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    Hi, from France. Installing a micro-brewery..

    I am installing a micro-brewery in our barn in France; as you can guess that, means that I am a brewer, not an electrician :) I did 'fess up to being a DIYer when signing on. The brewhouse runs on 3-phase, both for the 12kw heating elements and for the pumps. All use a delta configuration i.e...
  2. S

    Wiring a Barn in France

    I plan to run radial circuits for lighting and power in 20mm diameter round pvc conduit. Does anyone know if individual sheathed wires for L, N and E are acceptable under French regulations, or must the wiring be in a normal sheathed 3 core cable ? Thanks.
  3. R

    replacing a ordinery wall mounted electrical socket in france

    I am not a electricion but are competetent in doing these jobs .if I change an ordinary wall mounted socket in my French house ,do I have to get it signed off
  4. Flash

    Working as electrician in france

    Hi Everyone. I have recently purchased a house in France and was thinking about offering my services as a Electrician when i'm in france but apparently it's not that easy. Has anyone done this and have any advice??
  5. I

    new here working in France

    Hi all just joined,for some where to talk about all I see here, there are 2 kinds of problems here the French diy's and the English diy's anyone who can pick up a screwdriver can work on there own or any-ones electric installations, A good idea? just to make things more fun most of the older...
  6. S

    Price for New Build Electrical System in France

    Hi I have been asked to install a complete electrical system in a new build in France, i understand the difference in regs and don't have a problem with that was just unsure of what would be a normal price for the work. They have already said they will pay for all expanses etc. so it will only...
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    Hand Free Walkie Talkie - Recommendation

    I've got a pair of cheap walkie talkie's which work OK'ish but need something better Looked at the various posting here but they are a bit old Need following requirements 1). Hands free operation, wireless 2). No pressing of a PTT button 3). Headset 4). Smallish and portable (Battery only -...
  8. D

    Cable routing in domestic in France

    Hi guys! So im doing up a chalet in France and im wanting to get a french electrician in to wire it but to save a bit of money im going to do all the chasing out. Now ive been reading through french regs and a helpful installation book but my french isnt amazing yet so was just wanting to...
  9. K

    how many 2.5 single core in 28mm conduit?

    how many 2.5 single core will fit in 28mm conduit?
  10. M

    Installing PV/wind in France

    We have had a request to look at the viability of installing a PV system on a farmhouse in Northern France (Brit owned holiday home). Not being in a position to turn away work at the moment, has anybody any experience of how you go about installing over there with regards to accreditation, grid...
  11. J

    Domestic wiring in France?

    Hi all. I'm due to undertake the re-wire of a two bed property in France. I have no previous experience of French wiring. I would very much appreciate any advice or information on the French way of doing things. Also, any suggestions of guidance text would be very useful. Cheers.
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    do you need a visa to work in france

    may have a job coming up in france should only take a few days work nothing in concrete yet just need to know if a visa is needed cheers
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