1. M

    Garage feed under neighbors drive

    Hi chaps A client's neighbor has given permission to pass an swa under his driveway to reach my clients neighboring semi detached garage. New build nightmare scenario with shared driveways. An agreed level of making good the driveway shall be confirmed probably by third party as my client...
  2. K

    DC 110KW Drive Problem

    Dear members, can you please assist. As soon as start PB is pressed, the drive cuts off immediately and goes to Error mode. We then have to switch off the drive to reset it. We had the newdrive board put in recently. Could it be problem with the motor rather than drive? anything we can look at...
  3. K

    KTK Mentor Drive Issue

    Dear members, Facing problem with KTK mentor drive. Ran the drive with motor and after few minutes it just went dead. Opened the drive board and saw three Timonta Tansformers leaking orange fluid on the board. Sent the drive for repair. The drive was ok before so what could have gone wrong as I...
  4. K

    Eurotherm Drive 620 Vector Link

    Hi members Eurotherm Drive 620 Vector link -which turns on a winder. Trouble is potentiometer just turns on the Winder but extremely slowly and speed does not increase when potentiometer turned. Checked potentiometer and it’s ok - voltage variation out of it is fine. Do I need to programme the...
  5. O

    Now this really is "off road" ................ no 4 wheel drive¬

    Enjoy Why a Model T was driven to the top of Ben Nevis -
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Alternative to Armeg Dust collection guard and drive

    I had an Armeg Dust collection and drive shroud but for some reason it decided to split and is now next to useless... Held together with a bit of gorilla tape for a few weeks but has now past the point of no return. Does anybody know of any other makes out there who make similar units or...
  7. b-spark

    Tasc drive problems

    Hi, its been a while since I've used this. I was hoping somebody could explain the principles of a tasc drive, I've never come across them before. Basically we have been ask to replace the main speed controller, and stop/start. I'm having problems integrating a bench built one. It consists of...
  8. gazzamikes

    Oh yes another van thread!

    Morning all, I've got a mkII fiat scudo, it's showing its age and has a dodgy injector. I drive quite a few miles for jobs and want something smoother and nicer to do drive! What's people's thoughts on the new Fiat doblo/ vauxhall combo? About half the stuff in my scudo is rubbish or stuff I...
  9. Marvo

    Offroad Project

    Overbudget by an enormous amount and the project took 4 months longer than planned but it's finally finished. It turned into a mad scramble (excuse the pun) because I have a 4 day trip in the Karoo planned over the Christmas holidays with some buddies but finally I road tested it coaxed it...
  10. G

    Fluke 1653 for sale with leads

    Hi all, Title says it all really, I have the above for sale it was last calibrated on the 15th June 2015 and has not been used since. Think the leads could do with replacement as they look kinda old lol. Any questions or to make me an offer PM me. Photos are avialable on my google drive at...
  11. S

    No Neutral at 3 phase step down autotransformer?

    Hi all, Been a few years since i've posted but here goes! At the factory I work in we have an old Spanish line from the mid-eighties that is fed from uk 400v 3 phase via a 3ph step down autotransformer to give 380v output. The spanish panels Do not use a neutral, just 3 phases and further 380v...
  12. S

    Control Panel Certification

    Hi All We do a lot of testing, but this is the first job like this for us. Basically a company are renewing the cables from a control panel to 7 motors etc, they are taking care of the controls etc. We are due to test and certify the new SWA cables and terminations etc, which isn't a problem...
  13. andyb

    VFD Volt Drop Question

    I need a help from those on here with experience with 3 phase motors and VFDs. I have been asked to install the cable to supply a couple of pumps that will be controlled using a variable frequency drive. As they are submersible pumps they come pre wired with 12 core 2.5 rubber cable, 10 cores...
  14. L

    Vsd: hand/off/auto switch

    We have an acs800 drive. We also have a hand/off/auto switch. My question is how do we wire this HOA switch into the drive to give a manual start when we also have an auto start going into the drive? Thanks
  15. M

    nice view at work today

    A nice 33 degrees today in perth. Not a bad view from site either
  16. M

    Damage caused to VSD from insulation tester voltage

    Hi, Can any one advise me about the actual damage caused to a frequency drive if flashed with 500 vdc from an insulation tester? I have an ABB ACS800 0100 drive (100kw) that has been flashed by someone. The drive uses IGBT modules fired from a control card, will it be the IGBT modules that...
  17. G

    Machine safety relay or not?

    Hi, I have an industrial mixer at work that used to be powered by a dual speed motor. These particular motors are expensive and not always easy to get off the shelf in the event of a breakdown. I have replaced this a 4 pole single speed motor, controlled by an Inverter. The old motor was...
  18. O

    motor, contactor or overload fault?

    guys, got a motor tripping an overload. Too much current is been pulled however how can I be sure its the motor and not the contactor or overload that is causing the problems. Have checked resistance across terminals and compared with a similar circuit and tbh they are the same but I need to be...
  19. G

    DOL starting 3 Ph Motor and an RCD

    Hi, I am having trouble with a 3 phase motor (about 1kW I think) and a tripping RCD. The motor is DOL started through a contactor and thermal overload. Starting the motor causes the RCD to trip instantly. Is the starting of the motor causing this and would soft-starting the motor solve the...
  20. O

    Car lift not working correctly

    Hello everyone i am new to this fourm. I have a big problem here. I have a zavagli santi z21 2 post garage lift . There are two motors (Belt on each motor on each post). (Not hydraulic ) Specs - Art:z21 Max-20A 220v 50hz The problem is when i lift the Lift one of the motors is lifting a...
  21. B

    Earthing on multi core 3 phase system

    Hope someone can advise, present cables supplying power to a drive for a 453kW DC motor is 2 x 400mm single core cable per phase. Motor is being upgraded to 630kW, the installer wishes to install an additional 400mm per phase to carry the load for the new motor. There is some debate as to the...
  22. B

    ESC for car battery?

    Hi all, I am relatively new to electronics. I am building a device which uses a car battery to power a starter motor. The system is remote controlled and I want a suitable ESC to enable me to control the motor. What ESC should I use? Thanks,
  23. J

    Looking for work in Anglesey, Gwynedd areas (possibly further)

    Hello. I`m 34 from Anglesey. I`m studying my Level 2 currently and will be finished at the end of November, where I will be embarking on my Level 3. I am reliable, punctual and hardworking, happy to work in any weather conditions, or in a sweaty Loft if need be. I am confident in my abilities...
  24. S

    Niceic Periodics £20 Quid!

    Has anyone got a copy of niceic connections magazine? Check out home comforts page 20 paragraph(Keep working)??:confused: Qoute! (For periodic inspections,a year ago i could charge £100,but now i can only charge £20 to £30 at the most just to get the job,and still dont necessarily get it!:eek...
  25. Doomed

    Weird Jobs

    OK, what is the oddest job you have had? I have just been asked to rewire a christmas stocking.... (It will be part of a shop window display that I am having to supply a feed for, it is normally only battery powered, but they dont want to be disturbing the display to change batteries)
  26. M

    Socket Set's

    Hi there, I have searched for what I'm looking for but I'm new on here so I probably didn't do a very good job of it. I am looking to buy a socket set but I need some advice on sizing. What is the best size to have for most industrial use? 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2"?? Its the only thing I have...
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