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  1. D

    Full Rewire Consumer Unit Height

    Hi all. I am not an electrician but greatly really appreciate some advice if possible. I am in the process of getting a full house rewire and the consumer unit is currently under the stairs. The electrician is saying that to get the work signed off by building regulations the consumer unit has...
  2. happyhippydad

    Working at height?

    I have a tripping RCD in a church. The faulty circuit supplies 5 x spotlights which are on the inside walls of the church. They are as high as trying to reach above a first story window in a house so perhaps 5m above ground. I will eliminate all other possible faulty parts (switches etc) before...
  3. BruceBanner

    working at height.

    Hello all. just a rant really, survey a job at an old chapel, rewiring due to ---- poor ir, old vr & splitting power & light to a replacement rcbo sub main agreed, quote agreed & massively highlighted on bottom that scaffold tower at 5-6 meters required but not costed as foot note &...
  4. A

    UK overhead cable height

    Can anyone please tell me what the minimum height for an overhead cable from my house to my shed. The gap a 3ft and it is wired from the main fuse box and into another fuse box in the shed. It is encased in conduit and at the lowest point is around 7ft (this then enters the shed)
  5. A

    Tv socket height new build

    1200mm is the max socket outlet height in new build property so what's the score with putting a socket at a height where a wall mounted tv will be situated obviously required to be higher than 1200mm. Is this now not allowed for new build properties?
  6. S

    Light switch height

    Hi Having my flat re-wires. It’s on the first floor, with no disabled access. Electrician is saying light switches have to be a max of 1200mm from floor (about 400mm lower than their current position!). I realise that this is the standard for new builds - but does it apply to old properties...
  7. Charlie_

    Height of consumer units

    I always install my consumer units between 450 and 1200, sometimes at 1400.. Am I right in thinking that CUs come under part M? Extensions and rewires not covered by part M? Anybody still installing them up at ceiling height?
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Working at height..........

    Got a customer who wants a ev charger fitted. Only issue he is on 3rd floor, fuse box at front of house.Wants cable taken out then along under window ledges before going down to his parking space below at the rear. Planning have approved it so long as cable painted to match stone afterwards as...
  9. P

    Socket height in summer house

    Hi everybody I would like some advice on the height sockets in a summer house am I right to say they need to be 450mm from ground cheers Paul
  10. alban moffitt

    CU height in old house

    i am doing some work on a fairly old house, the current cu is in a cupboard about 500mm above the ground. what are the thoughts on changing the height? can i leave it at the same height as it complied at the time of installation or does this not apply? thanks for any guidance
  11. E

    Socket height regulation in old home

    Hello I am hoping to find a definitive answer to this as heard. Socket height regulation of 450mm is for new builds only not for old houses. What about renovating old houses for example a basement renovation but in an Edwardian home? What would pass building regs? Many thanks
  12. E

    maximum allowable height for scaffold tower?

    really trying to get the customer to see sense, they have supplied scaffold tower for lighting replacement about 5metres off the ground, which i have been pottering away at with this shitty scaffold tower getting stuck in the sand below and hitting against the beams of the shed itself almost...
  13. E

    rough price on an "off road" scissor lift 7-8m working height?

    sick of using junk scaffold that one of our customers has and i have around 18 lights to fit in a shed, do you need ipaf to hire them? daily rate?
  14. G

    consumer unit height and tails

    Hi all, Been to see me sisters house being built and to have a nose tbh. I noticed the comsuner unit in the toilet up high, dont they have to be between 1350 and 1450mm, thought it was a reg for new build?. also saw 16.0mm T&E to the MEB box about 8 mtrs away also with a 16.0mm earth, got...
  15. S

    Socket/switch heights in new build.

    Ok, I may be picking this up wrong or being a bit blonde but on the drawings it says light switches to be positioned between 900mm & 1100mm. Now the last time I worked on a new build it was 1200mm max height light switch. Looked up the Scottish building regs & it says "Electrical fixtures...
  16. S

    catinery to garage

    Hi. Quick bit of advice. Just gone out to dad's to fit a garage supply using it for part p assement. He was supposed to be sorting a metal support for me ready and he hasn't got the pieces. Now he wants to do it on catinery gap is about 2.5m using bit of 10mm swa I had left over. Any...
  17. S

    Overhead garage supply question

    Hi, I am currently considering the best way to go about this job for a customer who wants garage power wiring from an overhead supply cable (to replace the current 1.5mm T&E swinging in the wind supply!). The cable will go from his under-stairs board, up through the landing to the loft...
  18. D

    Distribution Board Height in a Small Cottage - Full Rewire

    Right doing a job for my registration assessment so got to get it spot on. Job is an old cottage but been stripped right out and complete rewire. Am I correct in saying the dB hight has to be at the same hight as light switch? Seems far to low if u ask me.
  19. D

    New PIR lights not working??

    Hi there, Is anyone familiar with the Epsom LED PIR Twin Floodlight 18w you get from Screwfix? I installed one last week, and worked fine. Installed two new ones today for a client, and they are not working. It states in the manual to mount 1.8m to 2.5m off of the ground and i have to...
  20. custie86

    Domestic Cooker Hood Socket Outlet

    I have been training part time as an electrician now for almost 2 years. I am considering re-wiring my kitchen and getting the work verified under a self certification scheme, not sure which company to use yet! I have been delving through the regs and am quite confident to under take the work...
  21. P

    CU with a Left Hand Main Switch

    Hi Guys I'm wanting to replace an old 8 way consumer unit which is above the kitchen cupboards. I've limited height of 233mm. All cables are top entry but the tails are to the left of the rest and no doubt won't move. Anyone know of a Amd3, dual RCD unit , min 8 ways, max 230 mm height, left...
  22. P

    Siting of fuse box.

    I'm renovating an old cottage which includes replacing the kitchen. Currently the fuse box is at ceiling height about 920mms above the drainer side of the sink unit. Is it against the regs to have a fuse box above the sink unit? Was thinking of relocating the sink anyway but it would be useful...
  23. S

    Height of switch gear...???

    Hi. New to this site so hopefully this question is in the right place. Working on new build atm, and sockets and switches are at the correct height (450 -1200mm off ffl) But the other sparky has asked me to install fan isolator switches at 2010mm (top of box) and for the storage heaters...
  24. N

    LED up liighters for swimming pool

    Bit of a help required, I've been asked to quote on up lighters for an indoor teaching swimming pool Currently its lit by 16 50W GU10 up lighters on a 1000W dimmer, customer wants to upgrade to LED but have more light The pool has a vaulted ceiling and the lights are currently mounted on...
  25. Sparky10

    Switch height problem

    Hi guys, i am currently doing a referb on an old building i have a little problem and wanted some advice. As i always put my switches at 1200mm to the top of the switch the builder now has Nogins at this hight also! meaning now when it comes to putting my backbox on,the timber is now in the...
  26. J

    Kitchen socket heights ?

    what height do yous usually have your kitchen sockets, is it a set height or all depending on the kitchen thats being installed ?
  27. R

    Dado Trunking

    Got an office to fit dado trunking around, Just wondering if someone has a magic number hight wise for the trunking as no office furniture is there yet. I could take an educated guess I know but just checking in case someone knows better. Thanking you.
  28. R

    Domestic Distribution board height when replacing original ?

    Replacing a dis board at a house its 6ft up inside a cupboard . What height does this have to be for the new board ? Do i have to lower it for part M ? I`m using this for one of my assessment jobs so i want it to be right All answers appreciated ( even the smug ones )
  29. ses

    Triple set of ladders for sale

    Heavy duty triple set of ladders for sale Not sure on exact height as yet but as long as my ford transit medium wheelbase roof £60 collected camberley Surrey
  30. N

    Loft insulation and 6W LED GU10 fittings?

    So any advice for what to do with loft insulation around GU10 light fittings with 6W (240v) bulbs in? At least one or two of them are to be under boarding too, so not much height above the top of the fitting and the boarding? (Couple of cm maybe?)
  31. E

    Fan switch in bathroom

    Hi all Can i put a fan isolation switch in a bathroom 2m from the bath and sink and above the height of the door. I should look it up but i thought i would ask you guys Cheers
  32. C

    EICR coding opinion?

    Bathroom light fitting ceiling rose b/c type in zone one C2 or C3, RCBO protected, existing install designed to previous regs? thoughts appreciated?
  33. B

    Low bay LEDs

    Anyone used low bay 60w E40 led replacement lamps? Just wondered how they compare with a metal halide 250w. Obviously cheaper to run so,more interested in light output comparison
  34. T

    Kitchen Sockets.

    Chasing holes for new sockets in kitchen. What height should they be to top of socket. i was thinking 1100mm to top of socket. i also would like to put one low down at 450mm for fridge and washer. one more thing, how far should they be from cooker and sink. Thanks eveyone !
  35. W

    Socket heights in old house

    Hi Guys, Just new to this forum and wondering what the rule is with regard to the socket height in old houses. The sockets in question are fixed to the skirting board, (It's an old old house so the skirting boards are bigger than normal), the house was rewired about 30 years ago but the lad who...
  36. R

    Disabled Toilet Requirements

    Hi I have a disabled toilet in an office block to do having not ever done one before could you please tell me of any special requirements please I have looked through my 7671 and I can't actually find anything on them. Do I have to fit a pull alarm? Do I have to fit emergency lighting...
  37. H

    Just a bit of direction for assessment

    I have installed a outdoor circuit to the garage make up of installation follow: Main Board 32 amp mcb Swa 4mm running from main board between floors to exit point. Cantery wire system running from house to garage with support post on garage. Runs into a garage consumer unit which holds 1 x...
  38. JD6400

    Overcoming the problems with working at height

    What access gear do others use when working at height , and how high would you deem it safe to still work from a ladder ? Also whats the worst case of daft and dangerous behaviour that you have come across by other people working at height .:38:
  39. M

    Height of shower over bath

    Hello everyone Need a bit of advise I have been asked to install a bath in a room that was previously a wet room for a disabled person. Now as per usual the customers don't want to spend a lot of money. At the moment there is an electric shower installed at a height of approximately 750mm to...
  40. W

    Customer wants false ceiling in, how do i extend lighting cable ?

    Customer wants false ceiling in a big walkway cupboard. Existing ceiling is 4m, new false ceiling height 2.4m. Ceiling rose at 4m ceiling height with a 1m flex to bulbs so its above new ceiling height. What correct procedure according to 17th edition for putting a ordinary flex on new...
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