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  1. gazdkw82

    Triple ladders

    I really need to ditch my ginormous double extender ladders and get a manageable triple extender. Any advice on what to look for? Any particular brand or style to avoid?
  2. P

    Changing old triple 2 way light switch to New triple 2 way wiring set up problem

    The switch operates an outside light ,Hallway Light and two way landing light I want to change to new socket but the set up is different in the old switch . I was hoping to copy from the old switch but am stuck any help on what wires go where on new switch would be helpful I attach three pics...
  3. R

    Which Triple Pole ladders

    I’m looking to buy a set of triple pole ladders. But I’m unsure on size and whether I should look at the fibreglass extension ladders that are available?
  4. C

    9/24 triple switch

    I'm sorry if my question is a bit basic but this part is not in my field. Can somebody tell me how do I do to wire a 9/24 triple switch circuit? Thank´s a lot!!!
  5. T

    Lock Off Device for Triple Pole Main switch & MCB

    Hi all. I am undertaking an assessment next week called SAFE ISOLATION OF SUPPLIES. It involves isolating and securely locking off a circuit to be worked on. The 4 items to be isolated is THE WHOLE INSTALLATION, A 3 PHASE CIRCUIT, SINGLE PHASE CIRCUIT & LOCAL ISOLATION (which is an isolator...
  6. T

    Triple light switch makes ticking noise - even after I replaced it. What's going on here?

    Hi all I'm just a DIYer, not a trained sparky. The triple light switch in my kitchen was making a ticking noise. By elimination, I found it was the middle switch. I didn't like a switch making a noise, so I just replaced it, only to find that the new switch also makes a ticking noise and again...
  7. S

    Triple light switch how to wire

    How to wire this switch using old wiring system
  8. D

    Domestic Triple Light Switch - So many wires???

    Hi, I decided to turn my triple switch in the middle of the wall to a double and single switch by moving them apart. A TV is to be wall mounted between them. When I opened the light switch there were more wires than I expected and I can't work out how to divide them so they work. I am tried to...
  9. LeeH

    Dorman Smith Load Line AA frame MCCB replacement.

    I need 1 100A MCCB and 1 switch disconnector that is obsolete, has anybody found an equivalent? They are both wont switch at all. I'll contact Dorman tomorrow but though I'd chance my look here.
  10. G

    Help with bathroom extractor fan

    I rarely do any electrical work anymore and seem to have forgotten most of what I've learned. Must be my age. Anyway, I've been asked to add an extractor fan to a bathroom (with timer) I've done this and added a triple-pole isolator. What I'm asking is; how are the connections made at the...
  11. A

    3 pole mcb

    Good morning, Quick research question, can you use a triple pole mcb to power 3 different socket circuits in a factory, helping out the maintenance bloke never heard or seen it before ????
  12. M

    Scheider - Merlin Gerin Multi 9 MCB's for sale

    Hi Guys, I have 4 x Merlin Gerin triple pole 6amp and 3 x Merlin Gerin single pole 40amp MCBs for sale from the Multi 9 Range. They are new and unused, the triple poles are still in the box they came in. I would like £50 for the all of them, the codes for the MCBs are below: C60HC 306 C60HC...
  13. L

    Domestic Double Socket to Triple Socket

    Got a another job to look at and customer is looking at changing the double socket in there living room to a triple one with one of those adaptors you can get (room has just been replastered, big mistake should have sorted this first). Question is what tests should be carried out and is this...
  14. R

    Domestic How do you wire an extractor fan within a lighting circuit?

    Hi Guys, How do you wire an extractor fan within a lighting circuit? I have bought a 4in extractor fan i would ideally like to feed this through the lighting circuit. I have wired Lighting circuits and Ring Circuit at college but they have not taught us how to wire an extractors fan with timer...
  15. D

    Bathroom extractor on a separate switch

    Hi all, Quick question, client would like the extractor fan for the downstairs bathroom on a separate switch, as the noise of the fan keeps them awake at night if someone uses the bathroom, however, there are no windows so not sure how this sits with the 15 minute overrun requirement. Is it good...
  16. S

    Fitting 3 twin sockets advice

    I'm have some alterations done in my living room and i'm moving my flat screen tv, xbox, blu-ray player, freeview box and surround sound system from one side of the room to the other. The original position had a twin socket with surge protected extension but the wife wants three twin sockets...
  17. G

    Domestic 2 Way Ghost Voltage

    Hey up, was doing some testing today and found 15V at some 5 amp lighting sockets even though they where switched off, after testing the hell out of the circuit I realise now this is induced voltage, I've come across this a few times in the past but only ever 1 or 2 V. The circuit in...
  18. Had8Lives

    Is it called an accessory back box?

    Hi, Just wondering if anybody knows what the proper name for a metal back box with a single and double space in one complete box is called, and who makes it. Many Thanks. :o
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