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  1. Dan

    Playing fetch with a Beluga Whale - What a lovely thing to see

    Playing fetch with a beluga whale
  2. littlespark

    phone charger for use in a bathroom. Is there such a thing?

    Just thinking. I use a fitbit, and I got into the habit of charging it every few days when I had a shower. (charging it every few days, not having a shower every few days!:rolleyes:) Is there something i can use inside the bathroom to give me a standard 5v USB socket? Of course you can get a...
  3. N

    Wiring Clarification

    In Germany, but question is for home in UK :) So, been out of this for some time, I am putting in the wiring (approx 12 meters) for a 7Kw (28Amp not allowing for diversity) induction Hob. Every thing seems to indicate 6mm cable, however from the IEE Current ratings table 4E2A, for clipping...
  4. K

    Protection against open/loose neutral?

    Hello friends, is there such a thing as a "smart meter" that I can install on my backwoods house that will trip if it detects a loose/open neutral? If so, where can I get one? Thanks very much
  5. ThatMatt72

    Domestic Meter Tails in Galvanised Trunking...Is that a thing?

    Hey all, Excuse the ignorance here but I wonder if you lovely folk might have any opinions or better still be able to point in the right direction in the BBB. I am being asked to move a CU from its current position, behind a fitted kitchen, under the sink and totally inaccessible, except to the...
  6. buzzlightyear

    poor little thing ,no food .

    I have a great customer who asked me to install her new free standing cooker , now their was a family moving out next door and their was a lot of kids running wild while the family was moving the stuff in the garden it was like Steptoe's junk yard . has I just connected the oven and tested it...
  7. M

    What do we thing is going on here.....

    just came across this whilst needing to change to a different light fitting. Gave up trying to what is what, and stripped it right back to work it all out, it was incoming feed, two out going feeds and a second switched feed to a wall light. The “Loop” was not Perm Live, this was in a...
  8. T

    No such thing as "IT CANT BE DONE". Dimmer not working as requires in my lighting controls :(

    Hi everyone, I've come here in frustration and would be so very grateful to who ever can help me.. The lighting controls are required to: Dim hallway lighting (9 x GU10 LED) after 10pm untill 6am to 50%. The rest of the time NO dimming is required. To complicate this, these lights are...
  9. telectrix

    There's no such thing as a tidy up fairy.

    as title. been waiting all week. no fairy. so, to attack it meself. before and after pics.
  10. littlespark

    New thing that’s dividing the internet

    “Yanny” or “Lauren”? Who cares? I just can’t believe that was Stephen Hawkins’ last word :rolleyes:
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    Strangest thing you have found in a property?

    just reading another thread where somebody joked about using midgets to run cables and it got me thinking whats the strangest or most unusual thing you have found in a property? Mine would have to be a pile of WW2 stuff under a floor. Was working with a team rewiring a house in Swindon. When we...
  12. KEV 1 N

    Strangest thing you've had to write on an EICR.

    Has anybody ever had to write anything weird or strange on an EICR? My most memorable ones are... *No access to bedroom due to large number of wasps inside. *No access to external condenser unit cage due to large overgrown plants *socket fitted upside down (don't know why, no logic to it...
  13. J

    Dangerous? Plug switched off at wall but still powering things!

    Hi all, I'm new here but wondering if anyone could tell me if I have a dangerous situation or not? I have a double power socket attached to the wall that I've turned off...however it's still powering my phone charger...So whether it's on or off at the wall it makes no difference. Only one side...
  14. Leader

    Why would this be? And I've got the 20 char thing too??

    I'm confused as to why the below happened. 1) isolated downstairs lighting circuit, kitchen light still works 2) isolated kitchen light and provided an earth for the diy metal light switch (after seeing the lounge switch didn't have one either) 3) after sorting all switches energised the...
  15. GMES

    Don't miss it

    Just for anyone interested in this kind of thing, Rise Of The Warrior Apes | Discovery UK - http://www.discoveryuk.com/shows/rise-of-the-warrior-apes/ It as been 23 years in the making and it looks really good, it's been getting loads of airtime on the adverts so hopefully it will be worth...
  16. Pete999

    First Aid

    Just wondering if anyone has any funny stories regarding first aid training. I was asked to dothe course at my old department about 10 years before I retired. I did the course with St Johns Ambulance service, lasted about 5 days with the exams / demos on the last day, you know the sort of thing...
  17. D

    high r1+r2 on lighting circuit

    Hi all, Strange one today that i've never seen before - hoping someone else may have seen this... Wiring an additional outside bulkhead today - couldn't easily get to the last fitting to take a switch wire from there so split the switch wire as close as i could to the fitting and wired in a...
  18. O

    Another star bites the dust..

    And now George Michael Who will be next..
  19. B

    Antique vintage electric skin stimulator curio weird thing

    Found this on ebay (dont ask) anyone know what it actually does??? antique vintage electric skin stimulator curio weird thing | eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/antique-vintage-electric-skin-stimulator-curio-weird-thing-/252593548868?hash=item3acfbfae44:g:Mz4AAOSwmLlYB35O
  20. Dan

    Iec 61850 Confrence 2016 Europe

    Anybody going to this Confrence? http://www.iec61850-europe.com/Sponsors_&_Exhibitors.html Do you guys do this sort of thing? Anybody go any other exhibitions or events? Perhaps we have a calendar type thing on the forum and all whack them in? Perhaps even start meeting at a few for food...
  21. Pete999

    Steel Conduit

    I was wondering last night, or should I say wandering, when I were a Lad working with steel and Galv conduit, I distinctly recall the Electricians I was working with always gad me filing the ends of couplers, locknuts etc and also removing the pain from entries into steel enclosures, I know in...
  22. A

    Commissioning engineer

    Hi good afternoon just looking for a little bit of advice. I'm currently Doing the hnc in electrical engineering and I'm looking at eventually gaining experience in the field of electrical commissioning engineer. After looking online the main thing you need is experience but is there any further...
  23. D

    Periodic Testing

    I was asked today if i would do the testing for someone (ie no qualifications did the work off their own skills) CU Change, adding a few sockets and Lights fixed (before i get any more questions on that, thats all i know) I said there was 3rd Party but not many people do that and seem unwilling...
  24. B

    If You Have A Tumble Dryer Read This

    TUMBLE DRYER sorry about the title seems they are causing fires with a fluff build up on the heating element and a lot have been affected Creda, Indesit and Hotpoint see link below 'Significant number' of Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryers 'pose a fire risk' - ITV News
  25. H

    Surely a wind up?

    The vermin obviously, but there's a bit more to it than first meets the eye
  26. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic logo

    Dose the NICEIC do any thing with the people using their logo with out the Paying them money! Found about 3 people claimed to be NICEIC and then i go to look them up and they aint so i ask NICEIC if they are apart of them, get a Email saying NO.. do they do any thing about it... If that is...
  27. Midwest

    Shower & Steam Cubicle

    I was asked by a plumber colleague, to have a look at a shower/steam cubicle, someone had asked him to install. The client had purchased the thing off ebay about a year ago, and has just been in a position to have it installed. The thing has come with no manufacturers instructions, and the...
  28. the pict

    The metal thingy for spacing drill

    Lost my thing as above, you know the thing bent metal thing with two holes spaced for doubles and an extra hole for duals tried umpteen search terms but all I get is the pattress and drywall template any ideas P
  29. J

    Burlam socket?

    Hi, im hoping someone can please advise me. I'm currently designing an in store display and the power in this is required to have a "burlam socket". I'm not the most knowledgable person with electrics so my first response was to google it which didn't show anything up. To this I'm wondering if...
  30. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Joining NICEIC

    Hi guys, I've recently taken the plunge to start out on my own and enjoy the world of being my own boss. I have recently registered with NIC and have my assessment in the next 6 weeks. I want to do my best and make sure I'm very prepared for any unusual (if any) questions I may be asked. I have...
  31. T


    Hello... Got a call from a. Customer saying when ever they plug in there 2kw heater it trips... So One shal think the heater is faulty. I told them to unplug it and turn the rcd back on. they rcd then restet... I thought over load may be a issue but she said she unplugged everything. She then...
  32. K

    Security ?

    I’ve just had a security screen appear from nowhere. What’s gone wrong this time?
  33. 7029 dave

    You never switch off

    This is what I was faced with, soon as I hit the hotel 2.5 tons worth off chandler.!!
  34. uksparks

    16A Fused Connection Unit

    Hi, General question here... does anyone know of any particular reason that there's no such thing as a 16A FCU.
  35. pikis

    Matching Sockets

    Hello there, Trust all is well with you all! Would you be so kind and try to point me somewhere I could possibly find something similar to the pictured socket? It's a 30 years old Wandsworth BS 1363 250 V CE 780-5. I had a go on the Home (focus-sd.co.uk), ebay , etca , but nothing is close...
  36. D

    Fluke 1654B

    Hi Does any on use one of these, Bought on but and down loaded the manual but there more whistle and bells than need. lol cheers Dave
  37. F

    Total load on distribution board

    Hi im looking for someone to help me understand the total load that can be pull from a dis board. Ie: I have 3phase dis board on a 250amp breaker. The board is filled with mcbs of mixed ratings. However if I add the rating of each MCB together it far exceeds the 250amp breaker on the board...
  38. F

    Anyone willing to critique our business website?

    Hi all. Had our website revamped a few months ago and since then quite a few changes have been made and also quite a few planned (& in progress) Just wondering if anyone could give me some constructive feedback on it. One of the thing I don't think is communicated very well is the fact that we...
  39. P

    Dp rcbo

    Hello does anyone know if there is such a thing as a Double Pole 63A 100mA RCBO. Thanks
  40. tombrooker84

    How do you pay mates/ subsides

    Hello guys, I recently needed a hand , so advertised for a mate on here, and he's been working for me for about a week now. We obviously agreed payment and I have paid him, but I wondered if you guys had any sort of template you use as a receipt, stating such things as "I'm liable for my own...
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