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  1. B

    IP rated enclosure

    How would you guys go about coding damage to IP rated enclosures have some boxes at a local tip for controls, have 1 that’s door is cracked and has gaffer tape round enclosure doesn’t look to be any ingress inside, and 1 that’s on a stake but the bottom inserts have pulled through held with...
  2. T

    Enclosure used as earth

    Hi all, question regarding earthing in hazardous areas distribution panels. The issue is that on most equipment in hazardous areas they use the metal of the enclosure as the earth so if a threaded entry and metal enclosure no need for internal earth cable, like wise if going through a clearance...
  3. robd

    Din rail enclosure advice please

    Morning all Just looked at a job where the consumer unit is moving, can't move the legs without a great deal of upheaval so looking at using an enclosure to extend the legs through the wall to the new position. I would like to use an enclosure with a dinrail and dinrail connectors, there are 6...
  4. M

    Ferrous enclosure termination example

    Hello all, visit to site today to see in an install of a 315A 400V supply to a machine. Client mentioned previously they were going to use single core AWA cables from the distribution board to the machine so I advised them amongst other things to factor reg 525.1 and how they terminate the...
  5. M

    External metering enclosure

    Folks Could you suggest an fused isolator of choice, to install in a recessed external metering cubicle, in a domestic installation, this will be required to terminate a 25mm SWA I am unsure of how much space I can utilise of the standard enclosure, not to encroach on the DNO cut-out and meter...
  6. gazdkw82

    Shower RCD enclosure options

    Need to add an RCD to a shower installation. No options to add in the consumer unit so I'm going to add RCD via an enclosure but I'm struggling to find a nice small enclosure that is of a brand Iv actually heard. Most of them are chint, Europa and other brands....Wylex do a small 3 way ip65...
  7. P

    Small Metal enclosure for door entry power supply

    Hi all, I am hoping someone has already had this problem and can suggest a solution. Last minute decision by client to have an electronic release on a door means we have to mount the power supply (bell systems 340c) on the wall in a public space so it needs to go in a metal enclosure. PSU...
  8. M

    Electrical enclosure build

    Please can someone point me towards a beginners guide to wiring up simple enclosures. I have built a small recirculating water system which consists of a pump, heater, flow switch, thermocouple and temperature controller. I would like to build the control box that will operate the system...
  9. B

    Enclosure advice for external cables

    Hi All Have a friend who has had a CCTV system installed but they have installed cables on external wall which could quite easily be cut. Put my foot in it and have said it should be in a conduit or it would be easy to vandalize. Guy who done it doesnt want to know. Now he's asked me if I...
  10. leep82

    Seperate RCD enclosure

    Ive recently been out to look at a kitchen refurb, where a split load mem memera 200 consumer unit is installed. The ring final circuit supplying the kitchen has 30mA RCD protection, no issues here. My issue is the oven supply. The OCPD is a 32a cartridge fuse which is on the non RCD side of the...
  11. lurch

    Rating factor within an enclosure?

    I seem to recall there is a rating factor that can be used within an enclosure effectively uprating the current capacity of the cable. Does any one know what this is and can it be found in BS7671 or is this a rule of thumb (?) for switchboard manufacturers?
  12. haptism

    Stand alone rcd enclosure, metal or plastic

    Hi all; a stand alone RCD enclosure, is this classed as "similar switchgear assemblies" in regards to reg 421.1.201 and so needs to be made of metal ? Im considering that a stand alone RCD and its enclosure might have a different BS number and so might not apply to this reg ? Anyone know...
  13. L

    NEMA 12 Enclosure from Saginaw

    Is there any time that a NEMA 12 enclosure can be used outside? I know its an indoor enclosure, but the prints are calling for it and its outside in a ball field. It clearly calls for a Saginaw NEMA 12 enclosure. Just wondering if I am missing something...
  14. S

    just live & S/L conductors in a metal enclosure ?

    Hi I am installing a Teletask Micros+ metal enclosure Is it ok to bring just Live and SW Live conductors though a 400mm by 20mm slot cut in the rear of the enclosure ( sometimes cut in the base ) I know I have to bring L N CPC conductors through the same hole but the N and the CPC conductors...
  15. G

    tails into consumer unit enclosure

    Went on a job today to an HMO to replace a broken cctv camera outside. the landlord of the house is too tight with his wallet to change the consumer unit to an Amendment 3 metal CU. instead he has enclosed the old wylex plastic CU into a metal enclosure. although he is willing to fork out on...
  16. S

    TT System 100ma S Type Housing

    Hi, Got a Domestic TT system which needs a new 100ma S Type RCD. What are your thoughts on this being placed in an Insulated or metal enclosure? It is not in an external meter cupboard so falls under 421.1.201 (within domestic). Thanks,
  17. A

    Moving Consumer unit

    I have to move a Consumer unit approximately 6 mts. Had suggestion buy NAPIT technical to fit enclosure with terminal rail and terminals and then extend cables to new consumer unit. As the enclosure will not be readily available the terminal method would not be Maintenance Free. (If there was a...
  18. Pete999

    Possible fire risk? methinks

  19. J

    Electric enclosure inner empty space (in the bottom)

    Hi! My name is James. I am starting a company which will build a device for your fuse box. I would like to know, how much empty space you have in your fuse box, to install additional device there, like 10cm x 10cm. Also, maybe someone has any statistics of this not in UK. Will appreciate your help!
  20. Wes1000

    Home automation system enclosures

    hi guys, I'm looking for someone with some experience with home automation systems to give some advice on the enclosures. I haven't fitted any before and wondered if they, when fitted in to a din rail enclosure/cabinet, would fall under the catch all of 'switch gear' and have to be fitted in a...