1. 2

    Glass washing machine 3 phase 63a per phase

    good evening, just looked at a job where a glass washing machine is to be installed in a factory. 3 phase crabree board already there. plenty of spare ways and only load on the ccu is power and lighting and alarm system. job request from customer, need a commando socket adjacent to drain to...
  2. davesparks

    LEDs and stained glass

    I'm in the process of quoting to illuminate a bit of listed stained glass and am looking at LED options. One concern is what effect the LED may have on the glass in the long term, will it affect the pigmentation at all? White LEDs affect regular theatrical colour filters at a surprising rate...
  3. S

    Funry Smart Switch ST 2

    Hi Folks I've been asked to quote for installing a "Funry Smart Switch ST 2", which the customer bought from Amazon or Ebay (I forget which). Both he and I are a bit concerned about the product in terms of whether it is manufactured and tested to appropriate standards and is safe. It is CE...
  4. D

    Domestic Touch sensor light switch

    Firstly, I understand normal domestic electrics, but not electronics. I have a 240v 'capacitance touch sensor' light switch, see I LumoS Luxury Crystal Glass 1 Gang 1 Way Touch On/Off LED Light Switches | eBay The blurb states a minimum load of 3 watts. It works perfectly when used to switch...
  5. M

    Velux AOV Problem Linking panels

    Hello All using the following units KFX 100 Break Glass Reset Button 3FC F20 EU 2 units (both opening 2 vents) 3FC F10 EU 1 unit (opening 1 vent) using auxiliary cards on 4/5 resistor in serious & parallel 480 series 10K parallel (came with units) IO cards fitted through fire alarm &...
  6. J

    Domestic GU10 halogen bulb exploded?

    Hey there, I recently moved into my new home which is entirely lit by 50 watt GU10 halogen spotlights, though I am gradually purchasing LED equivalents whenever money can be spared due to the fantastic efficiency. Last night I switched on the livingroom lights which is lit by a total of 8...
  7. B

    exploding shower doors

    Yes I said EXPLODING ! Was having a cuppa today at about 11am when I heard what I thought was a firework exploding in my house followed by a sound like a ceiling coming down. Instintivly I run upstairs and found glass on my landing (I feared a firework had smashed my window) then noticed pieces...
  8. S

    Shaver socket

    Having a major brain fart... at a clients house who is wanting a shaver socket put in the en-suite. The en-suite isnt very big, about 5m x 1m. Anyways, the shower is going to go in one end with a a 200mm partition on its side and a glass screen as well. The owner wants the shaver socket on the...
  9. W

    Domestic Tips for cutting a 4'' hole through single pane window

    Ok, so any tips on cutting a 4 inch hole through a single pane window?? Buy a diamond tip Blade, Hole cutter? Hire / Buy? Cheers Will
  10. jason121

    Panel Damaged

    We have had our first phone call about a damaged panel. System been in well over 18months. Glass shattered on Sanyo HIT 250 panel. Has anyone had this yet and just wondering the best place to start the process of replacing with new. Thanks in advance
  11. G

    6 x 15W MID130 LED Downlight 4000K + Driver

    I have 6 LED downlights MID130 for sale with LED driver included. They have been used for about 1 month in an exibition and they might have soft scratches but they are in a very good condition. They are no glass model (no glass in front of the light). Very powerful LED lights ideal for...
  12. S

    Trouble lining up 4x sockets on glass splash back

    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone has got an idea for me! I've got four accessories to line up on a glass splash back, all flat plate metal finish. There's 1x cooker (dble), two SFCU (sngles) and a double socket. I bought three of the brackets that join metal back boxes together, and they are...
  13. D

    Domestic 1A fuse in a 13A plug - what will happen?

    I'm trying to explain to my kid (8) why were have fuses in plugs, and he found a 1A glass fuse lying 'round and he asked me if we could put that into a 13A plug. I said 'no' it would blow if you plugged into the mains. Then I wondered if that really would happen... So thought I'd better ask...
  14. A

    Anti-reflective coating on panels

    In reference to the other thread I started: the installer is proposing to clean off alloy scratches (on ten of my sixteen panels) with a Stanley knife blade...
  15. A

    "Scratched" panels - how to clean them?

    Install went well yesterday, however several of the panels have "scratches" on them ... this may have been caused by the aluminium frames being dragged across the panel when they were being stacked-unstacked or as the installer suggests maybe it was done at the REC factory. Have tried rubbing...
  16. R

    Passed my DI assessment :-)

    Hi Guys, I passed my NIC Di assessment yesterday and would like to thank this forum and every one on it for helping me with my many questions in the passsed few weeks. Cheers Guys :smile: By the way can any one tell me where I can buy a T2.5A fuse for a dimmer on a corner lamp. In the...
  17. A

    LED Bulbs too bright - any ideas??

    Hi I recently installed 4 decking lamps for a customer - the customer supplied the lamps which are IP 56 rated sealed units, with 2W super LED bulbs. The customer has called to say they are extremely bright and do I have any ideas for making them less so. (he attaches no blame to me as he...
  18. P

    Glass v Ceramic Fuse

    I have a travel adapter that has blown a fuse due to using a hairdryer in Cuba. I need to replace it. The original has a 2.5amp ceramic fuse in it. Can I put a glass type in or does it have to be ceramic? What are the differences between the two? Tom
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