1. A

    Hi guys new to electrical but I was wondering how can I feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house

    Hi guys New to electrical but I was wondering how to feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house, has a outside rotary isolator switch thanks
  2. N


    HELLO I would like to know if i install summer house ,then i would put earth spike next to the house! in this case can i use the main supply earthing (tn-s or tncs) to connected to summer house fuseboard? if i put earth rod then can i connect that earth tail to the summer house fuseboard aslo...
  3. G

    Summer house electrics

    Hi I am a DIYer and have been looking for an electrician to complete work. I want to run electrics to my summer house which is going to be used as an office/ entertainment room (Man Cave). I discussed going from the hous cu with armoured cable - but this required updated my house cu box which...
  4. Gakure

    Summer House Submain

    Evening, may I pick you brain guys? I have wired a summer house about 30m away from the main board. I have used 32A at DB1 (not RCD protect) and 6mm² 3core SWA, where I have connected both black and sheath (sleeved) at both end as CPC. In the Summer house I have used shed consumer unit 1xRCD and...
  5. P

    Socket height in summer house

    Hi everybody I would like some advice on the height sockets in a summer house am I right to say they need to be 450mm from ground cheers Paul
  6. R

    Supply to summer house TT system

    Hi all , this is my first post , i’m a qualified electrician but I spend my whole time sub contracting to a factory installing and moving machinery so i’m a bit out of touch ( although taking the 18th on may 3rd ) with domestic work! A friend has asked for a supply to his summer house so I took...
  7. W

    summer house supply thoughts

    been asked to price a socket to a Summer house , throwing it out their for any views which may help me decide my course of action , Ideally i would like to get back to the Consumer unit , but its virtually impossible without major structural upset , and can not go external from it either due to...
  8. P

    Summer house to house installation help!

    Hi, Looking for a bit of advice . I have a summer house in my garden that has the following setup. 50amp breaker from house consumer unit from this is 18m (3core) armoured cable. This is fixed externally to the house wall and goes underground for approx 2m. Inside the summer house is a...
  9. rolyberkin

    Tuff flex for installation in summer house/shed

    As per the title, seen a few of these type of installations knocked out by summer house companies & electricians, flex from small CU to sockets and lighting, clipped and stuffing glands at accesories, IMHO looks better than T&E clipped direct any detrimental views?
  10. E

    a summer project to get stuck into

  11. O

    BBC Money Box - Summer mini series...

    Everybody should listen to this ................. and the subsequent episodes: Can We Afford Retirement?, The Death of Retirement, Money Box - BBC Radio 4 -

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  13. M


    Hi all, I have been a member for a while now but have been rude and never introduced myself. (I now know to read those PMs;)) Now aged 30, I had passed my city and guilds 2357 electrical course in summer 2014 including NVQ level 3. Also passed my AM2 same summer. Initially found it very hard to...
  14. Pat H

    Hot Tub Isolator switch

    Hot tub in a garden next to a wooden summer house. I need to add an isolator. Ideally it would go on the side of the summer house as the CU is just inside but that puts it closer than 2M of hot tub (isolator is IP65) The next option is inside the summer house but I'm less keen on that as the...
  15. rolyberkin

    Conduit in Summer House - Aesthetics Photos Required

    Has anyone got any photos of installs they have done in non insulated or non plasterboard finished garden log cabins summer houses? I am purely interested in the aesthetics I am after examples in white plastic, black plastic, galv conduit and MI if anyone can help? I am about to wire a summer...
  16. R

    henley blocks and rcd's

    not working in the domestic sector i need help with 2 questions. firstly is it still allowed to cut into the tails between the meter and board and place a henley block in line so that i can feed a summer house as getting from the house is not an option due to doing to much damage to finished...
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