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  1. S

    Hi all, my 1st question (re seal on electricity suppliers cut out)

    I need to move my consumer unit (only by 500mm or so) which means new tails. I have no DP isolator between the supplier’s cut out and my consumer unit. I intend cutting the seal on the cut out and pulling the fuse. I will then fit a 100A DP switch to the existing 25mm tails from the cut out...
  2. J

    5 Meters, 5 suppliers...

    How would one manage the re-location of five meters owned by five different energy companies during a mains supply upgrade? The old supply will be disconnected at the same time the new is energised. All five meters will need to move to a new location approx 1 meter away. What is the best way...
  3. P

    Returning Stuff to Suppliers

    Beware Just Noticed Screwfix /Electrafix (Sure others will follow) from Today aren’t taking back anything Eg don’t over order materials as if your job is cancelled your stuck with stock you don’t need!
  4. N

    Panel builder suppliers

    do panel builders need previous experience with manufacturer’s or is it ok to hire them
  5. multimick

    energy suppliers

    anyone got recommendations for suppliers,i am with i supply at moment ,they are cheap but awful customer service almost non existent. used to be with a firm which is now shell energy
  6. L

    Kaidi KDDY008B - Suppliers with same day delivery?

    Sods law happened; reclined the electric sofa for the first time in weeks and the power supply went pop. Anyone know where I can pick up a kaidi kddy008b 29V 2A transformer today? I know I can order online from various places for next day delivery but I need to reset the sofa before the kids...
  7. oracle

    Why do test equipment suppliers use the xxth edition to plug their stuff

    There is no such thing as an 18th edition tester. The Regs are for installation requirements only The standards for test meters are BS 61010 and BS 61326 and other specific standards but NEVER BS7671
  8. mhar

    Web site / suppliers list of downlight hole cutout sizes

    Is there any resource anywhere or any point of reference where you can search for a downligt by hole cut-out size? Looking for non integrated gu10 fittings for existing 82mm holes. It takes forever going into the spec of each downlight
  9. NDG Elecs

    FR Back Board Suppliers

    Hi All, I'm sure everyone has more pressing issues than this post, such as last minute pressie buying etc etc...but I am struggling to find a supplier of over sized FR BBs. Largest I have seen online is 2x1 feet. I have had a good look around too. I could use two of them but I would prefer a...
  10. captaincaveman

    Suppliers cut out - Melting or filler?

    Hiya. Anyone seen a suppliers cut out like the one in the picture and do they know if it's of concern? It's got hardened black residue thats dripped down from where the cables go in. I can't decide whether it's hole filler or the actual casing. Some of the 'residue' is fresh then below it it's...
  11. M

    Searching for materials?? Problems

    Good evening Looking for feedback, Appreciate any feedback you have. I've been in the electrical game for 20 years plus and one of my biggest hates is searching for materials and prices. I'm currently working on some software that could make it quicker to find what your looking for by...
  12. D

    Earthing & electrical suppliers

    Evening.. So, I'm working on a house that has been split into 2 flats and have been asked to do a board change in the downstairs flat. The earthing arrangement is TNS but I noticed that there is an earth connected between the neutral of the cut out and the earth terminal block to create a PME...
  13. the pict

    Jack not roller skate

    Where can I buy a proper car jack other than the bloody useless toys on ebay, you know the ones they are about as big as a roller skate and just about as much use, these things of which I have 2, one failed dramatically going down like a shot rat, the other has a mindless want to invert itself...
  14. F

    Domestic External Hot Tub Circuit on TN-C-S supply help advice please.

    Hello everyone, I know this has come upquite often, I have gone back through the many threads relating tothis topic. The reason for wanting to start my own thread is afterhaving read those many threads, in the end, a definitive answereither way, is hard to find. I have just installed anew...
  15. jengo22

    Control gear direct rcbo

    My suppliers are pushing there rcbo £14.00 anybody used them are they ok
  16. C

    Replacing discontinued Suntech panels

    Hi, I need some help please to replace storm damaged Suntech STP245S panels on an existing installation. The array is connected to a Sunny Boy 5Kw inverter set up as 2 x 20 panels. There are about 6 panels smashed, but with Suntechs discontinued I need to find some suitable replacements. I'd...
  17. B

    new supply been put today to new building ,NO EARTH

    Hi avery1 new supply to new 3bed house ,waited 3 months ,came to connect but no earth,what can i do:sad:
  18. N

    Periodic Inspection Advice Please

    Hi Guys I have just carried out a Periodic Inspection on an installation that must be at least 30 years old I observed the following and any comments would be greatfuly received There is an old 6 way rewire able CU when the cover is removed the supply conductors are exposed even with the switch...
  19. H

    High efficiency PV panel source (one-off qty)

    I'm doing an off-grid install on a narrowboat requiring a small no. of panels (e.g. 5 x 100W or 2 to 3 larger panels - aiming for 400Wp to 600Wp with a 450Ah battery bank). Solar payback for this setup is high because its solar or diesel generation only (rough estimate 5p / Ah at 12v). So I...
  20. B

    Breaking into tails on a pv installation

    Hi due to start on a job which has pv installed,I need to have to break into the tails at the white box to feed another consumer unit in a out building as there is no way i can get to the consumer unit in the house,the problem being by doing this the outbuilding electric will not be generated...
  21. F

    Hyundai HY9000LEK generators

    Hello ladies Does anyone know if these hyundai generators are vov generators ?? Got someone who has bought one to power their lights at home in the event of a power cut, and wants it connecting up. I am sure you are not allowed to connect vov generators to domestic dwellings, but I may be wrong.
  22. E

    Distributors Fuse Rating and Type

    I know this topics is probably a very old chestnut, but how do I really find out what type and rating the distributors fuse is? The suppliers say its not their responsibiliy (EDF) and the distributor says they do not hold a database of the information. Its an old style fuse with no indication. I...
  23. Top Cat

    From a non solar guy, does this look OK

    Just started to do a EICR today and this was the layout. I know the 16mm tails are wrong but i have never seen it fed directly off the main fuse before. What are your thoughts as i no nothing about solar.
  24. N

    Solar Edge Inverter & Optimisers required urgently

    Does anyone know where I can get an SE 3000 Solar Edge Inverter and 12 x OP250-LV-MC4SM 250w power optimisers? We have been let down right at the last minute by our suppliers ! Thank you Nic
  25. J

    Solar suppliers

    Gents I am involved in the electrical wholesale industry, our particular branch got involved with the whole fit deadline rush, supplying our own stocks and also sourcing from other suppliers. Can I ask how you put up with the following issues? 1. Credit limits slashed overnight with no...
  26. D

    export meters, just an MCS to fit them?

    Just wondering what people's experience is of fitting export meters. We've put a few in & had no problems but I know some electricity suppliers are insisting on only certain companies fitting their customer's export meter (not 'just' an MCS accredited installer..). Has anyone had any...
  27. S

    segens discount policy

    Hi People quick question regarding there policy. I spent over 100000k in a month with them but they only gave me a discount of 2% and i was told they only do it on a monthly basis, Is this correct as it makes a bigger difference to the bottom line.
  28. R

    Solar pv lead generation

    We have thousands of solar pv leads for able to pay customers across the uk ,moving forward with the new fit rate we see an even greater demand now that initial costs have crashed to the customer,if your looking for good quality leads postcode specific or uk wide then please get in touch.either...
  29. T

    Megger MFT1552

    Does anyone know if the Megger MFT1552 multi function tester still conforms to the 17th eddition?
  30. S

    Ze and zs testing!

    Hi all just a quick question. Understand how to carry out both tests and what the right reading ie max reading should be, but what wouLd you do if the reading you receive is to high. Ze do you contact the electrical board? And zs what would be the options? Thanks once again Chris
  31. W

    Solar PV Systems Suppliers

    Hi, We are electrical contractors fairly new to PV installations. We are looking for recommended suppliers & quotes for systems if anyone one can help, not getting much joy of our regular wholesalers, ie. CEF, TNR, Neweys etc.. Got a large industrial project to price which includes PV...
  32. G

    Megger trouble - help

    I have just blown the dust of my Megger MFT1553 and decided to run through some tests as I have a consumer unit to replace tomorrow. First one since passing my Elecsa registration :). Anyway, I have tried to do a Ze test and I can't get a reading. I am sure I am following the same procedure...
  33. Jimmy Boy

    Board upgrades remote to main CU

    Apologies if this has been asked before but I can't quite put my finger on the answer searching threads. 1) If you changing a CU that isn't the main CU but a downstream one ie garage, you fill in all the data on the cert. as per normal but Ze and PFC at the origin is that actually where the...
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