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  1. T

    Can I ground a turntable to a receiver with no built in ground wire?

    I just bought a used Ion Profile Pro turntable with no ground wire. I'm getting hum, and based on my research I think I need to ground it to the receiver. Any suggestions on where to attach the ground wire to the turntable?
  2. J

    Changing salus receiver to hive

    Hi i need to change my old salus receiver to my new hive one and im not sure about the wiring do i put it all the wires in the same places on the hive receiver? The picture is the wiring into the old receiver
  3. F

    Need help wiring up hive receiver

    I have wired up my Hive receiver to the boiler and have also signed up to the app. On my app when i turn on the central heating the light on the hive receiver for central heating comes on showing green solid, however the heating does not turn on although the light for the receiver is on...
  4. Keyur Patel

    Quinetic WiFi Wireless Receiver

    Good Eveing guys! Just wanted some advise on the Quinetic WiFi Wireless Receiver. I have installed 5 of the units in a property in Harrow which was grade 2 listed. the client wanted a chandeliers installed but wanted them to be switched independently! can't chase the walls to add an extra...
  5. R

    Wiring a Hive receiver to a Vokera Linea Combi boiler

    Can anyone please help me to wire a Hive to a Vokera Linea Combi Boiler I have uploaded diagrams and pictures of everything I think is important. I think I should 1 Disconnect the Honeywell thermostat and bridge the two connectors where it says Room Thermostat on the wiring diagram. 2...
  6. R

    Hive receiver installation on Vokera Compact A Combi

    I'm trying to install a hive active heating into a Vokera Compact A Combi boiler. I think I understand the principles of the system but am looking for support on wiring the receiver to the boiler. The boiler electrical diagram can be found here (figure...
  7. A

    Help to wire up hive single receiver to valliant.

    Hi all, Firstly, I apologise for asking for help but I’ve been massively let down by a plumber. I’ve had a new valliant ecopro 30 installed. It’s got 2 zones (2x 2 port valves) 1 for UFH and 1 for Radiators. The plumber has not wired anything and the electrician is struggling now. He’s wired up...
  8. N

    Hive receiver connections to Vaillant boiler

    I have a Vaillant EcoTec Pro 28 boiler and a Vaillant mechanical thermostat (unsure of the precise model) and I’m thinking about installing hive to be able to access the remote switching feature and also to able to place the thermostat where I want it rather than where the installer thought it...
  9. Jamie'

    Hive single channel receiver wiring

    Hi all, Looking to wire up a hive receiver but never done one on a job before (just finished 4 year apprentachip flat/house bashing mainly) so just want to check I'm going to be doing it right before going ahead. So i was going to run a 3 core T&E from the boiler to the receiver. So at...
  10. happysteve

    Quinetic wireless switches and receiver

    Eh up :) Installed a set of "Quinetic" kinetic wireless switches and receiver today, in a situation where the landing light L was fed from the downstairs lighting circuit, and the N return on the upstairs lighting circuit. (Very wrong, and all too familiar). For those unaware, the switches...
  11. G

    Help wiring receiver

    Hi, I have recently purchased a hive heating control. I currently have a Potterton boiler with a integrated 24h timer. The only other control over the heating is a thermostat in the hall. I need to disconnect the thermostat and connect the Hive receiver. Any help is much appreciated. Please see...
  12. R

    Remote control ceiling fan stopped working

    Hello, I have a remote control ceiling light fan which has stopped working via the remote control. The light still comes on and off when using the main wall switch but that is it. The remote used to control the light and the fan movement but now nothing. I did the obvious and replace the...
  13. Dan

    What's Your Speaker / Amp Setup?

    I have an Onkyo SR606 with 4 bookshelf speakers (no bass or centre). Just seen this though...
  14. Hellmooth

    Remote controlled lighting

    Customer is looking to control some lighting from a remote/button, has anyone fitted anything similar, it's only for 1 circuit. I've installed universal receivers that can control garage doors and gates, I have used these to switch a contactor to control outside lights, was hoping for something...
  15. N

    Hot water thermostat problem

    We have what I'm guessing would be considered a 3 zone heating system: Zone 1 - downstairs radiators Zone 2 - upstairs radiators Zone 3 - hot water cylinder We have programmable wireless thermostats for zones 1 and 2 (1 each), a timer for the hot water and also a wireless thermostat for the hot...
  16. chudson

    Wireless switching solution

    I have a problem that needs solving - there should be a product for it on the market but I can't find it! Problem: 2 lights are run from an interior switch, my client would like the gate relay to turn these lights on also as well as having the switch override on - not off. Would be simple with...
  17. D

    wirelss switch

    hello trying to source a wireless switch just to switch a standard light with a 1 gang 1 way at the moment there is a switch operating light but its the other end of the room as the room was altered but didnt bother to relocate the switch. so now its all painted and decorated and customer...
  18. J

    Wireless PIR

    Hi, I am changing some communal stair lighting in a block of offices and they want them to be on PIR sensors. Does anyone know of a product that uses just a master PIR that you wire into the switch line for all the lights, and then a wireless sensor i can fit at each level that will active the...
  19. applemac

    Domestic mk wireless switching

    im pricing a posh extension and customer has requested mk wireless switches as the walls are exposed stonework, are these any good and anyone fitted them before ? im feeding 16 gu10 leds split into two circuits and 6 small led wall spot lamps...
  20. M

    heating controls

    iv got contactors,timers and stats to fit to panel heater circuits today and tomorrow BUT unknown to guy who surveyed( had a look and counterd heaters) there is a system inplace already its dimplex panelheaters with controler modules which are removable and a wall mounted timer stat which...
  21. J

    Wireless room stat and mains controls

    Hi everyone I am wondering if I can control a mains 3 port valve with a wireless room stat. The plumbers didnt advise me on this stat until the job was finished I have had this problem before. Can anyone help. Thanks
  22. T

    Help wiring Honeywell CMT927 roomstat into Combi boiler

    Hi all, Could somebody please help me understand the following diagrams on wiring my new room stat into my boiler. Boiler - Vaillant Turbomax Pro 24e Stat - Honeywell CMT927 Wireless Boiler wiring: Page 17 of the following PDF link...
  23. S

    Wireless thermostats

    Hi I'm not familiar with central heating controls at all, but yesterday I was helping another customer in my local wholesalers and none of their digital thermostats in the catalogue where hard wired controls, they where all wireless and the only wired controls where the ones with the...
  24. S

    Wireless Thermostat

    Got a new one today, and the boiler ain't firing up now. Got power at the receiver as the light is one but doesn't seem to anything going out, even when I press the manual over-ride. Not got a multimeter on me so can't check for voltage going out. Maybe faulty receiver. Anything else it could be?
  25. M

    wireless thermostats

    hi everyone. i need some advice, been asked by a customer with no room thermostat to add a wireless one to control room temp. the boiler has a control programmer (manufacturer is lifestyle) for independant hot water and radiators, how do you fit a wireless thermostat? do you need to replace...
  26. K

    Honeywell rf chronotherm

    Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone can help me? Ive tried to install one of those honeywell rf chronotherm today and wired it according to the diagram, I know there supposed to be pretty simple but it does nt seem to kick the boiler. The receiver next to the combi is picking up the clock...
  27. P

    Wireless heating programmer

    Hi, a customer has got a wireless programmer and they called earlier saying that they wanted it changed to a standard programmer. Would there be any issues with doing a direct replacement? or is it not as simple as that. I've never fitted a wireless so I don't know how they are installed. It's...
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