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I installed a B&Q pir light under a year ago and it's flickering the LEDs have had it, it's totally contained and the LEDs are hard wired, pretty peveed, can anyone recommend a good outdoor pir light, one that comes with a rubber flex is preferred

Don't know what I.P rating and was probably cheap but it was half under cover so really surprised.
Ansell or Steiner. or the Brackenheath from screwfix seem to have a good rep.
It might just be me, but I’ve not had a good time of PIR floodlights of late. I’ve two at home that were made in the Bronze Age and are still going strong. But recent manufacture PIRs seem to fail at the sensor and have fruit fly lifespan. I’ve taken to installing separate sensors in a protected position and cable up to the lamp.
ok thanks that's really helpful:thumbsup:

@Wilko the old halogen ones seem better built except the screw to open up where the lamp/bulb was that always went rusty and soft.

think ill probably go with the Brackenheath from screwfix if I can, looks sturdy and IP65

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