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  1. GBDamo

    Testing compact electronic ballasts

    Currently in the process of changing lamps, all 32w GX24p-3. Every one has had to have the ballast changed. New lamps in, not working. New ballast in working. Ive phoned the ballast supplier and they report there are no lamp incompatibility issues. The customer is pushing back on cost, as...
  2. C

    Commercial LTC Addressable Interface Module to be connected to the ballasts

    What is unswitched live and switched live in the attached image?. It it the drawing of the addressable interface module (AIM) to be connected to the ballasts. To where should I connect these USL & SL terminals? What is the purpose of these terminals?
  3. S

    Choosing the correct ballast?

    I have a job to repair a light in office, 1200x600 grid tile fitting, I am under the impression it's the ballast that has gone, I couldn't get access to the fitting at the time but believe the lamps to T8 lamps 4x 30w (3ft) what ballast would I need for this??? Assuming it's the old magnetic...
  4. W

    Faulty Tridonic HF Ballasts?

    Hey, I've been a member for a few years and used this forum occasionally to answer or confirm electrical questions i've had in the past, but this is my first time posting my own thread. We recently had a job for a customer to install two 2x58W Cat2 HF Modular Surface fittings (Ansell I think)...
  5. M

    IR testing sensitive equipment

    Been having an argument over insulation resistance testing on ballasts with an 'experienced' electrician I work with and he is saying line-earth IR tests on a circuit with ballasts will always give you dead shorts. I don't understand how this is correct surely a line to earth test wouldn't...
  6. 0

    Ballasts for sale

    Selling some electronic lighting ballasts if anyone is interested. Let me know. Thanks
  7. P

    what switch for control of digi dimmable ballasts

    bit of a dillemma, come into contact for the first time tridonic dimmable digital ballasts, which a range of control features. since we have installed wiring for 240v dimming control we can go with that rather than DSI or DALI. maybe its late ive been mulling it over too much but the 1000w push...
  8. K

    tridonic switchdim ballast

    i was just looking at a job today, where the push switch on the wall had the feed coming into "com" and a brown in " L1 " and blue " L2" when i took the light down it had a brown in "D1" and blue in "D2" is it possible to apply 240 volts to both those connections on the ballasts or is "D2"...
  9. T

    Commercial Hf ballasts faults

    Having major problems at a job we done less than a year ago, we've had 20 odd failed light fittings , there 28watt 2d lamp fittings all seems to have been in the first area we done so supplier is saying must be bad batch of ballasts client is saying faulty wiring, wiring is existing and lights...
  10. C

    Help wanted with em fittings please

    Hi all, I'm working on some maintained em lights at the moment and theyrr doing my head on grr! They work fine as ems on power failure. but won't strike when power is restored. then, randomly one or two will come back on over 24hourd or so . they're tridonic combi ballasts on single 49w...
  11. R

    Domestic Electronic Domestic Instant Start Ballast Keeps Blowing

    Hello. I'm no electrician (well, previously an auto-electrician but no expert on domestic electrics) and do have an electrician lined up to look into this problem next Week but would like to present the problem here for the sake of interest and for gaining some knowledge as to possible causes...
  12. C

    Voltage spike

    Hi Can anyone tell me whether a normal rail mounted lighting contactor can cause voltage spikes?We have replaced 4 emergency gear trays on a site in the last week, 2 of them have only lasted 24hrs!!!The new fittings have electronic ballasts.....just trying to find out what's going on!!!!!Have...
  13. D

    switching ballasts

    can someone clear this up for me? is switching electronic ballasts more severe on contacts than switching magnetic? and also according to this spec Steinel it can switch 8 electronic ballasts max or 500watt of standard(low-frequency with cap) fluorescent lighting do i have that right ?for...
  14. B

    Periodic inspection (EIC) report questions

    Hi all During r1 r2, ELI and PFC tests of a lighting circuit would it be a problem to leave lamps and ballasts etc in GN3 shows them out but I can't see a problem
  15. Amp David

    fluorescent lighting installation

    Had a look at a job earlier which is to replace 9 6ft twin fluorescent fittings in a small warehouse. At the moment there is nearly 20 single 5 ft fittings, all fed from 1 32 amp MCB:eek: and on 3 switches. All cabling is in 1.5mm t+e believe it or not:rolleyes: run on some cable ladder that...
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