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  1. D

    Blue yellow red and blank wire

    Hi, I’m trying to install a new extractor fan in my bathroom. the existing fan had three wires going to it which were red yellow and blue (There is a blank wire but this was not connected to nothing) but I don’t know what ones are live earth neutral etc to wire up the new fan. the old fan...
  2. D

    blank ceiling rose

    Hi Can anyone tell me where I can get a blank ceiling rose to cover an unused point? cheers David
  3. O

    Electric meter installation - need access to neighbour's flat

    Hi there I'm new here so apologies if this is the wrong place, My prepayment electric meter screen went blank last week, I was advised this was to do with a power cut, I am currently on supply. I live in a block of flats and the electrician that came out advised that they would need access to...
  4. S

    Socket near sink, to blank or not to blank!

    I've got a socket which is a bit too close to the sink, its above the drainer and it sits closer than the 300mm mentioned on other threads on this forum (long time lurker first time poster!). What's the best way to remedy this, is a blanking plate considered an appropriate fix? The area is...
  5. Dave Jenkins

    EICR Test Results mostly left blank

    Mornin' I did a small job for a client earlier in the week and told her I need to complete a Minor Works cert - as you do.. She said that she didn't need one because she had this - waving an EICR under my nose. Looking through the document, it all looked good until the last page - test results...
  6. S

    Static current causing monitor blank

    Hi. I am currently facing a situation which I never encountered before and was wondering if any of you has experienced it before and might help me out with a solution please. At work, some people are having static electric shock and it's causing there's and there neighbor's monitor to go blank...
  7. T

    Party wall agreements are blank cheques for your neighbours to spend your money.

    I do not really expect any replies, just a little rant, a voice in the wilderness. I shelved the idea of going into my loft coversion today. The neighbours have legitimate concerns regards all sorts. The cost of appointing surveyors is such that we have decided we will have to move if we want a...
  8. M

    Long MCB dist board blank

    I have some large sections of a dist board I need to blank off and was wondering if anyone had come across long lengths of dist board blanks in black. Ideally something like plastic trunking lid that can be cut to size. I would rather not put lots of short sections in, as some sections are...
  9. L

    Domestic EICR - Somebody is setting the bar low.....

    Just been sent this by a customer who was charged £250 for an EICR for a property they are thinking of buying.....The customer didn't understand it and wanted a second opinion. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9wD_rwO3uBlQjBCS1VOYXlnaEk&authuser=0 Interesting......I wonder if the...
  10. F

    Static generator Mccb

    Hi guys, my head has gone blank. I have a generating set 400v 345a flc what is the max distance the Mccb can be from the generator stator lugs. i seem to remember 3 mtrs but something in my mind Is telling me it can be greater under certain rules. many thanks
  11. S

    Intermediate switch

    Im a little confused on this one, however may be simple to others. A client has requested that they no longer want an intermediate switch on their lighting circuit which also includes two other 2way switches. They want it completely gone. I want to do the job with least disruption. However a...
  12. J

    PIR problems

    so I was looking at office building in London, lights in corridor and stair well operated by PIR's, mounted on ceiling and walls. I am unfamiliar with exact type, looks like single plastic surface box with blank plate. problem is they walk through the corridor and they could be at the other end...
  13. S

    Blanking off existing switches

    Anybody know if MK blank plates fit over existing grid switches without removing switches?
  14. S

    MCS horizon chart

    Can anyone tell me where i can get a transparent MCS horizon chart that will fit in a sunpath indicator? The one that my indicator came with has a different number of squares and i'm trying to over lay it on the MCS one and its a 'king nightmare!!! Thankyou
  15. D

    Solar Immersion - my experience !

    Order placed tonight - delivery hopefully this week ! I'm going to document the installation and present ongoing results for interested parties as todate no-one seems to have done this WATCH this space...................
  16. D

    Light Switch horizontal to Junction Box then vertical into ceiling?

    Hi there, I've just had a sparky come round and do this work, but i'm not sure it's correct, or even legal. But i'm no spark. Please see the attached picture. The junction box is where the light switch used to be, but we've put a fake wall up and as such needed the light switch there and this...
  17. D

    Blank installation certificates/reports etc

    Hi guys, Any chance someone can point me in the direction of some blank forms for practice? Cheers!
  18. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Blank certificates for my NICEIC registration visit

    Hi Team, Ive got my inspection in a months time in which the NICEIC engineer comes to check my work. I understand that the certificates that I have to show him as to be unlogo'ed. Can I use the certificates from this site Forms for electrical contractors - IET Electrical or is there another...
  19. K

    Domestic move power socket/use old one as junction.

    Hi, help please. I'm moving an electrical socket, only a few inches, and want to use the existing box as a connector/junction. Is there a specific connection product, on a blanking plate, or should I use block connectors? Or should I buy a junction box, and plaster over. In which case what...
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