1. Matt

    TT and Isolated power supply question

    Hello, This might be a daft one, but hell. I recently spoke with one of the qualified sparks on my site. He was installing an ISP (isolated power supply) cabinet for a bunch of circuits. As I never seen one of these before I became interrested and asked him about what it was and how it works...
  2. D

    How to prove a supply has been isolated, just throw a crowbar at it.

    Seriously just throw a crowbar at the incomer, what could possibly go wrong?
  3. B

    Isolated Board but still live

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated on this. Visited a job the other day where the light circuit had blown at the board. We Isolated the mains and tested but neutral bar remained live. Found that a rogue twin and earth with its neutral was on the bar and was live however the line conductor...
  4. I

    Ground Fault Detection Interrupter (GFDI)

    Some inverters are provided with GFDI and some are not. Is this a regulatory thing dependent upon the country of use intended for the product?
  5. M

    Domestic lighting issue?

    Hi guys, I'm not an electrician but after some advice please. I've replaced a few light fittings today but have hit a stumbling block. The kitchen lights existing wiring has 3 main wires going to it, but one of the black wires has been snipped. So I'm left with 3 red, 3 earth and 2 black. Is...
  6. G

    Eicr coding

    Doing a test the other day and found a couple of metal light switches no earth to faceplate just to back box but both lugs were fixed. What code do you reckon I'm saying 3 but it's a 2 minute job anyway to rectify. Can't recall seeing it before though Cheers
  7. D

    2 Circuits, 1 MCB

    Good evening all, I get a decent amount of work from a kitchen company and do all the electrical work for them. As expected each one has its challenges, but this job i've looked at today has a kitchen ring on a 32Amp MCB, and its own cooker circuit on a 32Amp MCB. Once I isolated the cooker...
  8. T

    Control Panel Isolation question

    :banghead:Hi all Just a question on isolation on a control panel which has contactor and overload set up for a small pump. When the main isolator is off parts of the auxilary side of the overload was found to be still live from another source. Would this be covered by BS7671 or are there...
  9. N

    Testing Zs on an IPS system?

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to test the Earth Fault Loop Impedance on a monitored circuit such as IPS? I have found in the past that even a Martindale Socket Voltage Tester can trip out the circuit as it is monitored. I also found that no matter which way the neutral and line test probes...
  10. L

    RCD 0.0s??

    Hi all, Just back from an EICR where one of the RCDS was testing out at 0.0ms for the 1/2, 1 and 5 tests both ways, not had this problem before, can anyone shed any light? Thanks in advance, Loops
  11. bodders22

    Domestic Strange fault

    Hi All, I was called out yesterday to a customer that has been having trouble with the electric tripping on various circuits (16th edition mem2000 board) When I got there I had a quick look and couldn't find anything obvious anyway cut a long story short did a full eicr, all circuits good...
  12. B

    CU with no main switch - is it acceptable?

    Hi My sisters cu appears to have had the main switch removed to make room for more mcbs. Whoever did this just took it out and placed it on top of the casing. The cu has 2 rcds to the 17th. But is this acceptable to remove main switch?? Thanks in advance!
  13. B

    Insulation Testing Problems

    Been to a job last week, Rcd tripping when its raining. Global IR 0.042. Tested 250v (L&N) cpc to save taken out all the lamps. TV's on walls were isolated via fused spur. Problem located on External light therefore retested (L/N - CPC).. No test beetween (L&n was done) I have now been told...
  14. S


    hi can anyone give me any information on changing heater tank and thermo cut out on mira shower, does the water need to be isolated thanks
  15. B


    Hi all have been aprouched to install a small suit case Geni to a house with P.V. the suit case is to run lights and a boiler but my concerns are with the P.V supply back feeding through the geni.the customer said he will be turning of non essential circuits but I have heard than before. my...
  16. G

    Domestic RCD tripping randomly over the past few weeks

    Hi, First post so welcome all and here goes Over the last month the GE RCD has tripped randomly, the last time when we were asleep in bed and nothing more anoying to wake up late as alarm not gone off and all house sockets dead. When i try to reset the rcd it will not reset until i turn off...
  17. polo1

    Testing of an RFC linked to a UPS

    Hi all, bit of advice please - as the title, I have been asked to test a RFC which is served by a UPS. It's in an alarm receiving center. Any advice on what I need to watch out for, testing protocols etc? Not workred on this kind of set up before. Regards.
  18. P

    Pir in a garage!

    been asked to do a PIR test in a garage, been to the job and was wondering how to go about taken readings on equipmen(2 and 4 post ramps) that is isolated by a switch and with is isolated by another switch, there is no way of opening up the equipment, how can i take Zs of Insulation? Got me...
  19. J

    WARNING old Style Wylex Breakers (not Plug ins)

    Hi Guys Just a word of warning to you all. I have been working on an industrial site that has the old style wylex 3-phase DB's (nothing wrong with them). Whilst isolating circuits I have noticed that some MCBS are NOT disconnecting the supply when in the off position :eek:. Out of the 20...
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