1. sparkdog

    Internet suppliers

    I am thinking of giving up my local suppliers, and getting most of my materials form internet suppliers. They appear to have much better prices. I find that with local suppliers the cost somehow keeps mounting up and there is a great big nasty bill at the end of the month. Anyone else use...
  2. littlespark

    LED tape. Good suppliers?

    A few years ago i fitted some plain warm white LED tape, inside an alu profile around a customers bedroom. Sourced from YESSS at the time... around 16m, on a 150W psu. The same people are now asking for another room to be done... but im getting nowhere asking either of my local wholesalers for...
  3. Lou Reviews And Feedback (CES) are an electrical supplier across the United States with over 550 branches coast to coast. Here in the UK we know them as CEF - a familiar name in the trade. With plenty of stores and fast shipping they can get your orders fulfilled quickly so you can spend...
  4. Rooster

    RCBO's are suppliers taking a risk

    There talks that campervan electrical suppliers, like Truma, Sargent, Powerpart, etc are supplying electrical consumer units or control systems with 240v systems illegally as they do not meet the 18th edition, section 721 on motorcaravans where in a fault, both live and neutral must be...
  5. S

    16mm suppliers tails

    If the suppliers meter tails are 16mm, do I have to use 16mm for a consumer unit on the consumer side or is it ok to use 25mm still?
  6. E

    Will any suppliers still fit a standard meter?

    I'm a homeowner. My flat came with a prepayment meter. I was due to get it changed by Green Network Energy. I even specifically chose them because they would fit a standard meter and not a smart meter... Anyway, Covid and a company going bust later I still have a prepayment meter. I'm with...
  7. E

    European lighting suppliers

    Hi everyone, I am an American career Electrician living and working in Czech Republic. I am looking for recommendations for the best European lighting suppliers. All of my familiar lighting companies do not exist here. I have been a lifelong fan/user of RAB lighting, looking for an equivalent...
  8. Dan

    Electrical News | Electricians News - News and Articles for the Electrical Industry ***WANTED***

    Electrical News | Electricians News - News and Articles for the Electrical Industry News and Articles for the Electrical Industry - Electrical News / Electricians News and Information Wanted Here are (formerly we've tried a few times to get some...
  9. Pip

    UK Car chargers promoted by electricy suppliers supliers beware long rant

    So I don't post here much but I'm feeling a liitle annoyed/abused/p*ss off. Why is it that as electricians we pay for, and have to have yearly assessments, regulation upgrade courses, insurance etc. Are told that the next technology advancement is the new source of income (solar?) And the answer...
  10. Vortigern

    Who knew? You have to connect your own energy suppliers meter

    Extraordinary day. Five hours on the phone with SSE (is it me?) Trying to get new supply connected. Meter already there just need connecting/energising. Yesterday arranged 8:30 a.m. next day connection (today). Engineer attended and informed me; "you have to connect these meters yourself we...
  11. P

    Do you test the suppliers earth conductor for continuity??? (Initial verification)

    Hi guys, QUESTION: Do you test the suppliers earth conductor for continuity??? The guidance note 3 2.6.5 refers to regulation 643.2.11 which requires a continuity check be carried out on all protective conductors including: EARTHING CONDUCTOR, CPC's and bonding conductors. I am aware of the...
  12. S

    Hi all, my 1st question (re seal on electricity suppliers cut out)

    I need to move my consumer unit (only by 500mm or so) which means new tails. I have no DP isolator between the supplier’s cut out and my consumer unit. I intend cutting the seal on the cut out and pulling the fuse. I will then fit a 100A DP switch to the existing 25mm tails from the cut out...
  13. J

    5 Meters, 5 suppliers...

    How would one manage the re-location of five meters owned by five different energy companies during a mains supply upgrade? The old supply will be disconnected at the same time the new is energised. All five meters will need to move to a new location approx 1 meter away. What is the best way...
  14. P

    Returning Stuff to Suppliers

    Beware Just Noticed Screwfix /Electrafix (Sure others will follow) from Today aren’t taking back anything Eg don’t over order materials as if your job is cancelled your stuck with stock you don’t need!
  15. N

    Panel builder suppliers

    do panel builders need previous experience with manufacturer’s or is it ok to hire them
  16. multimick

    energy suppliers

    anyone got recommendations for suppliers,i am with i supply at moment ,they are cheap but awful customer service almost non existent. used to be with a firm which is now shell energy
  17. Lister1987

    Kaidi KDDY008B - Suppliers with same day delivery?

    Sods law happened; reclined the electric sofa for the first time in weeks and the power supply went pop. Anyone know where I can pick up a kaidi kddy008b 29V 2A transformer today? I know I can order online from various places for next day delivery but I need to reset the sofa before the kids...
  18. oracle

    Why do test equipment suppliers use the xxth edition to plug their stuff

    There is no such thing as an 18th edition tester. The Regs are for installation requirements only The standards for test meters are BS 61010 and BS 61326 and other specific standards but NEVER BS7671
  19. M

    Web site / suppliers list of downlight hole cutout sizes

    Is there any resource anywhere or any point of reference where you can search for a downligt by hole cut-out size? Looking for non integrated gu10 fittings for existing 82mm holes. It takes forever going into the spec of each downlight
  20. NDG Elecs

    FR Back Board Suppliers

    Hi All, I'm sure everyone has more pressing issues than this post, such as last minute pressie buying etc etc...but I am struggling to find a supplier of over sized FR BBs. Largest I have seen online is 2x1 feet. I have had a good look around too. I could use two of them but I would prefer a...


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