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  1. G

    Motor control for chicken house

    Hi All, Due to unforseen circumstances I have inherited a chicken farmer as a customer. He has just taken on another free range egg unit and wishes to install motorised 'pop holes' so that he can remotely open and close the doors for the chickens via a GSM module.(there are also push buttons in...
  2. E

    Domestic House Rewire Advice Needed

    Hello New to the forum and looking for some advice. I have purchased a house that requires a full rewire as it has old rubber wiring, spurs on spurs and a 13-amp socket drawing current of a light fitting! I've had some professional electricians round to discuss what's need and provide quotes...
  3. happyhippydad

    Increasing Zs readings on a ring as I progress through the house.

    I have just fitted a new consumer unit into a house which previously just had a fuse box BS3036 with no RCD protection. Whilst doing the testing the Zs readings were not as expected. They are around 1Ω throughout the house but at one socket they are 3.7Ω. The customer states this was the socket...
  4. F

    Fixing a TWO Hub HIVE system (in a single house)

    Over the course of getting the full house replumbed, a combination of our sparky and plumber have fitted a hive installation. The installation consists of two hubs, one which controls hot water and downstairs heating, the second controls the upstairs heating (over two floors). Each hub has its...
  5. J

    internal house hallway, 2 way lighting, customer wants to retain 2 way light switches but add aPIR

    Hi Guys, customer's house hall has 2 way light switched circuit, I have been asked to add a separate PIR to the existing light circuit to allow the lights to come on when PIR is activated, he wants to retain the existing 2 way switches as overall on/ off control when required independent of...
  6. J

    CU Cable Bunching..?

    Hi, Quick question that has been baffling me, I have seen many CUs whereby the cables enter shared entry points. Does this not mean the cables are now bunched according to the regs? And this all cables should have been calculated with the capacity drop? Or is a CU entry just a bit pedantic for...
  7. S

    3 Phase Meter - house move

    Hi all, just moved into our new house (old in age)with economy 7 and am looking to put in a basic energy monitor but am wondering if I have a 3 phase meter....does this mean I have 3 live inputs, one neutral and earth? Would I therefore need to have 3 clips for the energy monitor around each...
  8. R

    Trace wire through my house

    Hi, I am removing my room thermostats as i'm going "smart heating" and need to trace the wire from the room stat downstairs back to the heating control in a cupboard upstairs so it can be removed from the circuit. I'm thinking all i need is a simple tone generator / wire tracer like the ones...
  9. 1

    12v lighting for my house powered by my van

    hello all is this possible???? I drive a van around all day, I want to use the van to charge up a 110ah Agm battery, I then want to use this battery to power up a 12v led lighting circuit in my house. I also want to use the 240v supply as a back up to the same lighting circuit, with some sort...
  10. D

    Light up Front of House - Allowed Cables/Cable Runs

    I want to wire the "typical" up/down lights half way up the front of a house to light it up in several places. The house is going to be fully K Rendered after wiring it. 1. Can I run the wires across the walls down the front of the house as it is going to be rendered and these cables wont be...
  11. D

    Run Electric Supply to new build garage from 16 amp new build house CU

    I am planning to run a power to the garage from a 16 amps RDC from house CU in a new build. I want a power a twin socket, an internal light, and a floodlight. There is a power feed to a junction box on the outside of the house from a CU. My plan is to install a power supply as per the attached...


    I often work alongside a small team of other trades on flats and house refurbishments for private owners, however on a slightly bigger project than usual, I've been asked to provide a temporary builders board in a large house that is to be converted into four flats. The existing supply into the...
  13. H

    Older house loft insulation and cables

    Hi, Wish to increase loft insulation from 100 to 300mm. At present lighting and power cables are clipped direct to ceiling joists barely covered by insulation. The depth of insulation planned will cover these cables and I seek a solution. Thanks.
  14. W

    summer house supply thoughts

    been asked to price a socket to a Summer house , throwing it out their for any views which may help me decide my course of action , Ideally i would like to get back to the Consumer unit , but its virtually impossible without major structural upset , and can not go external from it either due to...
  15. Murdoch

    Another house sale scuppered by some lazy lying spark

    An old customer has just rung me about her rewire ........... done by a spark who has failed to provide any certification or Part P notification Her buyers want to exchange this week but won't without the necessary documentation He's promised her certification for months now and a search on...
  16. Vortigern

    My house was built in 1873 ish, what are the chances of asbestos being used.

    So especially on the covings. I ask because I am getting an en suite shower installed and the guys came through the coving and suggested I get rid of the mat at the front door as some dust came down on it. Is there any credence in this? Was asbestos invented then?
  17. B

    Electric only one bedroom house heating!?

    Hello everyone, i just got a small property with no access to gas... everything is electric. What are the options for heating and hot water? The old installation with the tank in the loft and the 100L cylinder looks outdated and i am not a big fan!! I am very confused at the moment and don’t...
  18. C

    Advice on the way my house has been wired

    hi, after any advice or ideas if possible. we have just moved into a bungalow built in 1964 and apparently it was rewired a few years back. it has lots of trunking from the ceiling to the sockets and we are looking to chase them into the walls. We have removed a double socket from the wall and...
  19. P

    Summer house to house installation help!

    Hi, Looking for a bit of advice . I have a summer house in my garden that has the following setup. 50amp breaker from house consumer unit from this is 18m (3core) armoured cable. This is fixed externally to the house wall and goes underground for approx 2m. Inside the summer house is a...
  20. O

    'new' house & OMG wiring

    Hi All, Acquired an early 1990 house with ... interesting .. wiring. I'll probably be back asking basic questions quite often. Have done a lot of searching here & am impressed with depth of know-how here. Will try to ask only after searching. Thanx OMGWiring
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