of one but i need a second opinion as someone questioned it and made me doubt myself. Not that I am a sesItive guy or anything, thanks.
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