1. N

    Panel builder suppliers

    do panel builders need previous experience with manufacturer’s or is it ok to hire them
  2. Trapped Key Interlock Usage in Switchgear (With Captions)

    Trapped Key Interlock Usage in Switchgear (With Captions)

    Trapped key interlocks have a number of functions in substation switchgear applications. For example, preventing the paralleling of two energy sources, preve...
  3. SparkyChick

    Plastic Switchgear Enclosures - Acceptable in barn?

    Hi all, I've tried to find the answer to this question, but I've drawn a blank. Situation... location is a barn, attached to a domestic property. This will be a sub-board supplied in T+E from the main board in the house. The question is... is a plastic board acceptable or should it be metal...
  4. M


    Quick introduction. 28 yr old qualified spark with the boring PAT qualification test and inspect, design and verification, compex 08 and 09. Think That's it. moved into the switchgear side of the industry 3 years back building switchgear parking elsewhere like distribution systems changeover...
  5. Midwest

    Reg 421.1.201 Similar Switchgear Assemblies

    I have read a few posts with regard to Reg 421.1.201 & Similar Switchgear Assemblies, with regard to the definition of such. When 421.1.201 came into being, I was advised at the time about using certain enclosures. This advise, now seems to have changed. I've copied below my questions, and the...
  6. Dan

    Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe

    Dan submitted a new resource: Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe - Document from the Health and Safety Executive Read more about this resource...
  7. Dan

    Hsg230 – Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe (2nd Edition)

    This guidance is aimed at owners and operators of electrical switchgear in industrial and commercial organisations. It will help managers, engineers and others to understand their responsibilities and duties in the selection, use, operation and maintenance of high-voltage switchgear. Continue...
  8. GMES

    Industrial Switchgear

    I am currently stripping out a customers new site of all the high bay lighting and 3 phase power boards and it is all up for sale if anybody is interested. There are approx 100-200 x 400w highbay fittings a couple of 800amp power boards SQ D a couple of 400amp MeM power boards 5-10 mem 3 phase...
  9. Y

    Arrow Switchgear

    Morning All, Just got this through from a colleague looking at a commercial gas boiler installHe sent this picture through, From the description of the cable coming in it sounds like MICC, but the glands don't look like MICC glands and neither does the cable, So it could just be old flex. The...
  10. T

    Power/Distribution Transformers and Large High and Low Voltage Switchgear

    Hello All, We are looking for high voltage transformers and large switch gear We can pay good prices for equipment as we refurbish the gear Have any of the above please send me a message Thanks
  11. happyhippydad

    Metal boards, glands, switchgear...

    Afternoon all... Just having a quick lunch break and thought I'd try and confirm some of my thoughts surrounding ammendement 3. 1. Am I right in saying that it is ok to use a normal grommet for all cables entering the metal CU as long as they are both a) entering the enclosure from the sides...
  12. Worcester

    Domestic Installs Metal CU's also = Metal PV Isolators

    Interesting webcast yesterday from NICEIC covering the 3rd Ammendment BS7671, we were aware of nearly all of it. The one thing that made us sit up though was that in accordance with the regs, they specifically mentioned that the two isolators (and any other switchgear) needed for the PV system...
  13. T

    Switchgear indication illumination colours

    Is there a standard for this? I'm trying to find information about any codes or standards regarding illuminated indicators on power switching equipment. For example: A device is designed to automatically switch a load from Supply 1 (230V, 30A, single phase) to an alternative supply. The two...
  14. Lucien Nunes

    What does this piece of switchgear do?

    This is for the young punks who think they know a bit about real switchgear, and the old geezers who might just remember seeing the results one of these things produces. I've just got this running, probably last used in the 1970s, the building it was in was knocked down in '82. If no-one...
  15. B

    Advice needed on testing this large switchgear on TT supply (with photos)

    Hi all, (not the standard domestic setup for me) -3 phase overhead supply TT. coming in via 3 200amp fuses (not sure what type so unsure what to write on cert) any ideas? -Then goes to large rusty switchfuse (see pic). Bs3185?? Earthing conductor straight into concrete. -Fairly large swa...
  16. shnabz

    2365 Connection Methods

    I have an assignment for my 2365. Question asks to list 3 methods of connection that may be used during the installation of an apartment block and a workshop. I have screw clamping terminals for accessories. I have screw-less terminals as an alternative. What else? Would compression...
  17. T

    Some theory about cable sizing, electrical circuits, RCD's, switchgears etc.

    Hi guys, As I post in the head of the topic I am loking for some theory about the above things.I was looked here in this chapter but I can not find nothing.So if somebody of you have some materials about that I will be very thankful to send it to me.Or paste some links here.I prefer somthing for...
  18. G


    Hi guys after a recommendation for some switchgear iv got a 70mm 4core Swa going in which I'm doubling the cores up as a single phase supply due to voltage drop. Eddys have quoted me on a wylex nhspsf100 which is only good upto 50mm. Ideally I'd like bolt on terminals to lug the 2 parallel 70mms...
  19. stef

    MTE switchgear

    Afternoon all, I am in the need of ten mechanical interlocks for MTE UCO 60-100 isolators, surfing the net up and down, no joy. does anyone maybe know a supplier or distributor, please? Don't fancy the idea of replacing the isolators. Don't know why the interlocks went missing, probably fallen...
  20. G

    Acceptable readings for a NEW installation

    OK peeps I have just tested an 185 4 core SWA, and have got readings of 40 Megs on L2 to earth and L3 to earth. Although this is accepatable according to the regs, I feel it is unacceptable as a NEW installation, and indeed there is evidence of water on some of the switchgear, which clearly...
  21. L

    Switchgear testing

    Hi, I run an electrical testing company mainly doing EICR for schools, hosptitals etc and am incresingly getting asked to do switchgear testing for the facilities. Anybody help with level of training and standards required to do this? Any info on companies wich provide training would be a great...
  22. C

    PCB oil filled switchgear

    Guys we have been asked to replace a very old switch fuse. It is 800A 400V approx 30-40 years old. We believe it is oil filled, likely to be containg PCB's. Is there a safe way to go about replacing this? Even opening the switch to inspect the internals may mean coming into contact with the oil...
  23. S

    Mains Disconnected and parallel connected generation switchgear

    Hi, I am new so I need to get some posts going. I am not a registered spark I am more of a technical contracts engineer. I am looking at if it possible to have a generator which backs up the mains supply (auto change over) but also is connected in parallel so can export to the grid. I am not...
  24. M

    Reliable switchgear

    Hi There Looking for some advice about reliability of certain brands of switchgear. I am building a custom three phase distro on a value for money budget and was trying to use crabtree but they do not do certain things I need such as non specialised RCD's. I am looking for non chinese made kit...
  25. A

    Old MCBs and switchgear

    I was reorganising our stores the other day and came across a number of old / discontinued single pole and triple pole circuit breakers. They include: Federal Electric / Stablock Dorman Smith Wylex Crabtree MEM On many occasions I've been asked to install new circuits in old industrial units...
  26. B

    SPD in large switchgear

    I was assembling a large distribution unit today. Hager type with a 500A main switch. There are 10 x 100A MCCBs going to be installed The board, MCCBs etc came in a kit, which also had a surge protection device with it. The client did specify the nee for the SPD however the SPD itself has...
  27. R

    switchgear for lift

    Hopefully this one will be a simple one to answer. A lift in a premises as been determined as a fire lift (to be used in evacuation under fire conditions) the lift as to have 2 supplies of power, with basically switchgear (not provided in the lift electrics) that would simoultaneously cange the...
  28. B

    Switchgear and Controlgear

    Hey guys, I keep hearing these terms being thrown about, but am still unaware of the difference between the two? Can anyone enlighten me? And can I get a couple examples of each? I have searched but have no luck yet, cheers!
  29. P

    selection of switchgear ratings

    Can anyone please explain how can i select contactor,olr/mpcb,acb for a particular load for DOL? What should be the maximum load on the switchgear? Should it be 100% or less?
  30. K

    DMO Switchgear

    I don’t know if any of you have ever operated or have to operate DMO Dependant Manual Operation switchgear. I found this interesting reading http://www.hse.gov.uk/foi/internalops/fod/oc/400-499/483_27.pdf Most of this gear should have been replaced years ago, but there are still bits of it...
  31. MarkRibbands

    Three phase boards and switchgear used for 480V split phase. OK or not?

    Three phase boards and switchgear used for 480V split phase. OK or not? Hi from a newbie. I have already bought all the DBs and equipment for a major rewire and extension at my old farmhouse in Norfolk. I was expecting to have the existing ‘split-phase’ 240/480V supply (from antique...
  32. M

    Help looking for a breaker

    can anyone tell me where i can acquire a faz g50 amp three phase breaker? :)
  33. S

    lock-out devices for switchgear

    Hi All, I've just been reading the IET wiring matters magazine and there is an article saying that mcb lock-out devices can be obtained FOC from switchgear suppliers. As I am just starting up as a spark then I haven't got any of these. Do I just need to contact Wylex and the like for them ...
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