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  1. Lister1987

    Kaidi KDDY008B - Suppliers with same day delivery?

    Sods law happened; reclined the electric sofa for the first time in weeks and the power supply went pop. Anyone know where I can pick up a kaidi kddy008b 29V 2A transformer today? I know I can order online from various places for next day delivery but I need to reset the sofa before the kids...
  2. L

    Knipex amazon .de

    Just to let you know I was getting new knipex gear and was on amazon reading comments and one post said order from amazon germany so I went on and got these bad boys for £21 was 30+ on uk site was a few other items cheaper to haven't tyred with rest of eu yet funny this as well item...
  3. O

    Why don't text messages "bounce"

    So here is the scenario: Tried sending a cousin a text message twice - no response, so tried calling him... mobile network says "number no recognised (or something similar) So why didn't the mobile network return them "undelivered" - a bit like emails do. Just wondering Thanks
  4. Dan

    TLC Direct

    History TLC was founded in 1991. The first branch was a small warehouse in Crawley, with 3 employees and a range of 2,500 products. Three months later a second branch was opened in London and since then the company has grown steadily, opening new branches and extending the product range. The...
  5. G

    1720 for sale

    As thread title, very good condition, it has no case, I hated it and threw it away and bought a meggar carry bag with straps for it so it can be carried over the shoulder, all test leads complete and in fine working order, £500 all in which includes 1st class signature required insured delivery...
  6. G

    6 x 15W MID130 LED Downlight 4000K + Driver

    I have 6 LED downlights MID130 for sale with LED driver included. They have been used for about 1 month in an exibition and they might have soft scratches but they are in a very good condition. They are no glass model (no glass in front of the light). Very powerful LED lights ideal for...
  7. T

    For Sale Izumi battery hydraulic crimper

    Izumi 14.4v battery hydraulic crimper REC-5431 2 batterys DC charger 3 dies (70mm 95mm 50mm) Shoulder strap
  8. B

    Megger MFT (west Mids)

    PM me please. Thanks
  9. J

    Found a supplier with complete one stop solar PV kits available in the UK

    Individual Kits available (Next Day Delivery, from Tuesday the 15th November onwards) Choose your panel UPsolar 190 - UPsolar 210 - UPsolar 230 Inverter: SteccaGrid or Power One Mounting Kit HILTI or QMS Mounting Kits Fixings, gen meter, isolators etc FULL KIT READY TO INSTALL Plus VAT &...
  10. S

    Anyone use supplier Krannich Solar?

    Hi, I've been looking into suppliers for PV panels, inverters and mounting kits. Has anyone used Krannich Solar? Their prices are pretty good, inverters are cheaper than segen for instance, and their mounting kits looks easy to put together. Though I'd check on here before I place an order...
  11. R


    Morning all, and happy easter! Right, generally speaking, how much are you guys paying for RCBO's at the moment? Many thanks
  12. F

    For Sale - Various tools and bits....

    Having a little clearout as I've upgraded bits and pieces so these are now surplus to requirements. I will be adding to the list as I pull more bits out. 1). Brand new Makita Tool Bag. As comes with the LXT600 kit. Excellent condition as never used. Identical to this Makita 6 Piece Bag...
  13. E

    2 x Brand New Di-Log Voltage & Continuity Testers

    Hi guys, I recently borrowed a few testers to do a review which I will be posting on here soon. However I couldn't get hold of either of the new Di-Log testers on loan so I went and purchased 2 today. They have only been out of the box for 5 minutes to do a quick review in my garage and are...
  14. S

    fluke 1652b blue alligator clip

    hi does anyone have any idea where i can get a fluke 1652b alligator clip. fluke sell them direct for £4.00 but charge £35.00 delivery
  15. A

    website i recommend for business cards, t-shirts etc

    My other half got me 500 business cards she designed herself for only £3.50 via I could not believe the quality so took a look myself...(There maybe other online companies that do the same things). You can also design t-shirts etc etc and the rates are alot cheaper then i...
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