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  1. O

    UK Domestic Installer quals

    Hi All, I know this has been asked many times over but my situation is slightly different. I have been work on oil rigs since leaving the army. I was a Temporary installation electrician in the Army and have been a systems electrician on the rigs. The short of it is I'm s ick of the rigs and...
  2. Robc77

    Domestic installer

    Is there any point doing the part P, fundamentinspect and test and 18th, if you want to be a domestic installer? Or is there a better route?
  3. L

    Domestic installer and other works.

    Im a domestic installer for around 4 years now. Have a few contacts from schools that have small electrical jobs that need to be done Such as Replacing emgency light fittings installing new circuits. Emegency light testing, replacing ballasts. Changing broken light fittings. Am i legally...
  4. N

    What are my options next just got niceic Domestic installer

    Hi all just got my niceic Domestic installer assessment passed what should I do next. Ive only got my 2365 level 2. Passed the 18th edition and building regs exam for part p been working for some one for 18 years how hard is it now to go alone
  5. Sparky10

    Radials V Ring mains

    Hi all, This may be a common topic and may already have been spoken about 100s of times so forgive me in advance. I have always wired in ring mains for my sockets up until recently.. I came across an install where all sockets were wired in 2.5 radials protected by 20A RCBO they had wired 3...
  6. E

    Domestic Installer Training

    Hi guys Anyone done the domestic installer course withe Electrical Courses 4 You? I'm a self employed kitchen fitter looking to do the course. I'm only interested in what's required for my kitchens, not full rewire etc. I fully understand that I will be very limited in knowledge gained by these...
  7. 1

    Trainee Next step with regards to training . .

    Evening folks, I am new to this group, but hoping it will aid me in the route to go down next. A small bit about myself, I joined the military straight from school, but have now decided I need a change. Mainly for family reasons, my little one is 3, and I have been away just under half of his...
  8. Andy B.

    Domestic Moron completes a useless domestic installer course, then goes travelling, now fears for future...

    Hello all! I've always been interested in electrics and really fancied getting into solar/renewables. So at the age of 30, I blindly went for a Trade Skills 4U 5-week domestic and EV charging point installer course, got my quals, quickly realised that no-one would take me on as a mate/trainee...
  9. S


    Hi and happy new year to all, Apologies if this has been asked before, I have been around electrics all my life in a DIY capacity, learnt from competent electricians over the years, Now I hope to gain the required qualification, my question to you is simply ... What are the bare minimum steps...
  10. The_apprentice2.0

    Are my qualifications relevant??

    Hi, Served as an industrial maintenance spark and really want to get into domestic sparking full time, I've put the feelers out to a few electricians for some experience and would like to put myself through the relevant quals or see if any of my existing quals can be transferred (night school...
  11. Daniel Oake

    18th Edition main Changes, Domestic installer video.

    A video I stumbled upon for the main changes a domestic installer has outlined. Question: Can someone clarify, plastic Rawl plugs are not to be used now, due to fire regulations. What would you use in exchange for your day to day fixings now?
  12. C

    Another domestic installer course question I'm afraid.

    Evening all. I apologise this is another question regarding the much hated domestic installers course, from what i have read on the forum!! Im a self employed hard landscaper. Im finding we are getting more and more jobs that involve electrics. Lighting, water features etc. We also do a lot of...
  13. Z

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NIceic domestic installer

    Hi guys I'm about to start a C&G 2365 Lv 2 in September this year. What qualifications would I need to register as an NICEIC domestic installer? Also can I get work as an electricians mate while I study for the 2365 Lv 2?
  14. F

    how to become a domestic installer

    Hi I am looking to become a domestic installer can someone recommend what course or courses I need to do to be able to do this. also can you tell me what the job entails. I have found the basic information and also how much they earn. thanks
  15. C

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Path from Domestic Installer to JIB.

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at doing a course to become a DI but I don't want to just be doing residential maintenance forever, i'd like to work on site eventually but have been told I would not be able to unless I work as a mate or do the 2365 level 2 and 3 and the NVQ 3 after and I don't have the...
  16. loulew

    Domestic Installer Assessment

    So i had my domestic installer assessment yesterday, a fair few weeks earlier than expected as there was a cancellation. So it has been a mad rush to get the job ready. Ended up working until half 11 the night before to get everything done. I was very nervous, but I passed, feeling over the...
  17. Balthazar Pawlowski

    Domestic Looking for work experience (domestic installer)

    Hey guys. I am currently looking for work experience in and around the Bromley/Kent area. I have just completed my Part P and my 17th edition a month ago as well as C&G 2392 inspection and testing but the domestic electrical installer whom I was meant to be shadowing and learning from has not...
  18. C

    RS Electrical - new domestic installer in Peterborough

    I am a new domestic electrical installer in Peterborough - freshly after training but lots of enthusiasm and will to work hard :) I would like to introduce myself to all members of the sparkies community. Robert
  19. A

    Afternoon All

    Afternoon all, Hope everyone is well I am currently in the transition of leaving the navy which I have been a leading electrical weapons engineer for the past 8 years. Will be commencing the domestic electrician full scope course this will cover C&G 2393 2382 2394 and also JIB ECS health and...
  20. M

    Can You Change The Position Of An Isolator?

    Hi, I just bought a house with a consumer unit which works fine but the isolator switch has been moved to the opposite side. It would have originally been on the right and has been moved to the left. It's clearly labeled with stickers etc but there's a molded on/off symbol on the right. Would...
  21. M

    Advice For Electrician Who Qualified Overseas

    I qualified as a full electrician in Algeria in 1997 and worked there until recently when I moved to the UK. I would love to continue working as an electrician but am finding many conflicting answers in exactly what I need in order to start work. NARIC have listed my existing qualifications as...
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