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  1. Floody

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Skype Assessment because of COVID-19

    Just thought id let people know i've just completed my NICEIC assessment via Skype, because of the virus. Was fairly straight forward, he contacted me a few days before to get what he needed via email to make things smoother, really lovely fella. Asked a few technical questions about...
  2. JK-Electrical

    Employers must crack down on sports chat in the workplace because it 'excludes women and encourages laddish behaviour', management expert claims

    Employers must crack down on sports chat because it 'excludes women' - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7933703/Employers-crack-sports-chat-excludes-women.html What utter nonsense. There seems no end to this politically-correct, virtue-signalling from nutjob radical...
  3. M

    @ 33 & 10+ years of various jobs with no end reward. Time to be a Sparky! Help please

    So I just got let go from my job last week as operations manager was in the role for 6 months, previously I was a transport supervisor at different company for 1 year pay averaging at 25k lot of responsibilities zero recognition. Now at 33 it’s kinda of daunting being out of work. Yes I’m...
  4. Leesparkykent

    Circuit detail label/sticker

    100 x Swift CD1510P Personalised Circuit Details Label - http://www.swift-engraving.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=63&products_id=705 Does anyone have an idea how I would be able to write these up on a computer and print them off? Would look rough hand written IMO. Cheers
  5. SparkyChick

    Switch Fuse Supply Cable Protection - What is acceptable for this purpose?

    Hi all, I've been looking at a number of threads about supply cables (from meter/isolator to consumer unit) that are longer than 3m (as I have a few customers where this is the case) and that this requires protection at the origin of the supply in the form of a 'switch fuse'. Obviously switch...
  6. M

    Is fuse wire DC rated?

    One of my client has on his boat an old Wylex fuse box with fuse wire, like the one in that video. It's used on his 12V DC system. I think that it's not safe, but wanted to check with yous first. As explained on this page, AC fuses which are not DC rated should not be used on DC circuits. DC...
  7. GMES

    Sat Phones

    As title suggest's I got thinking about them while overdosing on Gold Rush , They are quite popular on the show for obvious reasons, as in the remote locations they operate in. So I just wondered If any members had ever dealt with them or indeed owns one and if so what are your thoughts, Are...
  8. N

    17th edition exam

    About to take my 17th edition exam and when I did the 16th edition is was on old fashioned paper (who remembers that). Am I correct in assuming that within the 2 hours I can go back and forth to any questions I have answered to check them and if necessary change the answer. Also do I get the...
  9. H

    ECS Part P

    With my NICEIC welcome letter there's a form in there for an ECS Part P application - doesn't have much information so wondering if anyone here can tell me what it means etc and whether they applied for it?
  10. telectrix

    110v Site Tx.

    bought a 1KVA tranny from car boot @ weekend. bargain @ £8. reason was to have a lightweight one on the van instaed of lugging my 3.3KVA unit about. anyway, gets it home, plugs it in.. no output. so, top off to find that some donut had fitted in-line fuses to bot L and N into the primary. one of...
  11. P

    Dual RCD Problem

    Dear all I have been called out to a customer today as they have been experiencing tripping issues. However sometimes its one rcd then a while later it may be the other and sometimes its both at the same time. I have looked at appliances, e.t.c however they do not cross both circuits. The...
  12. M

    Can I use a 12V DC LED bulb to replace a 12V AC filament bulb?

    Hi, I'm interested in this lamp which has a 12V AC filament bulb. It sits in a MR16 fitting, so I was thinking: If I power it with 12V DC instead of 12V AC, and replace the light bulb by a 12V DC LED bulb, it should work. Would it work? Would it be safe?
  13. D


    I installed the wiring for the shower, not the shower the customer got it out of a closing down sale at B&Q Turned it on FULL to see how it handles, had my hand in the water i could feel it stop for a millisecond and then go again also it didnt Burn my hand even tho its 10kW and it went How...
  14. J

    Domestic NOBO heater wont switch on

    Hi I would like some advice in my flat I have two heaters in the living room these two work fine but the ones in each bedroom don't work I have swapped the fuses round and the ones in the bedroom still dont work can anyone help ? I have no idea what make it is the instructions I have for it...
  15. Y

    DC Volt Drop Calc

    Hi all, I appreciate this has probably been posted to death but the search wont load on my phone. I have to calculate for Volt drop in a DC circuit, There's next to no load (2 amps max) the cable is 4mm pvc twin, and ln a loop from the control unit to the loads. OveralL Length 50m Is the calc...
  16. H

    linking carbon monoxide with other heat alarms

    hi there this is my first post.recently completed an hmo and got pulled up on carbon being linked with the rest of the alarms in flat.no big deal to rectify .just wondering how many other sparks have linked them all together because i always have.i can see the logic in it just never thought...
  17. D

    2 separate TT supplies into building?

    This gets a bit complicated so bear with me. Basically i have 2 rural tt supplies. One is to a large farm shed with PV solar 3.6 kw on the roof and is not used much. the other is a large house and pub combined which has a shared supply transformer with a nearby bungalow. I m not concerned...
  18. N

    Commercial Am2 advice!

    Hi, before taking my am2 I read some very helpful threads from this site. So anyone reading this also preparing I hope this helps I got through my install and testing fine. However I failed the fault finding C2. passed C1. Whatever that means. I did all my tests at the board and struggled on...
  19. Jackflash

    USB 13A 2 gang socket

    What do you think of these LAP 13A 2 gang sockets from screwfix? Anyone had any experiences with them? Have got a customer who thinks they might want them. LAP 13A SP 2-Gang Switched Socket & USB Charger Port White | Switches & Sockets | Screwfix.com
  20. A

    lighting circuits- Type B or Type C MCB

    What do you guys tend to use Type B MCB for lighting circuits but know that some use Type C even when the loadings are low. What do others prefer and why?
  21. M

    Good sub contracting price work firms

    Evening guys, I'm not sure if this is has been done before because I don't come on here all the time so I hope it doesn't annoy anyone but here goes anyway.... I thought it might be helpful to a lot of sparks on here if there were some kind of list of decent firms that dish out decent sub...
  22. T

    Solar PV wages

    Hello, I was Approched by a company about 6 months ago to install all there solar and help price as a sub contractor, I used to fit solar a few years ago in a previous company but never had anything to do with pricing or anything like that, I put myself though the courses put my apprentice...
  23. T

    Socket and sink.

    We all know the regulations from power by a sink is 300mm Does anyone know if this is from the tap or from the edge of the basin?
  24. Marvo

    High Voltage Fly Killer

    I have a cheap and cheerful UV fly killer which is probably a couple of years old. I noticed the other day that the high voltage side of things is no longer working so I dismantled it. Inside, apart from the fluorescent ballast which is still working fine there's just a single transformer...
  25. uksparks

    Phone Call Today

    Me: Hello, how can I help? Them: I need you to replace my board Me: ok, so you want a new consumer unit, no problem. Them: I have the board, I just need you to fit it. Me: o....k, I would not usually fit a board for someone supplied by the customer unless a specific type that I usually fit...
  26. G

    PV solar roof surveys

    Just to let you all know; There is a company called Solar Roof Surveys.com who offer the best prices for PV installation surveys to comply with MCS standards :icon12:
  27. F

    Anyone a spark for British Gas????? What are they like to work for.

    Hi was just wondering what british gas are like to work for? A mate of mine is going for an interview they have promised him loads inc working your way up etc etc. What are the hours like?
  28. trev


    I'm not going into the reasons behind this ok. Ding ffs stick around. Although you might think it sometimes, no one hates you. Yes you **** me off sometimes but I probably do the same to you so I guess that makes us even. Although I suspect that it's a massive mick take and what just happened is...
  29. B

    Have i wasted my time? Bolton/Manchester

    Im justwondering if I have wasted my time in deciding to retrain in the electricalindustry? I have spentthe past 2 years going to college in the evening, first year EAL level 1,second year 2330 level 2. I will be starting back in September to do my level3. I have been trying to find employment...
  30. K

    Dewalt rigger boots

    Brought some today , got home and my heel S are blistered to hell. Anyone else use these ? Shame because they are nice like
  31. W

    Old fuse boxes and mineral cables from 60s, is a complete rewiring required?

    Hi, We have just bought a flat that was built in the 60s. We had three sparks coming to the property and looked at the electrical systems as we wanted to install new storage heaters in the bedrooms. The indication we got is that the main circuit in the flat has not been changed since the 60s...
  32. M

    Rules on testing

    Ok so been away for a good few years work abroad and my past exp of signing off work that's been tested is almost none. So give me a break if I ask any basic questions and such like. What I'd like to know is in domestic :- Can any electrician test and write a EIC? Or do they need part P or...
  33. uksparks

    CU Connected with breakers taken out first

    Hi, Just thought id share my photos of a CU I finished, well almost finished today, just needs another 6A breaker and a couple of the circuits connecting in, but otherwise, its pretty much there! I am so please that I have discovered this new better way of connecting everything, it feels like...
  34. J

    SKY Customer Services

    I've been signed up with SKY for the past 11 months, I get my phone line, TV & broadband through them. When I took out the package they promised me the world and were very helpful but after about a month my broadband speeds slowed down to less than 1 Mbps. I emailed them and they said it's...
  35. S

    very confused about this

    hi .. I ordered a NW601FB (SINGLE ELECTRIC FITTED OVEN) from argos a couple of weeks ago and when they came to install it they said they couldn't ........because the oven only had a 13 amp fuse and apparently the actual circuit was 32 amp..they pointed out my old oven broke because that too was...
  36. N

    Moving A Socket A Few Feet

    Client wants (indoor, domestic) socket moved a matter of a few feet, assuming cable is not to be buried in wall, would you say for regs compliance socket must be RCD protected? I know the answer is liable to be yes because it's adding a new socket and decommissioning the old, but just wanted to...
  37. R

    Want to stop working with my hands and become a paper pusher

    Hi there having been in the electrical business since Jan 1980 I now want to stop the physical part and get into design etc. I have my C&G2400/2391/ 17th edition etc. Being self-employed I have some great customers but do not know how to make this change, as my customers will no longer have a...
  38. T

    Light switch

    Hello everyone, I want to build a lamp with 2 different light bulbs. There can only be one light bulb switched on because otherwise the driver will become way too hot. So I want to make a switch that immediately switch a light bulb off when the other one is switched on. As you can see I don't...
  39. sam400

    lighting circuit Query

    Hi all first post on this forum,would like some advice I am just changing some light fittings in a 60/70s bungalow and the lighting circuit is wired in twin cable, the CPC for each metal light fitting is nicked locally from various JBs throughout the loft, I imagine I will be fitting class 1...
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