health and safety

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  1. G

    Health and safety and risk assessment for one man band

    Morning all I know the questions probably been asked a lot. Basically I done some work for a company last month and put my invoice in at the start of last month now there asking for health and safety policy and risk assessment. What's the score being a one man band solo trader.
  2. bigspark17

    Generic health and safety policy

    Does any one have or know where to buy a generic h&s policy document, ideally an edidable pdf version. Its worth a “like” ;) if you do :)
  3. E

    health and safety at work

    this man was relatively unknown to me till today, from what ive seen he seems a bit on the mental side i know there is folk that **** and moan about health and safety but can see why access equipment is all the rage nowadays i refuse to go up ladders if the building is above 2 stories...
  4. the pict

    Health and safety policy, finger wagging another BS

    I need to have one for the next assessment the GOV.UK site has one which is a joke all I have to do is repeat myself over and over basically just entering my name as i am a sole trader does anybody have a suggestion were I can download one that actually makes sense, P
  5. biospark80


    Hi All Im looking in to accreditations and was wondering which would be the most worthy of my time. Im Currently with Stroma Certification and Trust Mark. Ive been looking at Chas and the safe contractor schemes but I'm not sure which to go for. Would appreciate any feedback on these and what...
  6. J

    - Apprentice - training - north west - looking off a break.

    Hi My name is Johnathan, I am desperately looking for an apprenticeship for my self. I completed my C&G PEO and my C&G 2330 level 2. I am a worker. I have worked from the age of 16. I am self motivated and I have done many things, including running a small business...
  7. B

    Help with Health and safety assignment detached house refurbishment pre attendance test version 4

    Hello , I'm struggling with the "Health and safety assignment detached house refurbishment pre attendance test version 4" and need help as I am loosing my mind .... Failed online 4 times and dozens of books read most over and over wondering what and where am I going wrong as they just msg FAILED...