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  1. P

    Returning Stuff to Suppliers

    Beware Just Noticed Screwfix /Electrafix (Sure others will follow) from Today aren’t taking back anything Eg don’t over order materials as if your job is cancelled your stuck with stock you don’t need!
  2. C

    Hey i need help with general things with Electrician stuff.

    Hi guys, Im just wondering how i can get better at ohms law, any kind of suggestions on how i can get better at it? I find it hard to grasp, and if you guys have any good videos or articles (or explanations yourselves) that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. the pict

    Wish anyone bought stuff

    I have just stumbled onto the wish website anyone bought anything any good some of the angling gear looks tempting P
  4. Dan

    Advent Winnings: Stuff going out in batches :)

    Just letting you guys and gals know that the advent winnings (including forum hats) will be going out in batches. We did this on all three forums so we've got 75 hats going out, amongst all the other things, so to save us a bit of time and to make the tracking a bit more manageable we're sending...
  5. D

    I must I must stop buying stuff at the boot sales

    My latest purchase 60p the lot :)
  6. D

    1 day re-wire....

  7. C

    Hello everyone..............

    My name is Carl, I'm an Electrician in Lancashire. Hoping to find some useful chat on here in an ever changing electrical world.. :-)
  8. E

    Creative Ideas.. Smart Stuff

    I'm scratching my head for a way to get a timer bathroom extractor to work in the normal way but with a LightwaveRF Gen 2 switch. Clearly it would be impossible to wire to the switch in the normal way due to how LWRF works. I'm convinced it wouldn't work 'electrically' and my only idea is to...
  9. E

    Splicing ring main to add some stuff

    Hi, planning to add some extra things for a new bathroom to a ring main which covers top floor of my house, does below look sensible (hopefully self explanatory)... Note all sockets/FCU's are outside the bathroom. Ring main to CU is on RCD 30amp. Any problems having a fused spur at 6m long...
  10. oracle

    Why do test equipment suppliers use the xxth edition to plug their stuff

    There is no such thing as an 18th edition tester. The Regs are for installation requirements only The standards for test meters are BS 61010 and BS 61326 and other specific standards but NEVER BS7671
  11. littlespark

    Where's the sticky thread for old stuff?

    Doing a little job in my local pub:- changing double sockets to ones with USB chargers built in and 90 or so portable appliance tests... I came across this old man in the cupboard. and its 30A little brother on the opposite wall. 2 out of 3 fuse carriers missing from inside so incomplete.
  12. Baddegg

    Probably old hat to you lot but this stuff still fascinates me...

    Went to have a look at changing an mcb to rcbo today for another Bathroom fitter and was presented with this lot,it’s had solar panels (that’s the mcb with the interesting bus bar link) and also a new boiler fitted in the last year, second pic is where the main bond was shortened to provide (I’m...
  13. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Stuff that for a game of Soldiers, change it yourself

    Or what a bummer just dropped me screwdriver, oh well it's overtime, so wtf
  14. pirate

    Random stuff, just for sharing, thank you!

    To kick this off, I really need to know what this is for...I don't think I need it, it is probably for a non-DeWalt tool... It came sandwiched in the cardboard with a new blade.
  15. S

    Old Skool Tools and Stuff you have made

    Just wondering what you still have from years yonder and what you made to make life easier, the only things I think I still have are my PYRO tools and a long handled PYRO stripper that I made myself, will need to have a rummage in the loft to find them though, oh and ancient conduit threading...
  16. pirate

    Stuff you see and really want to buy (not!)

    Maybe it's just me, but whenever I see a bargain... not sure how to check the first one, but the second one is easy! Imagine manufacturing,importing, packaging, distributing and stocking a top of the range electrical appliance like this for less than a fiver, and still making a profit... On the...
  17. S

    Vintage Stuff - Question

    Who on here collects old stuff as I have a working Friedland C75 transformer that I just can't throw away so it would be nice if it went to a good home.
  18. S

    Milwaukee drill finally let me down. Looking at hilti instead

    hello all. My Milwaukee drill has finally let me down and I must say the quality on my newer Milwaukee 12v drills are not the same I believe. Im tempted to look at hilti sfc -22a drill. Hilti are based 5 minutes away from me and I've rated them since I've been working but I finally now have a...
  19. H

    Wish me luck

    After 2.5 years since starting in this game, I'm now on my way down to the office to hand my notice in at the school to go full time for my uncle's firm. I've been two days with him for a few months now, and the time seems right for us both to make the change to full time. That all said though...
  20. gazzamikes

    Oh yes another van thread!

    Morning all, I've got a mkII fiat scudo, it's showing its age and has a dodgy injector. I drive quite a few miles for jobs and want something smoother and nicer to do drive! What's people's thoughts on the new Fiat doblo/ vauxhall combo? About half the stuff in my scudo is rubbish or stuff I...
  21. S

    Domestic Should I use 15 year old earth cable?

    Hi all, I'm brand new to the forum. I'm a DIY'er on my third house renovation (over the last 20 years). Having consulted a professional electrician, I know I need to run a new 10mm earth to the water meter. I happen to have a brand new, sealed, 50m roll of it from a previous project. BUT...
  22. valleybilly

    Any one know what this is ?

    Found this supplying a garage 30 + meters away an it aint SWA ! . Its like oval shaped and made of something like garden hose material with singles inside 6mm csa . Its coming out of the cu and Yes ' its going into the dog house then on to the garage . It then changes colour ( Orange this...
  23. westward10

    Is it snowing

    I see snow.
  24. Dan

    Downloads Section For Pdf's And White Goods Instructions Etc Any Good?

    XenForo.com has a really good downloads system, https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ that they sell, and perhaps would be handy for us to have, so that we can upload guides and PDF instructions and things for boilers and whatnot perhaps? Do you think it'd be a handy thing to have? And not...
  25. U

    Items for sale

    Hi former fellow electricians, Not really sure whatt the best way to approach this, I live in south london / surrey area. I got lot of my stuff I wont need anymore, i'll be keeping my tools, they're too precious to me. However I've added photos of all the stuff I got for sale, all unused...
  26. M

    Led strip supplier

    Hello I am looking at installing some LED strips in my own house and I have found a website that seems to do them for cheap. It's a Chinese website but looks quite decent. The ones I've installed before from electrical wholesalers has cost a lot of money over £200. I figured that even the ones...
  27. Phil Thompson

    Wirefree/Wireless PIR sensor for lighting recommendations please.

    I have a request from a customer who basically wants a number of LED floods installed. However he wants it set up that all the lights come on when any PIR picks up motion. 1 light will be a lot more labour intensive than the rest, but he's looking the sensors in awkward locations in regards...
  28. F

    wholesalers or screwfix

    were do most shop im finding of late screwfix to be cheaper than the local wholesalers your thoughts
  29. A

    LED Cree vs Tridonic

    Any of you had experience with the above LED technologies. Any preferences, advantages or disadvantages to either?
  30. Pete999

    TV Building shows and Youtube

    Right here we go, I realise that the shows I'm talking about are mainly aimed at the DIY section of society, or in my case a bored nearly ex Electrician. Never the less I am compelled to vent my anger at the down right blatant dangerous information dished out by some of these so called experts...
  31. W

    LED Strip

    Evening all, I'm looking for supplier of good quality LED strips (preferably 24v) with 3000 and 4000K colours. There's a lot of stuff about but want a supplier who does decent/recommended stuff rather that cheap crap from ebay! Thanks
  32. R

    What are your favourite brand for LED lighting?

    Hi all just wanted some feedback what your best brands are for LED light bulbs, downlights or related products please? I have found that Aurora & Robus are the big players in the LED market, be good to get your thoughts in terms of quality and costs. Cheers Rob (forum rookie)
  33. N

    Switches Brands

    I'm currently in the process of a house refurb and next on my to-do list is light switches and wall sockets. I've narrowed it down to two brands which are MK & Crabtree and Screwfix stock both at reasonable prices. Which brand shall I go for? - Nathan
  34. happyhippydad

    How to get a weatherproof seal on conduit?

    Quite often I see conduit going into an adaptable box or conduit box 'outside'. This is fine if it is coming in from the bottom, you can just use a normal adaptor to go into the box, but often it comes in from the side and the adaptors are not IP rated. I just wondered if anyone here uses...
  35. M

    zumtobel track lighting LED

    been working with this stuff all day today , started off thinking it was cheapt crap but after getting into it a bit it seems really good to work with fast installation and a good looking product anyone used this stuff
  36. E

    Cordless stuff, does it really compare to mains??!!

    Ok, so i have mains dewalt skill saw, hitachi 115mm grinder, makita multi tool. Am wondering - if i invest in 18v milwaukee stuff of all the above will i notice a real difference in power?! I'm particularly wondering about the grinder i suppose. Would it just lock up all the time if it was 18v...
  37. O

    Oldest work truck

    My truck an 83 F250,small 6 litre V8 5speed manual,no a/c,no p/s AM radio,A railway line front and rear,good old redneck stuff with a rack for stuff when we drop pigs horses roos.
  38. N

    ACA training courses in Scotland?

    Hi, new to this forum so sorry if this is a question asked on a regular basis. I'm looking to see if there is any type of prep course available to take before sitting/booking my ACA? any help is much appreciated thanks!
  39. L

    Comments on existing installation

    Hi Everyone, I have gone back to using hand written certs a lot easier and all completed on site. The problem is with the elecsa certs when doing a consumer unit upgrade the comments on existing installation box is too small to fill in all observations so I have seen a observation continuation...
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