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  1. D

    Normal for a house alarm to be on upstairs lighting circuit?

    For a few weeks I've had my upstairs lighting circuit on and off at the board, not noticed anything. Last week my decorator buried some of the cables coming out of the alarm box (just above my fuse box/consumer unit). When I now switch on the upstairs lighting circuit, there's a red light on my...
  2. C

    EICR code for sockets on an upstairs lights

    Hi guys hope you’re doing ok with all this going on. Anyway recently I was doing an EICR for a family member and to my amazement came across 5 upstairs sockets that were connected to the upstairs lighting circuit. The properties wiring looked quite on the older side but there was a new amendment...
  3. P

    Upstairs Downlights - help

    Okay I have a small bedroom with a flat roof and I've always wanted to swap my boring dangling light for 4 Downlights with smart coloured bulbs. I went to college and did electrical but even though I never got qualified I've changed light fittings enough with no problem that I thought id be able...
  4. F

    Adding socket to upstairs hall

    Hi, looking for advice... Upstairs hall has no socket, I'd like to add one. Looked at adding a spur off the lighting circuit but this doesn't seem to be a good idea. Thought about taking it off the shower supply but this isn't recommended. I have a plug socket in a bedroom, thinking about...
  5. B

    No lights in two upstairs room

    Customer says the lights in two upstairs rooms have stopped working. I’ve checked the wall switches in both rooms and there is power to both but both wires in switch are showing current, operating the switches makes no difference? The rooms both have downlights so no ceiling roses to check, my...
  6. M

    Upstairs lights out

    Hoping to get some troubleshooting advice in case this is straight forward, before calling a professional. I have googled but a bit unsure of next steps The upstairs ceiling lights in my house are out. I had went to turn on light in upstairs bedroom and i'm sure the light flashed on for a quick...
  7. E

    Upstairs and downstairs MCBs connected?

    Hi all new here and wondering if you have seen heard of this situation/problem? I wanted to remove surface mount sockets from the living room wall to decorate. In my old house I would just flick the mcb off for the downstairs ring and then made sure the sockets were dead before proceeding...
  8. J

    Down & Upstairs lights fed from both mcbs

    So just wondering if anyone's had this problem before just might save me some time when it comes to fault finding! Basically I bought my first house last week (woop) and until yesterday when putting spots in the kitchen i realised downstairs lights breaker is off but still have power? So upon...
  9. D

    Help with two-way two-gang light switch, upstairs and downstairs

    Hi All, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I have just removed two smart switches, and I have lost the picture I took of how the two-way two-gang light switches operated for my downstairs/upstairs lights. None of the online diagrams, instructions etc.. match to how mine is done. Any help...
  10. P

    Upstairs lighting MCB not working?

    Hi Guys I went to change an extractor fan in the bathroom today which runs off the light switch. I thought I'd isolate the power upstairs using the upstairs lighting MCB. I always double check there is no power there by switching on the lights and using my fluke to test for voltage and all...
  11. G

    Bizarre Wiring And Readings Through Upstairs Windows

    Hi I don't know if anyone can help, but I'm very grateful to anyone who can provide input. I won't go into the full story, but my windows upstairs appear to have an electrical current running through them. It's only the windows upstairs. They also set off a radio frequency detector. Even if...
  12. Billwah

    Downlight hoods for upstairs/ loft

    Hi all, Have been asked to replace some ceiling lights in a customer bathroom; they're after LED downlight. Now customer has some IP65 mains LED downlight which are fire rated (closed, can design). Do I need to use fire hoods in the loft? The insation is deep enough to bury the back of the...
  13. G


    the house i am due to rewire has floorboards on the ground floor, can i rewire the sockets from underneath the same as you would the first floor ? are we permitted to drill out as normal ? tia
  14. U

    faffing with 2 way lighting

    Good day, At a house and theres a lady who has a hallway light, and a landing light. She has: downstairs - a 3 gang switch - hallway light, outdoor light, and landing light. upstairs - 1 gang switch - landing light. She wants to be able to switch the hall light from upstairs. This house is...
  15. J

    Downstairs socket from upstairs ring main cable drop in cavity wall

    Hi everybody, I'm having a hard time trying to find the best way to install cables from the upstairs ring main to a downstairs socket which is already in place, I just need to change the cables for new as adding sockets upstairs. The wall structure is plasterboard then space then insulation then...
  16. B

    Moving a Consumer Unit

    Ok hopefully won't get too much flaming on here as I usually do! lol My brother and I are renovating a 300 year old house. The main supply comes down the exterior of the chimney stack. DNO has agreed to move this to floor level as the chimney and roof will come off in the spring with a new box...
  17. T

    Domestic Wires under no floorboards ?

    How would you approach laying in ring downstairs with no floorboards or joists just bare ground, the property is being refurbished ? Bit puzzled by this one !
  18. Soulsurfer

    Awkward Customer.

    So I have a full rewire to do asap but customer is trying to live in upstairs of house while myself and builders are going to try ripping out and rewiring entire place, chasing in extras at same time but she doesn't want ceilings down to gain access to joists ! or many floorboards upstairs...
  19. E

    unusual lighting circuit arrangement

    Went to do some pre-work inspecting and testing for a small job on a lighting circuit I am undertaking next week. Relatively new dual split load consumer unit, 1 lighting circuit for upstairs and downstairs, 1 line wire, and seemingly 2 neutrals (one of which is a single). I initially thought...
  20. B

    rcd problem

    Hi any answers on why is my washing machine on upstairs ring main causing tripping of rcd,so I then ran a extension lead and run washing machine from downstairs ring and have no problems?
  21. I

    Cost of rewiring in new circuit

    Hello, I've recently been looking for a quote on some work, and have had very conflicting quotes and advice. Upstairs I have 2 rooms, of which each has 1 single socket in. I'd like 4 double sockets in the main room, and 4 in the second. I've been recommended to get a new circuit wired in for...
  22. D

    Domestic Wiring a ceiling rose

    Hello, I was changing the light fitting for the upstairs hall way, I firstly wired it up wrong and no other lights would work upstairs, when turned on it seemed to make a pop noise. I then got some advice and wired it as recommend in the picture attached, the light is still not working, all...
  23. Y

    Domestic lighting circuit

    Hi, this is quite an easy one. I'm wiring the upstairs landing light and downstairs hall light. The switch on the landing needs to control the landing and hall light and the downstairs switch needs to control the landing, hall and outside light. I've wired the upstairs lights and included the...
  24. N

    Domestic Revisiting "Borrowed Neutral - or Live" RCD trips

    Hi , I'm a new member and resorted to joining this forum in an attempt to get to the bottom of a frustrating problem. I can see many forums where this is discussed but not many give a definite answer , maybe there isn't one. Scenario is upgrading bathroom completely and as part of this new...
  25. K

    Domestic Power loss to wall sockets mystery resolutionr?

    Hi Apologies, I'm not an electrician, but wondered if someone could suggest a reason for the following: Last night, around 10:30, I put the tv on in my bedroom, and headed downstairs to make sure everything was locked up - ended up watching tv downstairs for a while, and eventually headed for...
  26. T

    12v on socket ring main after isolation.

    Hello all! I've come across a bit of a problem today as I was changing a socket and got a tingle (Isolated the MCB of course). I tested the voltage and it was pulling 12v. I've found when you isolate the upstairs lights the 12v on the upstairs sockets disappears. Its a 17th edition dual RCD...
  27. I

    2 gang 2 way switch with only one common terminal

    Hi all, new here and after some advice on a twin dimmer switch purchased from a large warehouse type diy store. It is marked as a two gang two way dimmer, so I was expecting to find six terminals; one common and two switched live on each of the two sides. Yet there is only one common. Now...
  28. leep82

    telephone line question

    A joiner friend of mine called me round to a job he's been doing to try and get him out the brown stuff. Basically he's put a laminate floor down and damaged a telephone cable that comes from the master socket and goes to two points upstairs. Aswell as this cable that comes from the master...
  29. B

    Telephone Directing System

    Looking for the easiest way round this scenario Customer runs a small business, at present 1 x telephone line in office. They have built an additional office upstairs and would like 2 x phones, 1 in each office. They would like that when someone phones then the phone in the downstairs office...
  30. M

    Light switch wiring

    I have a confusing wiring. It's a 70s council house. Hall way has two switches one single , one double. The double and single switch the hallway light, however in both switches there are three wires red yellow blue. This two way switching works fine. The double switch in hallway also...
  31. L

    Live cable in 2 gang light switch going nowhere

    A customer wants the light switches changed from white plastic to brushed nickel and has already made a start. Needless to say the 2 way switching needs sorting as they don't work as they should. By the front door there is a single gang switch for the outside light, then about 6 inches along...
  32. P

    New switch no COM connection

    Hi, I have a double switch in the hall, one switch turns the upstairs/landing lights on and off and the other switch turns the hall light on/off. Obviously there is a single switch upstairs to turn the upstairs landing lights on/off. I've bought a new switch but there is no COM connection in...
  33. Q

    Domestic TT Installation - Moving CU

    Hi all, I am in the process of re-wiring a small domestic unit in the middle of nowhere which has a overhead TT supply. The meter is outside and backs onto the bathroom, the previous installation had 16mm meter tails through the cavity upstairs to a 30ma RCD and small re-wirable fuse board...
  34. 7

    *help please*2 way switching landing lighting

    hello there happy new year and all that! please help me I currently have a job where a customer has tried changing 2 lights, up and downstairs landing lights. I got called due to the lights will no longer switch on. The up and down lights are on the same MCB x2 1g 2way. I seem to be able to get...
  35. A

    Panel heater puzzle, need help please it's cold :(

    Hi there reader merry xmas, i got me a puzzle, i have 2 Glen panel heaters in 2 different kids bedrooms upstairs in my house. They are wired to switches ( looking like a light switch rather than a fused spur) and they work when i switch them on ( i do this by using a heating switch in my...
  36. A

    how to split a radial light circuit into two

    hi newbie post here but seems best place to get an answer. i have a radial circuit of 5 9w led downlighters, with 2 on lower hall and 3 on upper hall, with a 4 way switch setup (1 switch downstairs the other 3 upstairs). This arrangement is bizarre and i'd like to split the circuit in two so...
  37. S

    Underfloor heating wiring

    Evening all, Went to look at wiring a heating system today, the house has underfloor heating downstairs with 4 zones controlled by a heatmiser uf3 with stats in each room and radiators upstairs controlled by a stat on the landing all brand new. I have never come across one of these uf3's...
  38. S

    Underfloor heating

    Pricing a rewire where they want underfloor heating, through out the whole gaff. This equates to over 70 amps. Is there a simple way to bring to demand down, like some how controlling that the upstairs and downstairs cycle seperatly etc
  39. J

    RFC testing , downstairs ring going upstairs to a long radial

    so end to end L-L 0.4 N-N 0.4 E-E 1.1 very reasonable , but when the l-n are crossed over at the consumer unit . ok down stairs but the reading goes up to 16 ohms upstairs but when l-e are crossed over at the consumer unit the last four sockets upstairs give no reading. at this point i am...
  40. L

    RCD keeps tripping!!!

    hi guys and girls, I'm new to the forum, recently left the army and did a short electrical course. (doesn't make me an expert by no means) my problem is this: my sister has just bought a house and as a favour I said I would sort her electrics. The house is old (bout 1930s) had old style MCBs...
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