1. D

    CCTV 4 Channel Image sometimes goes offline

    I recently done wiring for 4 channel CCTV with NVR. So i Install each CCTV with Cat5 Ethernet cable with 12VDC power supply. I connect all the CCTV with ethernet cable to NVR and start running the system without internet and work fine till few weeks. Few days ago i encounter one problem is...
  2. C

    View image at your own discretion

    What wound anyone recommend to repair the exposed single insulation from the thermo plastic conductors on x14 electrical meters? Code 2 on EICR due to storage of goods in a large room might bash into the basic insulation and cause a gigmatic explosion. Is there an insulating material to use?
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Image showing effects of consumer unit fire!

    This popper up on my twitter feed tonight, shows a house gutted in Greater London from fire due to a consumer unit fire.... Make sure you double check your terminations and installs and it can almost always be avoided if you do things properly.
  4. J

    Need Help At Four Stroke Combustion Engine

    Hi, I’m making a training tool/website to help people learn about engineering, but I’ve got a bit of a problem. I was working on 3D model of an engine and labelling parts etc. but there is one piece whose function I do not known (see below image). I’ve asked around but no one I know seems to...
  5. D

    Wall light into socket?

    Hi, I have a question, I don't have any experience with electrical stuff but I would like to know if can I connect wall led light like this without connecting it to the wall cable system, for example keep it fixed on the table etc while it's being plugged into a socket, and in that case I guess...
  6. S

    Hello, im new and need advise on how to include a image.

    Hello Its Scott ive just joined. I want to post a question but I don't understand how to inset a photo of my boilers wiring diagram. When I click image it say image URL. What do I do.
  7. J

    Hello All Suffolk and Good.

    Hello everyone, A few years ago now I set off on my course to join the ranks of you fine gentlemen. Enrolled in college did my 2330 lvl 2, happy days, started my 2330 lvl 3 got half way through and some things aside from work derailed my plans a little. Anyway this year I picked up where I left...
  8. C

    Domestic Main Fuse query

    Hi, I've come across a system with no apparent main fuse. The supply comes into a metal hinged box with the words BIG Ltd on it. This is boxed inside a cupboard so I can't open it or tell if it is sealed. The tails then come out to the meter and into a double pole connector block. This...
  9. I

    how to rewire NEMA 18-20 specifically W X Y Z to NEMA 10-50 plug/socket?

    Hi everyone, I have a forklift charger, it's plug has 4 flat pin and 3phase power 250v 30A rating(written on the plug). Upon checking it seems to be a NEMA 18-20 type, I cannot find this socket in my country and planning to rewire it to NEMA 10-50. What does the meaning of W X Y and Z...
  10. O

    Another scam??

    Got this today by email: Congratulations xxxxx. You've got it. Your Business We've been told you've got what it takes to become a Which? Trusted Trader. Dear xxxxxx, We're delighted to let you know that our members have recommended xxxxxxxxxxx to join our Which...
  11. L

    Problem with 2 way circuit.

    Hi, I've just started an apprentice course so very green but I've been faced with this issue and can't work it out. Two way light circuit in a garage each controlling 8 x 70w fluorescents. I've never seen a two way wired this way and need help understanding it. Each switch is identically wired...
  12. T

    Domestic MR16 12v to GU10 240v conversion

    Hi, I've 26 MR16 12v downlights in my property. At the moment they're running 50w halogens, LED's would obviously be the more efficient option. I think I've got a pretty solid plan for converting but I'm hoping someone will be able to point out any glaring omissions :stooge_curly: Currently...
  13. P

    master socket cable

    Not had much experience with telecoms so hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. I need to wire in a master socket in my property. I've never come across this cable before, then again I haven't had to deal with many. Hopefully you can see the image, it consists of 3 yellow...
  14. B

    DNO Earthing

    The DNO earthing on a TN-S supply to the MET block is no more than 6mm. On the customers side the Main earthing from CU to MET is in 16mm and the bonding to the Gas and Water is in 10mm. The Ze readings are low at 0.13, is there a requirement to get the earthing from the MET to the supply head...
  15. M

    Getty images my website - help!!!!!!!!

    Great - just got a letter from a company called Getty images saying I owe them £879 for one poxy small image that they claim to own that is on my website. They say going to take it to court. WTF? Is this a scam? Anyone else experienced this? :90:
  16. Toby Kuhnert

    Inspection camera from Maplin?

    what does everyone think of this? Handheld Video Optic Inspection Tool with LCD Display : Inspection Cameras : Maplin Electronics It says it only has 88cm of lead from the camera lens to the screen, but would this be enough?
  17. H

    TV Aerial Setup Advice?

    Hey, I'm looking for some help and advice on our aerial setup across the house as we've got some problems as of today. As far as I can tell our setup looks like this: htt p://i.Upload the image directly to the thread.c om/5ev7tzB.gif (remove the two spaces to see the image, sorry mods but it's the easiest way to explain.)...
  18. A

    joining napit

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and just wanted some opinions/ experiences in regards to joining napit. I work as a sub contractor to an nic/ eic approved contractor but need to get part p registered to carry out my own weekend work. I have alot of customers asking for EICR for there rented...


    afternoon boys n girls... just been in town for a mooch about.... 9 LED 0.59W MR16s in the pound shop local to me.....
  20. L

    design software

    evening does anybody know of any good design software for designing logos etc just got loads of cards from vista print and not happy with them going to design my own well a least try lol
  21. S

    PV SOl help - panel placement

    Hi there I'm a new user to PV Sol Pro and have to say I am not finding the software especially intuitive. On this particular roof, I would like to place 9 panels portrait and 2 landscape to avoid a shading issue and utilise some space on the smaller extension roof which is the same pitch and...
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