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  1. gazdkw82

    Downlight suggestions

    I need to install around 40 downlights in an upcoming job. Iv not had to install this amount at once before and I'm looking for fire rated and dimmable. I'm conscious that the LAP ones you can get from screwfix and the likes are cheap but may come back to bite me in the rear. Iv looked at the...
  2. E

    10mm2 3 core 90 degree cable suggestions

    Customer has ordered a Smeg Symphony SY92IPX9 Induction Range Cooker. Smeg don't supply a cable and specify that the cable you use should be 10mm2 3 core and be able to withstand at least 90 degrees C. The only 10mm2 I can find that is anywhere close is H07RN-F but that is only good to 85C. A...
  3. D

    Warm-up MStat change out help

    Hello I recently had a Warm-up underfloor heating system installed, but due to a breakdown in communication. I ended up with the basic Mstat controls units rather than something digital/programmable. The MStat comes with NTC5K sensor and for some daft reason the rest of their thermostats use...
  4. P

    Suggestions for Cable or track lighting systems.?

    So someone has asked suggestions as how to upgrade lights in a small narrow kitchen in a new build. The kitchen has a low ceiling - albeit subjectively (the guy is 6'7" and at the moment only blocks the light from the one pendant where ever he is in the room). Obvious choice would have been...
  5. Zer0900

    New multimeter, suggestions?

    Hi all. So my cheapo multimeter bit the dust and want to buy a decent one. Most lads I know have the T5-1000 Fluke one which seems fine to me...
  6. rolyberkin

    Two Zone Controller Suggestions

    I have a heating system which I need to buy a controller and thermostats for, will have 2 x two port valves, 1 zone will be rads and the other a single underfloor zone with independent pump, and hot water, was thinking about a Heatmiser UH4 with 2 wired thermostats? Any other or better...
  7. Dan

    Test New Reactions (Likes) Here! - Suggestions welcome

    Hi peeps. Thanks to those who subscribed, we have been able to get the customised reactions system sooner than I'd planned. Feel free to test on my post. And if some people can reply, even with some (family-friendly!!) jibberish, you can all test a few different reactions on various posts to...
  8. T

    Suggestions for supply to meters.

    Scene; Existing supply
  9. 1

    Suggestions / advice / help.....

    Hi all, me again. Hopefully this is the right thread if not I'm sure it will get moved. As some of you may know from my earlier post I am offering free labour in return for experience. For those that don't know, in a nutshell I was leaving the military, completed the domestic installer course...
  10. gazdkw82

    Suggestions on wall heater

    Looking at options for a wall mounted electric heater. It's for a conservatory and I'm looking for a vertical heater no wider than 400mm. I remember when I went to the elex show in coventry I seen some really efficient electric heaters but I can't remember the brand. Any suggestions would be...
  11. Ian B

    Domestic Suggestions for Lighting Control Systems

    I'm familiar with Lutron and similar high end systems, but wondered what contractors are using in the residential sector, for new smaller installations (maybe one or two rooms). For example, where a client has a mix of conventional circuits such as downlights, pendants, etc and would like basic...
  12. Wilko

    Vintage Lamp CPC suggestions please

    Hi - been to fix a lamp today with a loose connection in the lovely terminal blocks. Then I noticed there's a brass lamp holder with no earth terminal and the earth is cut back in the wall. There's 4 of these fittings (8 lamps) in the room and they're probably all the same. Any suggestions for a...
  13. Marti

    Random RCD trip & interconnected circuits. Suggestions appreciated.

    Hi There, I was called out to a house RCD trip which would not reset. An old style 10 way split board with a single 30 ma RCD (half without RCD protection). RCD checks out fine but I found a faulty chandelier & replaced it with a single bulb for now. Also a faulty 12v transformer flickering; now...
  14. pirate

    Serving suggestions and other daft notices

    Hi all! It's sad, I know...but do any of you think the "serving suggestions" are just plain stupid? Or the adverts on petrol pumps that offer you a mobile phone charger for £3.99, with a glossy pic...and the small print says that the iPhone isn't included... Or advertising signs that simply...
  15. rolyberkin

    Heinz 57 Heating - Suggestions

    Bear with me as heatings systems are not my strong point. I have been asked to look at a heating system at a friends house, it appears to be a bodged system whereby someone has modified an underfloor heating system by cutting into the feed to the manifold and placing a couple of radiators in...
  16. Gavin John Hyde

    downlight for angled ceiling suggestions

    planning a job where i am fitting down lights in the kitchen, part of the ceiling is angled. The other downlights on the level ceiling are blocked out by a person stood at the sink when washing up etc. The ceiling is between 35-40 degrees. a normal light would shine out into the kitchen rather...
  17. O

    Laser measure devices - suggestions please

    Fed up with using a tape measure and in the market for a laser device Any suggestions? Recommendations from personal experience? Thanks
  18. C

    Earthing a scaffold any suggestions

    A local church is going through some refurbishment, it currently has a mass of scaffolding in one position. I have been asked to earth it... my initial thinking would be TT spikes on all 4 corners?
  19. J

    RCBO's tips and suggestions

    Has anyone got any tips and suggestions for terminating RCBO's neatly in consumer units? I'm more than happy with how I present my dual RCD and MCB CU's but I find that the flying neutral and earth from RCBO'S don't hold their Shape like a solid core cable would and often sag and look unsightly...
  20. littlespark

    Lighting design courses. Suggestions?

    I am looking to broaden my experience by doing a course on lighting design. You know the type of thing.... lighting up Big Ben or the Forth Bridge in various colours. or just effects lighting for a bar or club? Even basic design for office/industrial spaces I have been looking on google, and the...
  21. G

    Lighting suggestions

    Alright Folks, Quoting a job for replacing and adding lighting in a church. Currently they have 12 x 6 double fluorescent battens spread across the main room. They want mood up lighting to illuminate the ceiling (10m high) as a replacement. I don't think this will be adequate lighting...
  22. J

    Feed to my shed need suggestions

    Looking to get electrics in my shed best solution I can think of is.... 6mm from the main board in my house out to a waterproof junction box, connected up to swa which then goes off to the shed and connects to a sub board. That then controls the power there on wards.. any suggestion on better...
  23. O

    Suggestions please ...............

    Being a bit lazy. Got a landlord who wants 3 or 4 LED lights fitted in their flat ......... nothing special but they need to be warm white output. Can be like bulkhead fittings Ta
  24. O

    Suggestions please ................

    Ok, got 2 clients asking for similar products ... Outside "porch" ceiling light with integrated PIR or microwave sensor Max diameter about 150mm Anyone suggest anything Thanks
  25. Dan

    Looking for an Electrical Supplier for a Forum Sponsor - Any contacts or suggestions?

    Hiya lads, hoping somebody can help. CEF appear to have disappeared off the face of the earth. After several attempts to try and get in touch with our contacts there we aren't getting any responses. So it looks like we've lost them as a sponsor for whatever reason. That leaves us with what...
  26. O

    CAT 5 cable and connections tester suggestions...

    So I borrowed one of these recently when I was connecting up my hard wired CAT 5 connections in our place: Which worked OK, but I found I had to look at both "devices" when checking each connection... so I'm interested in buying one, but preferably one which you can connect at both ends of...
  27. gazdkw82

    ligting suggestions Industrial Unit

    Family member has just moved into a larger unit and wants to look at some alternative lighting as the current lighting isn't very energy efficient and doesn't provide that much lighting. There are 2 areas that he would like changing. An area which will hold metal tubing/poles on a rack system...
  28. N

    HELP NEEDED! Suggestions for change of job due to injury

    Thanks to a head injury sustained a couple of years ago, I have developed vertigo and unable to get more than 10/15 ft off the ground without feeling sea sick and needed to ask advice about suitable jobs?! I've worked as an electrical improver for 10yrs on and off and have also done a bit of...
  29. Majid Khan

    Schedule of test result and schedule of inspection

    Hi guyz, Why do we need to complete these certificates? thanks.
  30. A

    Site update - REVIEW

    Hi so some of you may have seen my previous posts with my website.. MANY MISTAKES were found which is the reason i wanted your feedback Ive edited ALOT of the site now, spelling mistakes and grammer should be better! Services page less crazy, blog gone.. Etc etc Other than the phone number...
  31. O

    Todays EICR - can you spot the mistake?

    Ok, so where do you look first when you do an EICR? I always start by looking at the CU and incoming supply: Suggestions?
  32. Goody

    Domestic Issue with PIR Lght.

    Hi, Mounted one of this on the wall outside in the garden, couple of feet away from the boiler flu. The trouble is, it comes on in the evenings whenever the boiler spews out. Going back to shift it further away from the flu. Any other suggestions to get around it? Thanks!
  33. P

    options to get some work

    I hope this is the right place for this post so here are the details. I have recently qualified and hoping to get my Part P scheme assessment in a few weeks and have started my own business, i am looking for some advice on a job i have just been to look at. I have walked away from the job but...
  34. W

    Core Drill for Bathroom / Kitchen Fans

    Any suggestions for a core drill to fit an extraction fan in a bathroom or kitchen?? I have been told that a diamond core drill is needed? Any suggestions would be appreciated.:) Warren
  35. T

    Dedicated circuit with pc`s

    Anyone any suggestions how i might try and arrange a ring circuit or radial to supply power to pc`s ,problem being the customer does not want these accidently being turned off at the 3 phase board incase of loosing data . please dont reply with a sticker "DONT TURN OFF ". Cheers for any...
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