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    [HELP] LED strip with Sonoff switch

    Hi all Need advice on my current LED light setup with Sonoff switch. Can I check if the Sonoff switch should be connected as highlighted in the picture? TIA.
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    Connect sonoff Mini to modern shutters

    Hi all! I had a quick question; After successfully installing some Sonoff Mini's around my house I have one spare and I was wondering whether it would be possible to connect it to my shutters. The wiring of the shutters looks as following; (Back & front); I'm a bit puzzled by the two wires...
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    UK Wiring 2 Gang Switch - Sonoff WiFi Switch

    Hi All, I have recently purchased a 2 Gang Sonoff WiFi Switch to replace my old 2 gang switch. My old switch controls 2 set of lights, one is outside house and one is inside in the hall. I have read online that in UK one needs to have an Neutral to be able to successfully use these Smart...
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