1. F

    Wall chaser cutting width

    Hi all! Be gentle as this is my first post on here. I am looking to buy a wall chaser but the cutting width is only 30mm max. The 25mm PVC channel I am fitting is 50mm wide, so why is this and whats the solution? Why manufacture a 30mm cutter when the common channel is 50mm wide. A keen but...
  2. 123

    Metabo Wall Chaser MFE 40

    MFE 40 Metabo Wall Chaser, has anyone used one? This video, with the discs used on the right looks impressive.
  3. keniff

    Wall chaser and dust extraction

    Hi guys I’m in the market for a wall chaser and vac, ideally wanted the Bosch gnf65 but it’s £600+ Now looking at a sparky one it cuts up to 40mm wide, anyone got one and is it any good? Also looking at the festool dust extractors anyone has any experience with them? I’m open to any...
  4. H

    Bosch & makita

    hi I have bought a Bosch gas 35m dust extractor and a makita wall chaser, however the hose for the Bosch Hoover does fit the afptir on the wall chaser, any one else has this problem, any tips on getting round this, is there some sort of adaptor? Thanks Craig
  5. C

    Exploding bricks

    Hi, I work in the Domestic market and get frustrated when sinking back boxes using an SDS. Every now and then I come across a house where the bricks explode/shatter when touched with an sds chisel. My solution so far has been to chain drill and remove with a scutch chisel, but its really time...
  6. Soulsurfer

    Chasing machine ?

    Anyone got any opinions on wall chasing machines &/or hoovers as got more & more to do now and thinking of buying one. Hilti DC-SE20 seems top dog but only afford second hand at around £450 ish. Thanks for any ideas opinions
  7. uksparks

    FOR SALE: Metabo MFE30 Wall Chaser & ASR2025 Vacuum

    Hi, NOTE: This is 230v, not 110v I have decided to sell my wall chaser as have only use it on one rewire and quite honestly hate rewires and will if I can help it never do one again as they are quite frankly awful things to do. So, I have a Metabo MFE30 Wall Chaser which has had very very...
  8. S

    For Sale FLUKE 1651 MFT and remote test lead. Wall chaser.

    Fluke 1651 MFT, It has had a lot of use, but has been well looked after, Excellent (almost as new) condition. Comes with original Yellow case, and CD instruction manual. included in price is the optional remote test probe, these cost £40 plus alone. Full set of leads and probes, all in top...
  9. L

    Chasing walls for light switches

    Hi all, I need to chase 4 walls for light switches shortly. Its in my own home. Had it re-wired few months back but due to time restrictions had to have wall mounted switches and trunking fitted. Was planning on using my sds drill then 25mm chisel, covering cable with pvc channeling. Any...
  10. T

    combi drill for apprentice?

    What drill would you recommend i get? Should i get a good drill such (i.e makita lxt range) or should i go for a cheaper option such as erbauer? Also, are lithium batteries worth the extra money?
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