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  1. L

    Thank you

    Firstly, a huge thank you for accepting me into the forum, much appreciated. I’m currently studying L2 C&G electrical installations 2365 and am nearing the end of the 16 month course, I will definitely also do level 3. I’m not working full time as an electician but do work with a fully qualified...
  2. L


    I would just like to say a big thank you to trypod Kevin, after I put a wanted advert on the forum for some genuine megger crocs for my leads Kevin answered my advert and sent me a set of crocs which are brand new free of charge and sent them first class signed for post. Thank you once...
  3. S

    EICR Test and tips thank

    First periodic test since doing my 18th edition top up months ago and I don’t have it t hand. So until I get home to have a nose and realise this question is ridiculous I need reminding. 3 circuits (lights x 2 and boiler ) are not on an RCD. The installation is over 10 years old as the last...
  4. Daryl Crooks

    Thank you EF for letting me join

    Hello all thank you for letting me join the forum. Hopefully we will be able to assist with issue you have, Maybe you can help me now and then with issues i have.
  5. M

    Thank you for the add

    Dan, Thank you for the add to your site. I look forward to posting and reading other members posts and exchanging advice and help on a regular basis. All the best, Mike
  6. marconi


    Lucien Nunes mentioned and gave credit to one of his mentors which reminded me of three fellows who I have much to thank. My next door neighbour taught electrical engineering, apprentice electricians and the electrical aspects of refrigeration systems. He did his apprenticeship at...
  7. pirate

    Random stuff, just for sharing, thank you!

    To kick this off, I really need to know what this is for...I don't think I need it, it is probably for a non-DeWalt tool... It came sandwiched in the cardboard with a new blade.
  8. Cadgey123

    Would like to thank you all for being a superb bunch

    So I joined this forum around year ago to have a nosey at what goes on in the electrical world in the UK and seek some advice. I had moved back to the London and started working in the Domestic sector. I had my Approved contractors assessment yesterday and I passed which is a huge relief. I...
  9. pirate

    Goodnight all, and thank you for your posts!

    Off to bed now, so just closing with a nod to those who like their vino tinto...tesco are selling a nice ribera duoro at about a fiver, and it's pretty good! The continuing offer of 43% Tanqueray gin at £21/litre is good too. In other news, I have joined a Men's Shed charity group and we have a...
  10. Murdoch

    Thank god the UK has the Met Office and the media ...............

    Yes, the warned us all days ago ................. So we stocked up with provisions ................ And cut plenty of wood in case of power cuts ................. So its been snowing ALL DAY ...................... Do you think its safe to go out?
  11. J

    Thank You Mr. Wetpants, You Inconsiderate Imbecile

    I've seen some really bad plumbing installations over the years, but this one really takes the biscuit. I went to do an EICR yesterday afternoon, but had to abandon the job as I was unable to gain access to the main switch, or even remove the cover from the board. Completely unacceptable...
  12. gnuuser

    just a thank you to all of you

    I really enjoy being on this forum. to gain insight and give a little as well you guys and gals really make my day! this old (retired wire monkey) enjoys the interaction immensely. sure i take a bit of ribbing, but who doesn't? so this is just a note to say thank you cheers
  13. K

    New member: Introduction

    Hi All, I am an Electrical & Electronics Engineer worked in the Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication & IT industry for last 35 years. Now I am preparing to move into design, Implement and test domestic electrical installations specifically want to specialise in home automation/smart home...
  14. DanielM


    I'm dan, being a little bit shy i've decided after some time to show myself. I have some years of electrical background overseas but wanting to do the things right I am learning everything from scratch, at the moment pulling cables and striping wires. :) Hope to learn and share with you more...
  15. A

    Kitchen, first fix, under wall units! Liverpool 8

    Hello Kitchen Electricals On the off chance someone is available at relatively short notice, there is a kitchen job to work on. The house and the job is modest and is all about getting ahead of the kitchen fitters as it has dawned on the householder that electrics are not included in the...
  16. F

    Happy new year! German industrial electronic technican (installer,maintainance,testing, up to 50kV)

    Hi all, I wish you all a great new year! For me it is a new start. It is my first time in UK. I am looking for a permanent Position anywhere. I have over 15 years experience in automotive, retail and rail industry. Be experienced in maintenance of low and high voltage processes, have the...
  17. S

    For Sale [West]: Martindale FD600 Fuse Finder Kit

    The transmitter in the Professional Fuse Finder Kit (FD600) has an IEC socket with a standard UK 3 pin mains adaptor (EX332), which extends the use to include both 13A sockets, and with the TL83 lead, to light fittings or other points in a circuit where there is no power socket. Allows you to...
  18. NEIL8960

    Fluke 1664fc

    Hi all, I believe there is a man/site sponsor on here with a website iswww? I am looking to purchase a MFT and was wondering what deals he had. If someone has comms with him, please could you ask him to pm me. Thank you.
  19. S

    Hello everybody

    Hello im Stephen,I am keen to find work as an electricians mate.I have over 6 years past experience and im wanting to get back doing electrical work which i love.I have a valid CSCS card and im CIS registered.I have my own fitting out tools and im looking to relocate to anywhere in the Uk to work.
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