1. N

    Fire rated LED profile

    Hi, I am new in this forum thanks for adding me. I did try to use search option with not much luck. I work at Heathrow as an electrical guy but have not much domestic experience. Builders building my loft extension and not clear the ceiling roof must be fire rated or not. My property is in...
  2. Spoon

    Followers on profile page

    Hi People. So what the crack with 'Followers' & 'Following' people on the forum? I have noticed I have 3 followers, and I feel sorry for them, if they get notified every time I post.. :) I'm sure they will come to their senses soon and unfollow me.. I'm not Following anyone.... No funny...
  3. Spoon

    Profile Settings.........

    Yes, this is probably a silly question... again. I want to stop receiving emails every time I get an Alert. I have gone into my Profile settings but I can't seem to find the tick box. The settings for my Alert Preferences look ok. I still want to receive them... Just want the emails to stop...
  4. akwoody2

    EICR question

    Hi chaps, This may have been asked before but i cant seem to find it when searching so im sorry if someone easily finds it. Im currently carrying out a EICR at a commercial premises and the water is bonded from a sub DB and not the MET, its something that i understand needs to be noted but is...
  5. Dan

    Update: Member Map Added - Find where our members are from!!

    User Map - You can get to this page by clicking the "Members" link in the main orange navigation bar.
  6. O

    Finding threads that you have started

    Am I missing something here? I can't see to locate an option "just" to show my started threads.... Thanks
  7. J

    Commercial work based portfolio

    I have recently passed my 2330 level 3 and am working on my work based portfolio, I am finding this difficult as I am not yet working full time as an electrician, I am doing some work for other electricians in the halifax are (west yorkshire) which is where i live but this seems to be mainly...
  8. P

    Trunking advice

    Hi all, I am trying to find a particular make of plastic trunking. It is 50mm x 50mm in size and has a rounded profile. I don't know if it is still made or who made it. The curved profile on the lid and the way the tunking itself curves in is quite distinctive. Any ideas? I need to get some...
  9. R

    What does the Facebook Connect button do?

    f Connect button at the top of the forum home page - what does that do? I clicked on it and it wants access to my profile on FB. Did 'do not allow' because I'm not sure what/why it is doing this.
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