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  1. Lucien Nunes

    Lucien's Heath-Robinson cable break location trick

    I mentioned on another thread about using a computer and VGA monitor as a kind of Heath-Robinson TDR setup to find a break in a run of cable. Here's the promised demo. The hacked VGA test cable has a pair of flying leads connected in parallel with the green channel coax: Connected to the...
  2. Lou

    I rent my home, so I can't get a mortgage break - what can I do?

    I rent my home, so I can't get a mortgage break - what can I do? I wonder. Please discuss.
  3. Lou

    Can I get a mortgage break during Coronavirus outbreak?

    Can I get a mortgage break during Coronavirus outbreak? Apparently some people can, discuss.
  4. M

    UK push to break timed switches

    I am looking for a timing light switch with a difference. Most timing light switches are designed for “Press to Make” and have a mechanical timing device which switches OFF a light after a few minutes. I am looking for a timing switch which does the complete reverse. I am looking for a...
  5. marconi


    Over the last few days I have been stuck indoors because of the rainy weather. To pass the time I cobbled together my simple idea for a FRC live conductor break detector, ie break in L or N. I also have a working demonstrator for detecting a break in the cpc but I will/may post that another...
  6. nathonic52

    Back on site after a break

    First day on site after 4 years in the office. Enjoyed it very much! great to get your hands dirty.
  7. T

    Pratley no. 2 with pratley connectors or break out box with Pratley connectors

    Just wondering what everyone else uses to joint two 16mm/25mm SWA four core with separate earth? Not sure of size yet as have not got my micrometer out gotta disconnect first.
  8. D

    Requalifying after a break...

    Hi all. Years ago (1988) I completed my 236. However had a major career change. Now looking to get back into the electrical side but realise I am very out of date. Can anyone suggest a route back in? Was potentially thinking of the DI course to get back up to speed. However will be looking at...
  9. T

    Just to break up the page a bit

    Good morning fellow sparks. Thought I would just do a post to at least begin to move down the indecipherable stuff I found on the page today. So here it is. I often wonder what is the motive of the people causing this inconvenience. I wonder if the advertisers think "Mhmm, this forum aint too...
  10. O

    Dual CS 430 Turn Table issue

    We have a massive selection of LP's - not all on CD or downloads! Some of which I'd like to listen to We also have an early 1990's Dual CS 430 turntable - but the central spindle will not rotate free - there is no obvious way to clean or lubricate it and despite doing a number of internet...
  11. happyhippydad

    finding an earth break on a ring if in a JB?

    Morning all.. I have a bugger of a ring problem to solve on monday. All the following faults are on the one ring. It has a N-E IR fault which I have almost found. It has an intermittant tripping 32A MCB which looks like an overloaded circuit (one ring for whole house) and... It has a broken...
  12. S

    Wiring a push to break switch

    Hi. I have a cupboard light with a one way switch. I want to put in a 2 amp push to break switch. Can someone explain the wiring please. Thanks.
  13. C

    How to trace a break in a cable? In a wall!

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice, I ran a cable to some light fittings some time ago during refurb of my place. I've now gone (2 yrs later) to connect that light fitting... and nothing. Dead. I wired my place all myself, then had a spark come and sign it off. All connected circuits passed...
  14. loulew

    My First Van Break In......

    So I've just experienced my first van break in. Happened an hour ago, broad daylight with the van parked at the front of site I'm working on. Only managed to get a drill though as a cyclist disturbed them. How's everyone else's day?
  15. littlespark

    Other trades:- Give us sparkies a break

    I was asked over the phone to come and move an outlet as it was in the way of a new kitchen cabinet. A couple of inches to the left to miss the unit. "Sure", I said "I'm not busy today. Give me half an hour to get there" By the time I got there... within the half hour, the kitchen fitter had...
  16. S

    Cable Duct install in Cement Bound Sand (CBS)

    Hi Has anyone had any experience of excavating to find HV underground cables in CBS backfill? I am being asked increasingly to use CBS (usually about 1:14 Cement/sand) for bedding and cover infill of cable ducts we install. Reason usually given is that apparently it helps with heat dissipation...
  17. T

    Underfloor heating fault

    Hello, I have electric underfloor heating in our bedroom under ceramic tile. there are two systems wired to one touch screen stat, (1x15m & 1x5m) they were installed about 2 years ago and worked great for about 8 month. now the larger one does not heat up? i have tried wiring it direct to the...
  18. E

    Fault Finding

    Hi, Does anybody have any tips or tricks on how to find where a break in electric UFH cables. I was thinking of using a tone generator and hoping to trace the tone until it stops. Thanks
  19. M

    Velux AOV Problem Linking panels

    Hello All using the following units KFX 100 Break Glass Reset Button 3FC F20 EU 2 units (both opening 2 vents) 3FC F10 EU 1 unit (opening 1 vent) using auxiliary cards on 4/5 resistor in serious & parallel 480 series 10K parallel (came with units) IO cards fitted through fire alarm &...
  20. happyhippydad

    Most effective or correct way to fault find?

    Evening all... I'm in two minds whether to post this but i've thought about it for a while and was hopeing someone could give me a very clear idea of how they would find the fault. Lets say we have a ring. We test between N-E at the CU and find a poor IR reading, lets say 0Mohms, ie socket...
  21. J

    Locating with a Fluke 2042

    Hi Guys, we are currently trying to locate several SWA cables in and around our carparks. I have bought a Fluke 2042 cable Generator and Locator but am struggling a bit. The Gen has 2 ports on the top, can anyone advise on where we connect these to the exposed (dead) SWA? We think there may be...
  22. A

    CompEX / Rig Work

    Hello all, I am new to all of this, signed up today due to lack of work in the areas im trying to break into. As an apprentice I served my time at a company called industrial electrical services. In this time I carried out mainly heavy industrial installations. After leaving college, I paid...
  23. I

    adding of multiple sockets to different rooms on ring main

    hi guys need some advice as to which seems the best way to go. have a customer wants 4 sockets and a shaver point (via 3amp switched fuse spur) adding to existing ring main. Each new socket is located in a seperate room of the bungalowe (spread evenly accross the ring). No current rcd...
  24. W

    Well, here goes - Alarm stuff

    I am looking for some suggestions on an Alarm, this is what I need: Has to be a main panel and a remote for two seperate entrances. Three seperate zones - one a door break and PIR - One door break and PIR and preferably some sort of Glass Break or Shock sensor (yes, I know they had a poor...
  25. F

    LEVEL 3 -Assignment Help for 3 faults - FIRST FAULT RING CONTINUITY

    Hello there, I'm currently taking my Level 3 and have been given an assignment to do which I have all most finished but I was wondering if anyone could use their infinite electrical knowledge and help me out with 3 faults that I need to identify and rectify? I will lay out below what I have so...
  26. F

    ring testing

    whilst doing ring continuity i have no end to end on cpc also on isulation test live earth im getting 9.50Meg ohmson the same ring are these two results to do with the same problem if so how can i go about finding the fault am i right in saying that if i spilt the ring at one of the sockets then...
  27. G

    Fault Finding

    If some one told you that their rcd was tripping out regulary what would be a good procedure for finding the fault. quick and easy preferebly.
  28. C

    Building control not co-opertive - advice?

    I did my Part P qualification 6 years back, so the certificate expired a year ago. Been doing wirepatching for years but decided to do a Part P, semi retire and earn a bit doing ad hoc work. No chance once I realised what insurance, test gear, calibration, and registration would cost. Did a...
  29. S

    VAT change to charitable buildings from 1st August 2012

    A small knock thanks to the EU - VAT for buildings used for charitable purposes will be exempt from reduced VAT for green products. Not coming in until 1st August 2013 unless it gets overturned. Village halls lose out as EU clamps down on green goods tax break - 24 Aug 2012 - News from...
  30. S

    Ring Final Circuit advise query

    Hi guys, Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the following. I had to change a CU in a hoarders property in January which proved to be quite a challenge. CU was damaged with accessible live parts so I had no choice. Clutter was extreme with hardly any access to some rooms so couldn't get...
  31. S

    Emergency Switching

    We are currently looking a Switching in our 2330 L3, can someone please advise me as to whether an Emergency Switch is an on or off load switch? As it is a normally closed contact and carries current I thought it was an on load switch because it is required to cut off the full load current, but...
  32. Goody

    Help! Cooker trips RCD.

    Hi, An electrical cooker stays on for a while and trips the RCD. When the RCD switched back on straight away, the cooker stays on for a length of time and trips again (doesn't trip straight away). The circuit tests OK and the MCB stays on all the time. What could be issue and where...
  33. O

    PIR Codes - opinions please

    All Started on a rather large PIR this afternoon and have noticed the following so for: 1. Smoke alarm positioned over stairs 2. Some downlights completely covered in loft insulation 3. 13A socket in loft on lighting circuit Was thinking about coding them 4, 2, 2 Your thoughts?
  34. J

    drill bits

    werne t sure if there was already a thread on this, but what are the best drill bits, i go through that many jus wana get sum decent 1s?
  35. Z

    installation activities

    Hi there can any one let me know the 6 installation activities on domestic and industrial installation please. many thanks.
  36. E

    Radial Circuits

    Hi can anybody explain why we use radial circuits & the benefit of the radial vs the ring circuit Thanks
  37. L

    fuse blowing

    got asked to look at a job for a friend of a friend today i know i should of done an ir test but workmate had van so had no testing equipment heres the story bloke had a loft hatch and ladders put it in but needed light moving so whoever did the hatch disconected light and but in jb for...
  38. C

    Underfloor Heating

    Hi all, I have a client with electic underfloor heating (two mats) one is fine the other shows an open circuit - anyone know how I can locate the break in the cable without digging up the whole floor?:confused:
  39. D

    faulty ring main

    hi all have a small problem there is no continuity on the blackl i have droped all the fronts of and all connections are tight check all the jb and all connections are tight i dont no what else to do i possibley think it is a broken wire(ovious i no) or connectors in the wall and just bin...
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