1. P

    New consumer unit, builder says upgrade supply

    Hi As part of a loft conversion to my 2 (now 3) floor flat in a Victorian Terraced house I have added about a dozen 2-gang sockets, a shaving socket, and about 16 downlights to my new floor, plus swapping four pendant lights for 16 downlights in the floor below. An electrician was installing a...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Dodgy builder and 'electrician' fined for dodgy work and using the scheme logo

    I expect this bunch of blokes would not have got into as much bother if they hadnt bothered pretending to be NICEIC members and used the logo. either way its good to see cowboys fined for shoddy work. Copied from NICEIC website:- TRADESMEN FINED FOR DANGEROUS ELECTRICAL WORK THAT PUT LIVES AT...
  3. D

    Domestic Difficult and Unreasonable Builder Questioning Price

    Hi, I have recently started work and finished first fix on a loft conversion for a builder. During first fix, the builder who has hired me for the job, specified various additions and removals from the original quote which I had to include at the time of first fix, which resulted in the job...
  4. S

    Builder needing advice after damaging temporary supply to new build!

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate some advice on the following problem I have had with a temporary electric supply. We are in the process of building a couple of flats and had a temporary supply put in, no problem! However much later when one of the labourers was putting the hockey...
  5. pirate

    Apparently, I'm a builder now!

    During today's continued renovation of an old building for a charity, I helped to install some of these...
  6. rolyberkin

    Anyone use my builder for work?

    Joined up to see what it is like, looks like a bit of a cattle market. The customer posts a job, you express an interest and then if they shortlist you, you pay a fee even if you don't get the job. Can't get my head around it but quite compulsive viewing :-)
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Undercut by the builder down the pub!

    Had a phonecall about an hour ago asking if I could connect a new freestanding cooker up. The lady lives in a apartment building on the same development as me. Call went like.. Lady: Hi, we have just bought a new cooker from Argos and need somebody to disconnect our old one and wire in the new...
  8. reddwarf4ever

    Builder safety worry

    in 2003 i engaged a builder to extend my property. 1-when I asked for 3 light switches to control 1 light, it took him a week to find out how to do it....he ran multiple cables , just in case, until he found out how it should be done... 2-he fitted a consumer unit, but immediately it kept...
  9. N

    My work...

    Hi guys, Do any of you use my builder? And if so do you get a lot of work from it? Cheers
  10. andysparkfree

    PME head , builder forgot earth cable , 100amp 3phase supply , 10 bedroom house , 10 bedroom house

    Hi all , im new here but have always looked for answers over the months description of my question there is an external 100 amp 3 phase metered head that this new 10 bed house is to be fed from , the builders installed a 35mm 4core swa as i directed however they forgot about a 16mm earth now...
  11. Dave301

    Builder let customer down and no electrical certs or compliance certs

    I've been to a job tonight and cut a long story short he's been left without certificates for a new bathroom and CU change. But the company overseeing the inspection from a building regs side won't issue a completion cert without electrical certs and compliance certs. He's asked me if can issue...
  12. J

    Builder looking to learn more

    Hi everyone My goal is to learn more about electrics so that I can do basic tasks on the projects I work on, and also understand more so I can communicate with my electricians better and pre-empt any problems they face. Happy sparky = happy builder = happy client. Well in theory
  13. haptism

    EIC's and building control

    Can someone tell me, if a builder (not part p registered) was to do all the electrical work in a house rewire himself using the labc method; then who would be required to issue the EIC for the client, the builder or the labc ? Say the testing was done by the labc. The EIC would then require two...
  14. B

    Signing off a job

    Can someone let me know if someone 1st fixes a rewire on a property,then the builder calls someone else into 2nd fix,can this job be signed off through part p,or can the 2nd person only issue a eicr certificate
  15. T

    Lollipop or not?

    I started installing a radial circuit in 4mm² singles in white 20mm conduit for an office. MCB=32a. T-N-CS The client has decided to cut costs and while the builder is erecting a stud wall partition office he (the builder) will continue with the wiring. The builder wants to form a junction with...
  16. W

    splitting a 100 amp supply for 3 DB's

    I have been given a spec on a job from a builder and it has been suggested in the spec that we should use a 100 amp supply which is currently feeding 1 DB to split it to supply 3 DB's. So using the supply to go into a sub main board. Off this they want to supply 2 flats and a communal mobility...
  17. L

    Plasterboard Back boxes 1st fix or 2nd fix

    Hi all We got an issue with a builder and plaster at the moment, and when the electrician should put the plasterboard back boxes in
  18. Leesparkykent

    Stupid builders........

    Been doing a barn conversion/extension at a builders house I do work for. All the ceilings are vaulted/exposed oak beams....The builder boarded, insulated and tiled the roof from the outside leaving the beams exposed. Instead of getting me in to put the switch drops in from the chandelier...
  19. buzzlightyear

    bad customers

    any body had bad customers not paying .